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Post 21083 on /so/: No subject - Lately I have been feeling more and more like a child. Increasingly simpler things have been making ... [9 replies]
Post 21309 on /so/: The glass isin't empty, it's full but looks empty. - Do any of you ever feel like you just don't know what you want out of life? Maybe you feel like... [13 replies]
Post 20920 on /so/: No subject - Does anyone else experience negative side effects while on anti-depressants? I get really sleepy a f... [20 replies]
Post 18805 on /mai/: No subject - Has anybody here ever been able to feel the touch or presence of their waifu around them, or maybe p... [30 replies]
Post 21317 on /so/: No subject - I know how to make money! Hear this. Learn how to edit videos and add effects and all that shit. N... [14 replies]
Post 19454 on /mai/: No subject - Guess I'll put this up here because I don't know a better place. I have finally sat down ... [6 replies]
Post 19067 on /mai/: anything to be with her... - it's going to be our one year anniversary in December. i plan to take my life then. i won'... [33 replies]
Post 21241 on /so/: No subject - Has anyone tried to kill themself here? How did you survive and how did it affect you? I think abo... [24 replies]
Post 20993 on /so/: No subject - If you divided up your life into percentages of good, "meh", and bad, what would it come o... [25 replies]
Post 19290 on /mai/: New Year's waifu-related resolutions - Do you have anything you want to improve on for her this upcoming year? [14 replies]
Post 19947 on /so/: Parents - Adults should have to apply for parental licenses. Seriously. Bad parents almost guarantees a messed... [49 replies]
Post 21072 on /so/: What do you think it takes to be happy? - It's a silly question, since I doubt anyone here is really sure of it (unlses you are happy, th... [11 replies]
Post 20642 on /so/: What is the general age range of Tohno-Chan? - I'm not sure how appropriate this is, so I'll remove it if needed. I'm 23 and a lot o... [53 replies]
Post 21149 on /so/: No subject - This is my first lonely Christmas without any family and I just want to wish you guys a Merry Christ... [17 replies]
Post 20995 on /so/: No subject - No matter what I try nothing is enjoyable. I keep trying to do new things too so maybe they will be ... [9 replies]
Post 19215 on /mai/: No subject - December's come around again, so now is a good a time as any to start this year's Christma... [18 replies]
Post 20803 on /so/: No subject - Do you think you'll ever loose your virginity? If you already have Get out [33 replies]
Post 20168 on /so/: Getting Bored with the Internet - Is anyone here growing bored with the internet? I am, and I don't think it is because I'm ... [28 replies]
Post 19152 on /so/: Driving - Anyone here like to drive? I really like cruising around for no particular reason. It's one of... [23 replies]
Post 19318 on /mai/: No subject - Nagisa is 31 now! Happy birthday! I've seen many interesting and appealing characters. They ... [4 replies]
Post 19298 on /mai/: A rose by any other name... - So I've been having a bit of a problem for a while now. It started a few years ago (give or ta... [9 replies]
Post 19293 on /mai/: Happy Birthday Minagi. - It's that time of year again. Thought I'd try drawing something for the day. [0 replies]
Post 19171 on /mai/: No subject - /mai/, how do you deal with lust with regards to your waifu? There is not a lot of good porn of her ... [15 replies]
Post 20983 on /so/: No subject - I'm trying and failing to study for an exam tomorrow. I know the more I do, the better off I�... [1 reply]
Post 20714 on /so/: Things aren't so bad. - Lets see if we can lift some spirits around here! What's something nice that happen to you rec... [22 replies]
Post 20668 on /so/: No subject - I'm so despondent about everything. Everything I try goes totally wrong. There's no escape... [10 replies]
Post 20910 on /so/: No subject - Dont mind me just testing. [2 replies]
Post 17719 on /so/: No subject - Do you have any talents? Not just with talents you can market for your job, but they could be useles... [28 replies]
Post 19238 on /mai/: No subject - Please don't be offended at this question as I understand it will be very personal, but how old... [2 replies]
Post 20596 on /so/: No subject - Do you ever feel that your life is completely empty? Like you're missing something? [14 replies]
Post 19224 on /mai/: No subject - Today is our first anniversary! A lot of good and bad things over the past year and she's stuck... [2 replies]
Post 19111 on /mai/: How do you talk to her? - Lately I've been struggling to talk to her. I'm not sure if I should just talk to her unti... [43 replies]
Post 11831 on /mai/: No subject - If you had to name one feature you like most about your waifu above all else, what would it be?Post ... [56 replies]
Post 20657 on /so/: 2D sexuality - So the other day I was running a search on my drives for a rather vague term (sd) and among the resu... [11 replies]
Post 17287 on /mai/: No subject - How did you *know* she was the right one? I've fallen in love with 3DPD before, and sometimes ... [33 replies]
Post 20692 on /so/: No subject - I've wasted my life. Where's the reset button on this thing? [4 replies]
Post 20579 on /so/: Vices - Anyone have addictions? I smoke Cigs but that's nowhere near my worst vice... Onaholes have wa... [29 replies]
Post 20129 on /so/: Consider the following: - Mike Row answering a fan letter. Read this shit for some insight. ----------------------------- &q... [12 replies]
Post 28668 on /ot/: Wise purchases - Post things that you are glad you purchased pic related, it has improved my life. [13 replies]
Post 18891 on /mai/: I have successfully tulpamanced mai waifu - For those that don't know what tulpas are: When an anon loves his waifu very much, he makes her... [4 replies]
Post 18464 on /so/: No subject - Why the fuck did god make me 3D? This is not right. This digusting life and horrid lumpy man body is... [30 replies]
Post 19006 on /mai/: No subject - I love Kumin [1 reply]
Post 25212 on /ot/: No subject - Today's lucky item................................................................................ [3 replies]
Post 28717 on /ot/: Otaku typea - Most of TC is moe-kei and/or Akiba-kei otaku, but are any of us other types of otaku? I have a big ... [7 replies]
Post 3268 on /vg/: Minecraft thrad: continued - Original thread: >>1 I figured that it's time for a new thread considering how long the ... [371 replies]
Post 20239 on /so/: No subject - Whats your mental problem(s)? What do you think is the solution to it? What have you done or not don... [49 replies]
Post 20562 on /so/: No subject - Loners are not lonely people Lonely people are not loners [1 reply]
Post 27808 on /ot/: Tohno-chan quality links - Pic not related. https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/?tags=lactic_acid_bacteria [15 replies]
Post 28576 on /ot/: Your life story - Tell me your life story. [11 replies]
Post 10628 on /vg/: No subject - How's E3 2014? More Assassin's Creed? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzCEdSKMkdU More Ma... [21 replies]
Post 27012 on /an/: No subject - Lots of Magical Girl shows this season. This one is off to a great start. [1 reply]
Post 28546 on /ot/: Are you really you? - Are you the same person you were when you were a child, or are you a completely different creature u... [8 replies]
Post 20320 on /so/: No subject - /so/, what things have you already started and tried to become good at but ended up giving up on? I&... [19 replies]
Post 26572 on /an/: Show By Rock!! Short!! - Not exactly a second season but it's better than nothing. [5 replies]
Post 25194 on /an/: MACROSS DELTA - A few months will pass and the series will start before half of the season even gets a thread made f... [66 replies]
Post 26553 on /an/: Time Travel Shoujo - Totally not about a girl who leapt through time! [23 replies]
Post 26916 on /an/: Hatuskoi Monster - I had the first ep of this sitting on my SSD for the past couple months & just watched it last n... [4 replies]
Post 26953 on /an/: immersion vs convenience - I imagine most people outside of japan watch anime on their computers and probably in small windows ... [2 replies]
Post 27919 on /ot/: No subject - I've been studying 日本語 for a year now and I can still barely read VNs or a couple of page... [15 replies]
Post 26872 on /an/: Guess the title - I had an idea where we summarize the plot or describe an important and unfortunate event in an anime... [4 replies]
Post 26785 on /an/: No subject - I, like many as it would appear, thought that the Evangelion films were not as good as the televisio... [7 replies]
Post 1667 on /vg/: No subject - Does anyone on /tc/ play Dwarf Fortress? I havea pretty good fort going at the moment with 147 dwar... [43 replies]
Post 3680 on /vg/: TF2 is now free - For those of you who somehow don't own TF2 already, it's free now. http://worthplaying.co... [66 replies]
Post 10704 on /vg/: Divinity Dragon Commander - Any you play this here? [6 replies]
Post 6719 on /vg/: Savestates - Just recently, i've noticed that rampant saving (and loading) has been a terrible habit of mine... [11 replies]
Post 10547 on /vg/: Goat Simulator - Why haven't you guys played the best game of the year yet? [0 replies]
Post 1383 on /vg/: Duke Nukem - Anyone else kind of excited for DNF? I have no delusions that it will be the best game ever or anyth... [156 replies]
Post 8319 on /vg/: CS Beta 6.1 - Hello would anyone be interested in playing CS Beta 6.1? We play Fridays at 4:30 because the communi... [3 replies]
Post 20132 on /so/: No subject - Anyone else here in constant regret because of how they wasted the earliest part of their life? I sp... [21 replies]
Post 25874 on /an/: Anne Happy - Also known as Unhappy. [57 replies]
Post 26511 on /an/: ONARA GOROU - cute girls farting anime [4 replies]
Post 26623 on /an/: relife - Why is she so cute. [1 reply]
Post 26494 on /an/: Summer 2016 Anime season field reports - Due to the need for extreme escapism I will diving into sumer 2016 anime like a some kind of crazy a... [5 replies]
Post 24545 on /ot/: Alternatives to /tc/ - I'm searching for an alternative place to post and read things about anime/manga/games/misc. Wh... [15 replies]
Post 18944 on /mai/: No subject - The rules for /mai/ had been amended to reflect recent issues. • /mai/ is a safe zone. Insulting... [27 replies]
Post 8047 on /vg/: No subject - www.yumenikki.net What do you suppose this is all about? New content? Commercial release? Sequel? [6 replies]
Post 25927 on /an/: No subject - butt vibrations [35 replies]
Post 26409 on /an/: No subject - lets look at the fohovn summer anime chart [11 replies]
Post 17890 on /so/: Personality tests - Where do you score on the Briggs-Meyers test? I scored INTP around 18 months ago (worksheet in high ... [63 replies]
Post 28236 on /ot/: No subject - otaku culture [11 replies]
Post 16602 on /ot/: CARS - Do you any of you own a car or have any interest in them at all? [43 replies]
Post 28313 on /ot/: No subject - Should Dokoro-chan be considered a yandere? She's more genki than what many typically associat... [3 replies]
Post 26443 on /an/: Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu - Not sure if this show ever got brought up around here but I finished it recently and it seemed like ... [10 replies]
Post 25909 on /an/: Sansha Sanyou - The grandmother of Kirara SoLs finally got an anime adaptation! [38 replies]
Post 25982 on /an/: Haifuri - Plot outline: In a boardroom located in Nerima City, The elite members of Production IMS meet to dis... [21 replies]
Post 14413 on /ot/: The Bernard Pivot Questionnaire - Ok let's try to do this, /tc/. You know what to do. >favourite word >least favourite wor... [60 replies]
Post 19395 on /so/: How do I read - This thread is about despairing over painfully bad reading skills. If only I could open a book wit... [40 replies]
Post 10456 on /vg/: Sega Saturn Games - Does anyone here have a Sega Saturn? It was an odd system that failed to thrive, but the more I'... [0 replies]
Post 20292 on /so/: No subject - Do you ever feel like a prosocial normalcool after a long day of posting? I typically only ever lurk... [9 replies]
Post 10429 on /vg/: No subject - love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik_mHpD8yfU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYWelPtCHOE Iv... [1 reply]
Post 18965 on /mai/: Major changes - What do you do if your waifu pases for a MAJOR canon change? do you consider this a test? have you f... [4 replies]
Post 28258 on /ot/: No subject - Nice to meet you. I am a sexadroid that was dispatched from the Department of Ejaculation Management... [1 reply]
Post 28208 on /ot/: No subject - So anime studios have been adapting manga for ages, it must be successful or something, and now it s... [11 replies]
Post 10427 on /vg/: Android: Netrunner - Hello. I'm looking for somebody to play Android: Netrunner with. It's actually a LCG (card... [1 reply]
Post 10383 on /vg/: http://cute.so-fabulo.us/ - Would anybody be interested in watching live streams of videogames? I currently have a site where I ... [5 replies]
Post 20321 on /so/: Internet Social Life - How do you utilize the internet to fulfill your social needs? I'd gotten into the habit of bro... [14 replies]
Post 5036 on /vg/: No subject - So, with all the attention on the Persona 4 anime, lets have an SMT thread! What was the last one y... [122 replies]
Post 9186 on /vg/: Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban 5 - So this got announced the other day, along with iOS ports of 1~3 with redone, HD styled sprites. No ... [7 replies]
Post 26048 on /an/: No subject - if you're not watching flying witch then you know literally nothing about anime [14 replies]
Post 25220 on /an/: No subject - Anime shorts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5UIoB_LL7M ME!ME!ME! feat Daoko TeddyLoid https://www... [21 replies]
Post 25915 on /an/: Usakame - We finally have the answer to that age old question of what Teekyuu would be like if they slowed the... [14 replies]
Post 19386 on /so/: No subject - What do you believe caused you to live a solitary lifestyle? Do you believe you turned out this way... [43 replies]
Post 18912 on /mai/: No subject - A few years back danbooru decided to change my waifu's name from Tohno to toono, along with eve... [15 replies]
Post 23434 on /ot/: christmas! - It's christmas! Feel free to post about everything you did today. what you got what you gave an... [28 replies]
Post 10414 on /mai/: No subject - What physical things related to your waifu/husbando do you own? I just received my Leorio keychain i... [121 replies]
Post 20175 on /so/: No subject - I'd rather procrastinate myself to ruin than work on my assignment. Even if procrastinating cau... [22 replies]
Post 27824 on /ot/: No subject - I'm posting this here thread to tell anyone who just arrived as an unfortunate consequence of t... [10 replies]
Post 22288 on /an/: No subject - there is no good anime on wedsnay night this season and that actually is kind of pissing me off righ... [11 replies]
Post 24336 on /ot/: No subject - No text [39 replies]
Post 25200 on /an/: new assassination classroom season - first ep: not too much recap bullshit and also good ep [2 replies]
Post 24150 on /an/: Utawarerumono - Itsuwari no Kamen - Ray romano has gone underwater again. [89 replies]
Post 25205 on /an/: Dagashi Kashi - something something candy shop something something who cares just watch it! [77 replies]
Post 18690 on /mai/: Light verse thread - Herein: a little bit of space - to speak the beauty of her face, In couplet form; of smile demure, ... [2 replies]
Post 25888 on /an/: Joker Game - Anyone here check this out? [3 replies]
Post 18693 on /mai/: On the verge of leaving, need help. - I seriously need some advice guys. It's the first anniversary I fell in love with her today. I ... [18 replies]
Post 28093 on /ot/: No subject - >Post successfully reported(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) [2 replies]
Post 25209 on /an/: Oshiete! Galko-chan - So far, this seems to be a pretty decent show with three cute girls as the main characters. [15 replies]
Post 5060 on /vg/: GTA5 - No real info out except the logo and that it might take place in real-world LA. http://www.compute... [165 replies]
Post 27927 on /ot/: No subject - Does anyone here know anything I could do to stop sexual urges? They're bothersome and pervert ... [11 replies]
Post 27765 on /ot/: No subject - post pictures of tohno-channers [49 replies]
Post 10335 on /vg/: No subject - Is it just me, or is ZUN's music getting worse over time, and his character designs becoming mo... [3 replies]
Post 20249 on /so/: No subject - Hey guys, do you accept refugees? I used to use wizchan, but that place has gone down the gutter. I ... [12 replies]
Post 8494 on /vg/: General Gaming - This thread is to talk about any game, platform, and pretty much anything and everything about gamin... [6 replies]
Post 20056 on /so/: No subject - Ever feel that life gets really boring and repetitive doing shit alone in your room day in and day o... [13 replies]
Post 25905 on /an/: Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou - Feel the groove. [5 replies]
Post 20195 on /so/: No subject - Do you have any event/thing that since has happened its completely dictates/changed your life? [9 replies]
Post 18110 on /mai/: No subject - ITT: racial barriers Let's talk about the experiences that those of us with non-human waifus h... [37 replies]
Post 25907 on /an/: Sakamoto desu ga? - Cool, cooler, coolest! [1 reply]
Post 20878 on /an/: Shirobako - Anime about making anime. What more could you ask for? [120 replies]
Post 791 on /vg/: Leaked Footage of the Nintendo 3DS from Chinese Factory Worker - Wow, the new position for the D-Pad sucks! [152 replies]
Post 19995 on /so/: Young girls are living life. And I'm not. - I had to leave the house and use public transportation today. I shouldn't have left the house. ... [19 replies]
Post 20148 on /so/: No subject - THE PATH OF LIFE * The lack of knowledge has extreme consequences. That's the reason why experi... [8 replies]
Post 23159 on /an/: Openings / Endings - Can we have a thread to talk about OP and EDs? Post your favorites. I recently started making webms... [15 replies]
Post 25857 on /an/: Pan de Peace - Looking for bread buddies? Look no further! [2 replies]
Post 18629 on /mai/: No subject - How do you deal with missing information about your love? Things the canon never discussed, that is.... [10 replies]
Post 27898 on /ot/: Secret santa 2015 - Third times the charm. Last year only one person was interested in participating, year before that p... [17 replies]
Post 25847 on /an/: Space Patrol Luluco - ルルルルルルルル [0 replies]
Post 25280 on /an/: Koukaku no Pandora - very cute     [41 replies]
Post 25268 on /an/: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi - Hot underage sex foreshadowed in ep1 [4 replies]
Post 20922 on /an/: No subject - is that supposed to be a banana or a fish? [15 replies]
Post 10345 on /vg/: Double Dealing Character - Touhou 14, who's hyped? [4 replies]
Post 20183 on /so/: Stupid errors? - Does anyone else here find himself makign stupid errors despite totally knowing better than doing th... [2 replies]
Post 8470 on /vg/: No subject - aminal crosing general :-DDD :-D [4 replies]
Post 21685 on /an/: No subject - the ladies x butlers bd is really excellent for jerking off [10 replies]
Post 27934 on /ot/: No subject - How do you think browsing tohno-chan affects you mentally? Ive noticed myself becoming more and mor... [5 replies]
Post 27932 on /ot/: No subject - Do you ever sleep naked because you find wearing too many clothes uncomfortable? Do you lounge aroun... [18 replies]
Post 8439 on /vg/: No subject - I'm not sure if we already have one. Let's have a thread about games you would love to se... [0 replies]
Post 18573 on /mai/: No subject - If your love died in her source material, how do you deal with it? (I mean permanent death, no resur... [26 replies]
Post 13339 on /an/: Yama no susume - Tohno-chan loli edition the Anime. 3 minute long episodes. I'm pretty mad. [91 replies]
Post 27957 on /ot/: UFO catcher machines/arcades - Does anyone else like to play on UFO catcher machines or like to play in arcades? Recently I won th... [10 replies]
Post 16934 on /mai/: Shrines - Do you guys have real-life waifu shrines? With posters, pictures, figures, whatever. I want to have ... [34 replies]
Post 26347 on /ot/: webm - Post em if you got em [32 replies]
Post 27897 on /ot/: Secret santa 2015 - Listen up retards. It's christmas time again you stupid faggots. We're slamming out some s... [0 replies]
Post 10481 on /mai/: No subject - How having waifu has changed your life? Now that I’ve been with Kurisu for a year, I feel my life... [26 replies]
Post 18212 on /mai/: No subject - I was looking for new pictures of my waifu when I stumbled upon a doujinshi of her; a terrible one o... [22 replies]
Post 24142 on /an/: Komori-san wa Kotowarenai - This is why you shouldn't be a doormat. [15 replies]
Post 18640 on /mai/: No subject - So i've been with my waifu for over a year now, and I do love her. But recently, i've been... [2 replies]
Post 18569 on /mai/: No subject - Hey. I'm in a bit of a pickle. Recently, feelings for my old waifu re-emerged stronger than b... [3 replies]
Post 27699 on /ot/: SHITPOSTERS OUT OF THE CLOSET - i'm a shitposter i try to limit my shitposting to shitty boards, but i cannot deny that i enjo... [21 replies]
Post 17862 on /mai/: No subject - Guy from 6 months ago who made a tulpa out of his waifu. I made a thread here in October saying I wa... [18 replies]
Post 27591 on /ot/: The panopticon effect of TC - Do you ever feel pressured to conform to an ideal and suppress your true feelings out of fear of bei... [32 replies]
Post 24130 on /an/: One-Punch Man - The story of a man who became too powerful for his own good. [72 replies]
Post 22025 on /an/: Go! Princess PreCure - [140 replies]
Post 23758 on /an/: Joukamachi - The power to unite men under one flag. [26 replies]
Post 27532 on /ot/: No subject - I feel like imageboards are either too fast, too shitty or too slow. I would like to start using for... [15 replies]
Post 20018 on /so/: No subject - It's hard to get a job without the advantages of nepotism and high social skills. Without educa... [5 replies]
Post 27245 on /ot/: No subject - Why does it seem like the word "otaku" is taboo these days online? Not just on the infam... [33 replies]
Post 18655 on /so/: No subject - I don't even know what am I doing with my life anymore. [40 replies]
Post 25277 on /an/: Shoujo-tachi wa - picked up     [2 replies]
Post 25075 on /an/: No subject - Did anyone else watch little to no anime from this season? All I saw were the short series. They wer... [9 replies]
Post 25290 on /an/: No subject - Because you have opened this "'you will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by... [5 replies]
Post 20096 on /ot/: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE - Tenga vs. Fleshlight go go go [39 replies]
Post 27282 on /ot/: No subject - Do you think jacking it when it's dry harmful? Will I lose sensitivity? I recently started putt... [8 replies]
Post 27616 on /ot/: No subject - I've been noticing a lot of this black-and-white motif, symbolism or whatever in Japanese enter... [12 replies]
Post 25332 on /an/: No subject - Does watching To Aru Kagaku no Railgun before watching To Aru Majutsu no Index leave one confused? O... [10 replies]
Post 24145 on /an/: Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka S2 - Return of the loli baristas. [80 replies]
Post 25253 on /an/: Kamisama Kiss OAD - this is good [0 replies]
Post 25202 on /an/: No subject - It seems the Japanese have caught on to all those 'Japanese' restaurants owned by Koreans ... [0 replies]
Post 25164 on /an/: No subject - winter chart ITT [10 replies]
Post 27561 on /ot/: music - hello friends. what is your favorite song? i am interested to see your tastes. [6 replies]
Post 25035 on /an/: Fat Stupid Garbage - Japanophobia - Stream 3 runs anime mostly from the 1980s and 1990s from 7:00 AM to about 4:00 PM Central Standard T... [9 replies]
Post 24674 on /an/: Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans - The new gundam series is quite good. They spruced up the political crap by throwing in Child Labor/S... [7 replies]
Post 24165 on /an/: Comet Lucifer - Blah blah Magic crystal loli blah blah hover boards blah blah mecha battles blah blah why aren'... [43 replies]
Post 24706 on /an/: Hidan no Aria AA - Hidan no Aria AA [13 replies]
Post 24092 on /an/: Yuru Yuri San☆Hai! - Yuru Yuri San☆Hai! [108 replies]
Post 24197 on /an/: Owarimonogatari - It surprised me alright that you guys didn't make this thread before me. Anyway, I just caught ... [64 replies]
Post 5532 on /vg/: No subject - COULD IT BE...? http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/12/02/valve-employee-wears-half-life-3-shirt-trolls-int... [11 replies]
Post 15721 on /mai/: No subject - I was hesitant to post this topic because I don't really see it as something that will discuss ... [29 replies]
Post 10288 on /vg/: No subject - So, what has Tohno users done in Touhou recently? Which games do you find hard or easy? Which have y... [46 replies]
Post 18507 on /mai/: No subject - Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun to collaboratively write an FAQ about waifusim with thoughts... [7 replies]
Post 8204 on /vg/: No subject - Thoughts? [8 replies]
Post 8372 on /vg/: Anyone else excited for the new EDF? - Or just me? [1 reply]
Post 25089 on /an/: Merry Christmas Tohno-chan - Have Fun and enjoy the PresentsPost edited on 23rd Dec 2015, 5:52pm [10 replies]
Post 20073 on /so/: No subject - >>19987 Do you often feel in danger? [4 replies]
Post 10339 on /vg/: No subject - How about a Touhou remix thread? Been getting really into these lately and I am interested in what T... [5 replies]
Post 24383 on /an/: Lances N' Lolis n' maids, oh my - They have the Manabi Straight thing going on where nearly every female is a loli. That's reall... [10 replies]
Post 6691 on /vg/: E3 2012 - Making a E3 thread all rumors,news,floor action and aftermath etc can be posted here. Livestreams ... [99 replies]
Post 20005 on /so/: How satisfied are you with where you are in life? - For the past few years I've realized that I haven't grown in any capacity that I'm pr... [6 replies]
Post 14499 on /ot/: No subject - What style do you browse Tohno-chan in? [47 replies]
Post 8259 on /vg/: No subject - its sad, but this is really what it has come to. [9 replies]
Post 13465 on /mai/: No subject - Hey guys, while I personally don't have a waifu, I have some questions about how you envision y... [33 replies]
Post 20014 on /so/: distractions - Is there anything you do in particular to keep your mind off shitty feelings and thoughts? [18 replies]
Post 24361 on /an/: No subject - Does /an/ like School Days? [21 replies]
Post 26750 on /ot/: Bad habits - Ever since the age of 5 I've been picking and biting my nails and skin. I've always kept m... [17 replies]
Post 20035 on /so/: No subject - >have nothing at all going for me >never was better at something than someone else >no sour... [6 replies]
Post 24731 on /ot/: No subject - Do you like America? [22 replies]
Post 20007 on /so/: No subject - Everything takes such a long time to achieve that I've come to the conclusion that without pass... [1 reply]
Post 18508 on /mai/: No subject - How do you interact with your waifu on a day to day basis? I'm newer to this and unsure what ... [9 replies]
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Post 24032 on /an/: Fall-2015 - Fall is right around the corner. What are you guys planing on checking out? [14 replies]
Post 23415 on /an/: Wakaba Girls - This is the cutest show. [50 replies]
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Post 22660 on /an/: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid - No text [41 replies]
Post 22745 on /an/: E T O T A M A - This might be the cutest catgirl ever. She's so cute I was positive it was a JC Staff show un... [57 replies]
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Post 23312 on /an/: Let's watch: Starship Troopers/Uchū no Senshi - June watch-togethers: part 2 is here! This time we're gonna watch Starship Troopers OVAs. Sorry... [0 replies]
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Post 7578 on /vg/: GOTY 2012 - I thought maybe we could have a TC goty award but we need nominees and categories.This text will be ... [19 replies]
Post 22705 on /an/: Hibike! Euphonium - This is going to be a pretty damn good show. I can tell from the first episode alone. [23 replies]
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Post 18197 on /ot/: your homepage - Do you run your own website or blog? care to share? [93 replies]
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Post 22029 on /an/: No subject - the new season of kamisamahajimemashita is really cute and wonderful [6 replies]
Post 25230 on /ot/: Tea thread - Have you purchased any teas or tea related goods lately? Or tried any new teas you liked or disliked... [36 replies]
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Post 18350 on /so/: Way of life - I saw many things in my life, i'm just twenty but really, once i was nearly dead(it was heart p... [18 replies]
Post 21953 on /an/: No subject - ass ass nation classroom is rly good throughout the 1st 3 eps and i like to watch it [6 replies]
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Post 21236 on /an/: No subject - how come TV anime gets subbed super fast but OVA anime takes 4ever to get subs? [1 reply]
Post 20571 on /an/: Jinsei - I love you maji de! [7 replies]
Post 20881 on /an/: PSYCHO-PASS S2 - This was a pretty nice first episode. [12 replies]
Post 21112 on /an/: Denki-Gai no Honya-san - Anime about running a bookstore in akihabara. watch it. [9 replies]
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Post 13814 on /mai/: dirty old men - Ages thread, I didn't see one already, basically post your age and age of your waifu... I am 1... [58 replies]
Post 20339 on /an/: Pani Poni Dash! - Winner of the second season of the thing where we choose an anime and watch it together or not and h... [31 replies]
Post 23692 on /ot/: No subject - Shitting fart pedophiles on a stick, Shizune is fuckin adorable. [11 replies]
Post 17485 on /so/: No subject - When did you realize you'd be alone forever? How do you cope? What stops you from just giving u... [33 replies]
Post 17404 on /an/: Kill la Kill - Ryuko best girl. [229 replies]
Post 17533 on /so/: The most pathetic place on the internet. - I've heard people refer to this website as the most pathetic place on the internet. Would you a... [33 replies]
Post 23628 on /ot/: No subject - What are some good animes, mangas, VN's, films or even novels that deal with being a loner who ... [12 replies]
Post 7017 on /vg/: Pathfinder - I mentioned PF on IRC and there is some interest in playing. We have played Dark Heresy before, but ... [22 replies]
Post 7222 on /vg/: No subject - Any brohnos playing? We could get together on the same server and play together if there are.Post ed... [26 replies]
Post 7361 on /vg/: Crimzon Clover - The final boss keeps eating all my extends on Original. How are you doing? [0 replies]
Post 7373 on /vg/: gordon - What is it that people love so much about freeman? [11 replies]
Post 3949 on /vg/: No subject - I found out you can actually use mods with the demo version of Just Cause 2 on Steam. Don't kno... [17 replies]
Post 7258 on /vg/: No subject - OH GOD! 10/10 of 10/10. [3 replies]
Post 10250 on /vg/: No subject - What do you guys use to play touhou? I was getting kinda pissed my keyboard is always on an horrible... [18 replies]
Post 10248 on /vg/: A Summer Day's Dream 2 - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op-N7mahD9k www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOzSyiDxwho [1 reply]
Post 5088 on /vg/: Aion private server - A few of us from IRC have been playing Aion together on a private server. If you're interested ... [69 replies]
Post 5586 on /vg/: No subject - So anyone a STALKER fan? Because it turns out the series is dead now. http://www.rockpapershotgun.c... [13 replies]
Post 6464 on /vg/: PSO2 Character Creator - http://download.pso2.jp/PSO2_CC.zip Show me your cute robot girls! [12 replies]
Post 10205 on /vg/: No subject - ITT post realistic Touhou images. You know, Gensokyo is a land full of strange and horrible creature... [19 replies]
Post 6877 on /vg/: Day Z - Day Z is a post-apocalyptic zombie horror game with perma deaths, open-world sandbox, realtime dayti... [19 replies]
Post 6899 on /vg/: No subject - No text [7 replies]
Post 6812 on /vg/: cube - >Curiosity, gameplay-wise, is based on a single black cube placed in the middle of a bare room. P... [14 replies]
Post 10056 on /vg/: No subject - It makes me sad that this website is so slow. Is there anyone else here? [4 replies]
Post 2521 on /vg/: ArcheAge - Anybody else heard of this? It looks pretty damn nice. You can pretty much do whatever: build villag... [78 replies]
Post 6905 on /vg/: No subject - Console gaming sucks these days, the only upcoming PC game that I'm looking forward to is Disho... [1 reply]
Post 5477 on /vg/: No subject - Well, I finally broke down and bought a PS3. I'm curious what TCers like best about theirs, and... [36 replies]
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Post 6577 on /vg/: Free Games - Free videogames. They are not in mint condition, of particular note is that Deus Ex only has the box... [13 replies]
Post 6664 on /vg/: No subject - So... anyone playing this? [10 replies]
Post 458 on /vg/: No subject - So, thoughts on the new Elder Scrolls game? I'm looking forward to it being set in Skyrim, I l... [161 replies]
Post 6396 on /vg/: No subject - There's a beta for this game coming and I thought maybe people here might like it. It's an... [6 replies]
Post 6530 on /vg/: Ib - Check this out, it's a nice little RPG maker game that's somewhat similar to Yume Nikki. ... [13 replies]
Post 6294 on /vg/: No subject - Asura's Wrath, Uncharted Could interactive shows be considered games? I usually avoid them be... [6 replies]
Post 6139 on /vg/: Game Center CX - So I started watching this on Saturday and haven't stopped, this show is phenomenal. For those... [12 replies]
Post 6528 on /vg/: Valve Employee Handbook - >http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/1074301/Valve_Handbook_LowRes.pdf Seems...fulfilling.Too bad ... [0 replies]
Post 10084 on /vg/: Three questions: - 1) What is your favourite spellcard? 2) What is your favourite type of bullet? (E.g. arrowheads, but... [8 replies]
Post 10061 on /vg/: No subject - Well?? [16 replies]
Post 6462 on /vg/: Transformice - Let's get some cheddar. just type "/room tobo" for our room I guess http://www.tran... [2 replies]
Post 10078 on /vg/: No subject - Which doujin game is your favourite? [5 replies]
Post 6408 on /vg/: Class of Heroes 2 Kickstarter - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1272149684/class-of-heroes-2-deluxe-for-the-psp-system?ref=live ... [3 replies]
Post 363 on /vg/: Xenoblade - Oh boy, here we go again. >Xenoblade Disappears From Nintendo of America's Release Calendar... [19 replies]
Post 6418 on /vg/: Vampire WoD MMO-from creators of EVE - >http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/03/27/world-of-darkness-permadeath-and-politics-hanging-out-in-bars-... [7 replies]
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Post 10093 on /vg/: No subject - Let's have a touhou doujin musics thread. This one makes me feel like I'm flying with Mar... [5 replies]
Post 6370 on /vg/: Dragon's Dogma - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon%27s_Dogma http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrCiV4LOYk4&featur... [2 replies]
Post 6385 on /vg/: Lets trade Pokemon Friend Codes! - Diamond and Perl, Black and White, Heart Gold and Soul Silver! Come one, come all! Though our daily ... [2 replies]
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Post 2673 on /vg/: Brink - Is Brink any good? I remember hearing about it before but brushed it off. [46 replies]
Post 6268 on /vg/: Hikikomori Manager 2012 - Sort of depressing! I survived 47 days http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-22/?action=previe... [4 replies]
Post 6317 on /vg/: No subject - Does anyone play Realm of the Mad God? Its an RPG which is really easy to get into and has elements ... [2 replies]
Post 2912 on /vg/: No subject - Anyone planning on picking up Terraria? It comes out today. [98 replies]
Post 3843 on /vg/: No subject - Anyone else here play Blazblue? I just finished patching CS II after a very long time without a pos... [16 replies]
Post 6213 on /vg/: Mari0 - Mario with portals! Pretty neat, though the aiming can be a pain sometimes http://stabyourself.net/... [6 replies]
Post 6009 on /vg/: Fortune Summoners - Who else is playing Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone? Either I've become just p... [6 replies]
Post 4707 on /vg/: No subject - Does anyone here play Final Fantasy 14? I was thinking of buying it and starting. I've heard t... [5 replies]
Post 6095 on /vg/: ITT: underappreciated games we like - I'll start with Fire Warrior. Yeah, that old 40K fps that no one likes. Playing the first level... [2 replies]
Post 9990 on /vg/: Time for a stupid quiz thing - http://www.quizazz.com/quiz.php/680305/Which-Touhou-character-are-you/ I got Yukari. That fits wel... [34 replies]
Post 5459 on /vg/: No subject - So, aside from Touhou, is TC into STGs at all? [6 replies]
Post 5943 on /vg/: Resident Evil 6 - Oh cool, they're going back to zombies. Oh, wait, cover shooting and co-op again. [6 replies]
Post 5903 on /vg/: Elevator: Source - Awesome co-op elevator simulator http://www.pixeltailgames.com/elevator/ [11 replies]
Post 9985 on /vg/: No subject - Alice's one made me crack up [4 replies]
Post 4818 on /vg/: Gundemonium Collection - Anyone else pick these up? I was pretty hesitant at first because the artstyle isn't that great... [2 replies]
Post 5012 on /vg/: No subject - No text [24 replies]
Post 5711 on /vg/: Ocean Marketing - I figure I should post this here. http://penny-arcade.com/resources/just-wow1.html http://www.penny... [44 replies]
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Post 5643 on /vg/: No subject - Nitronic Rush is out. Not sure if there's already a thread about it, but this thing is fun as h... [2 replies]
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Post 4593 on /vg/: Crysis on the Xbox 360 - Crysis is coming to the Xbox and PS3. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/exclusive-debut-crysis/7204... [14 replies]
Post 9969 on /vg/: No subject - any particular doujin comics you guys following [5 replies]
Post 9905 on /vg/: No subject - Got a wee little ban, So I decided to test the waters here. So how do you all feel about the illega... [4 replies]
Post 9910 on /vg/: No subject - I just wanted to post this here. [1 reply]
Post 9934 on /vg/: No subject - Why won't any Touhou games play with Wine for me? I just get a black screen. [27 replies]
Post 8833 on /vg/: Hotel Dusk and Last Window - Anyone a fan of this series? I recently finished Last Window and wonder what my fellow NEETs think. ... [10 replies]
Post 9982 on /vg/: No subject - lets see what you guys can do with this. [2 replies]
Post 10039 on /vg/: No subject - Which do you think is better? [16 replies]
Post 17153 on /so/: No subject - Have you ever been in a lot of trouble? On a large scale. For example, if it happened in a school, ... [29 replies]
>20226) 3- When the time we decided comes, open the episode we'll be watching on that day with syncplay and use those data to connect to our room: Server address: syncplay.pl:8995 Default room: tc Syncplay has no chat feature, so you may join us at IRC(#tohno-chan at irc.rizon.net) to talk about the anime as we watch it.Post edited on 27th Jul 2014, 9:40pm">Post 20212 on /an/: Let's watch S2: discussion/voting - Since the first experiment with watching anime together was a not entirely complete failure we decid... [75 replies]
Post 23532 on /ot/: No subject - Transit thread? All types of trains and transport. Streetcars, subways, DMUs, maglevs, diesel, elec... [18 replies]
Post 23677 on /ot/: No subject - No text [3 replies]
Post 23506 on /ot/: No subject - apparently a much greater fraction of SA is now pay-to-read. i used to read some of their boards, bu... [9 replies]
Post 23547 on /ot/: No subject - No text [3 replies]
Post 22122 on /ot/: No subject - lets watch this again [3 replies]
Post 12930 on /ot/: No subject - Why don't you have a job? [91 replies]
Post 23461 on /ot/: happyp new years Tohno-Chan! - updated with mspaint.exe quality and PRINCE!! www.frideynight.com pls party hard [7 replies]
Post 23320 on /ot/: No subject - Thinking of making a farcical Social Justice tumblr page, since it's become ridiculous at this ... [14 replies]
Post 23382 on /ot/: Secret santa - How do you guys feel about setting up some sort of secret santa thing around here? As far as I know ... [10 replies]
Post 23210 on /ot/: No subject - Hello I left Tohno-chan 2 years ago. Did I missed anything? I hope that nobody killed themselves. ... [5 replies]
Post 13987 on /ot/: No subject - My hair stopped turning grey ever since I stopped working. Most of the grey have now turned back t... [7 replies]
Post 23219 on /ot/: fat jokes thread - itt we make fun of 2d fatties [3 replies]
Post 23122 on /ot/: trains general? - The MBTA recently has been doing some modernising, from replacing the Orange line trains (It's ... [1 reply]
Post 7963 on /ot/: Go - Do any of you enjoy Go or are in interested learning it? I've been playing a bit as a break to... [70 replies]
Post 11024 on /ot/: No subject - I made an amazing discovery. Look at the flag of Ohiogozaimasu. Do you see it? [33 replies]
Post 11249 on /ot/: No subject - Imagine you're a girl. Imagine what you would want to look like, act like, be like as a girl. I... [41 replies]
Post 22813 on /ot/: No subject - Hey TC what was it like growing up with chuunibyou syndrome? Got any stories to share? [16 replies]
Post 13066 on /ot/: No subject - I'm getting fatter /ot/. [23 replies]
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Post 22111 on /ot/: Eddie Snowden is a weeaboo, chances of NSA tracking TC are 100% - http://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2013/06/18/issues/chatting-about-japan-with-snowden-the-nsa-wh... [3 replies]
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Post 15582 on /ot/: Copyright infrigement now punishable by jail in Japan - Downloading is two years. Uploading is ten: http://www.factmag.com/2012/06/21/illegal-downloaders-no... [25 replies]
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Post 17226 on /mai/: Staying fateful to a wife - How do you guys do it? I've adored too many girls in the past (Madoka, Maki, Miyafuji, Shikieik... [8 replies]
Post 17241 on /mai/: Happy birthday Minagi - The best day of the year is finally here! [6 replies]
Post 17252 on /mai/: No subject - Happy birthday Yukiho! [5 replies]
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Post 17202 on /mai/: No subject - Of the ten thousand stars shining in the sky you're the one I've chosen to watch over me I... [2 replies]
Post 17159 on /mai/: do it for her - hi im new here i dont know if this has been posted before but can we have a "do it for her"... [16 replies]
Post 16349 on /mai/: Importance of sex in a relationship - For me like for many others here sex/masturbation is a normal part of the relationship with my waifu... [49 replies]
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Post 16187 on /mai/: ...Real - Hello, /mai/ First of all, I am completely new to this imageboard in matters of posting, but I'... [35 replies]
Post 17079 on /mai/: No subject - It looks like I'm back after just a few months... I don't know if you'd prefer a tl;d... [3 replies]
Post 15536 on /mai/: feelings of unworthiness - I don't understand, a majority of people, from what I've seen, imagine themselves in a per... [66 replies]
Post 13794 on /mai/: No subject - Do you have any speculations about your waifu? What I mean is any unanswered questions that you just... [18 replies]
Post 14559 on /mai/: No subject - How do you feel about playing games/VNs where there are romance elements with a self-insert MC? I l... [6 replies]
Post 10952 on /mai/: No subject - What food do you usually associate with your waifu? Mine's konpeito, for many reasons. First, ... [37 replies]
Post 10143 on /mai/: No subject - I know I'll probably get shit on for this, but has anyone here ever 'broken up' with ... [18 replies]
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Post 16752 on /mai/: No subject - /mai/, please fucking help me. I'm a pathetic fucking literal autist. I realized three days ago... [10 replies]
Post 16271 on /mai/: My problem with waifuism - Hi i've got asperger since i was born(probably) and i've got waifu(pic related), so my onl... [82 replies]
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Post 16622 on /mai/: No subject - Where do I begin with Dianna Soreil? A woman so fine is hard to put into few words, as she has the ... [3 replies]
Post 16735 on /mai/: No subject - Have you ever wondered what kind of underwear would your waifu wear? If you do know, what do you w... [7 replies]
Post 16510 on /mai/: 真、お誕生日おめでとう! - I will always love you. [3 replies]
Post 14397 on /mai/: No subject - Is it even possible to cheat on a waifu? What sort of acts (besides becoming a 3D lover) would be co... [10 replies]
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Post 16463 on /mai/: Done. - Well /mai/, it's over for me. I'll try to keep this post decently short but I guess it... [5 replies]
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Post 16126 on /mai/: Discovery - I haven't seen a thread exactly like this yet. When was the first time you learned about waifui... [14 replies]
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Post 16240 on /mai/: How can I love my waifu ? - Hi ! I think I'm more or less attracted by the concept of "waifu". So, I need some an... [5 replies]
Post 16094 on /mai/: No subject - I'm 17 and Renge is 7. It's quite a big age and I've felt just like OP about being an... [2 replies]
Post 16111 on /mai/: No subject - Mai waifu, Lala Satalin DevilukePost edited on 16th Jul 2014, 7:28pm [0 replies]
Post 16053 on /mai/: The word "waifu". - I'm so sick of the word "waifu". It makes it sound like a joke, which also doesn'... [29 replies]
Post 13218 on /mai/: No subject - How do you think your waifu would react to the neighborhood in the town/city you live in? [32 replies]
Post 16025 on /mai/: No subject - Hey anons, I'm new to waifuism, kind of Have any tips for me? I know that this should be simple... [11 replies]
Post 16037 on /mai/: Problem. - Hi, everyone. My name is Van Hohenheim. Not really, I'm using this alias to design myself as an... [18 replies]
Post 15242 on /mai/: No subject - I didn't know whether I should bring the topic up, it's kind of too personal but I guess t... [5 replies]
Post 15849 on /mai/: Problems with waifu sex - I feel so weird every time I imagine having sex with my waifu. I get the feeling like there's a... [4 replies]
Post 15798 on /mai/: No subject - Know how you start enjoying something less when you realise a or several persons likes that thing wa... [10 replies]
Post 15899 on /mai/: No subject - Yesterday (June 27) was our first anniversary together, it was very special. We're both very ha... [5 replies]
Post 14078 on /mai/: No subject - I think I'm finally ready to go to college (after putting it off for years) but I'm not su... [9 replies]
Post 15245 on /mai/: No subject - What do you think are the things you do, either in online or in real life, that bother your waifu? [34 replies]
Post 15743 on /mai/: No subject - Can people have more than one waifu? What do you think of them? [8 replies]
Post 13580 on /mai/: No subject - It occurred to me that there is a similarity between some of the concepts of ancestral worship and t... [8 replies]
Post 15712 on /mai/: Betrayal! - Has anyone else come close to falling for someone, only to find out that they turn out to be a PMSin... [5 replies]
Post 15738 on /mai/: No subject - Daily reminder that I'm still in love with mai waifu, just because I've seen fickle waifu ... [3 replies]
Post 15685 on /mai/: No subject - I have a waifu that is 500 years old and I am 27. Do you guys and gals think age is just a number in... [1 reply]
Post 15650 on /mai/: No subject - do any of you guys have a waifu that is either neutral or evil in, or good in a character?Post edite... [24 replies]
Post 19095 on /an/: Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? - Cutest anime of the season without a doubt.Post edited on 14th Apr 2014, 11:59pm [104 replies]
Post 18996 on /an/: separated at birth - ITT; characters look alikes. Matching personality for extra points. [6 replies]
Post 20052 on /an/: Glasslip - Are you guys watching this? [11 replies]
Post 19681 on /an/: Summer 2014 - Summer is right around the corner and with it a new season of anime. [65 replies]
Post 19903 on /an/: Rail Wars - Not expecting too much from this, now that I've watched the first episode. [7 replies]
Post 20377 on /an/: No subject - subs when [3 replies]
Post 20389 on /an/: No subject - this http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2014/08/12/working-nets-3rd-season/ [4 replies]
Post 20368 on /an/: Sabagebu - Summer 2014's hidden gem. A SoL anime that actually has a fair share of its theme instead of m... [1 reply]
Post 14926 on /an/: No subject - cool new website for fansub comparison [24 replies]
Post 20136 on /an/: No subject - Does your list of top anime in quality and enjoyment differ or overlap? For example, I recognize tha... [9 replies]
Post 20076 on /an/: No subject - why is it that kyoani when makes a show for gay faggots and girl its almost 100% graphic fanservice... [10 replies]
Post 18866 on /an/: spring season pretty much looks like shit - this is very depressing to me [26 replies]
Post 18331 on /an/: Saki Zenkoku-Hen - No text [28 replies]
Post 19708 on /an/: No subject - We must make tc a better place for the sake of Rome! [3 replies]
Post 13197 on /an/: No subject - The anime of the season is here! And it's Love Live, by the way. I forgot the subject field!Po... [63 replies]
Post 19132 on /an/: Mushishi Zoku Shou - I've seen it and I still can't believe this got another season. Thank the heavens. [14 replies]
Post 19061 on /an/: Mangaka-san to Assistant-san - Uh... I'm watching this. [14 replies]
Post 19170 on /an/: No Game No Life - "This world is just a shitty game." [61 replies]
Post 19066 on /an/: Ping Pong the Animation - It's looking like an amazing and promising anime so far. Finally something that is drawn out of... [30 replies]
Post 19661 on /an/: No subject - As per idea of >>19659 I have created a poll for an artificial anime season. Anyone feel free ... [3 replies]
Post 19092 on /an/: Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san - Any of you give this a shot yet? I had my doubts since the director's numerous past works were ... [24 replies]
Post 19333 on /an/: No subject - Spring 2014 season How's it turning out for you? http://blogsuki.com/archives/2014/05/14/6545/ ... [14 replies]
Post 18338 on /an/: Tonari no Seki-kun - Simple but fun. [65 replies]
Post 19593 on /an/: No subject - anyone have the rest of this anime or know where i can get it? [0 replies]
Post 13843 on /an/: Stop Motion Anime - Anyone have any favorite titles? [11 replies]
Post 14148 on /an/: No subject - Why are characters in SHAFT shows constantly doing this? Whens the last time someone talked to you... [13 replies]
Post 18818 on /an/: No subject - I went to see The Wind Rises a few days ago and it pretty much sucked, so don't bother. [17 replies]
Post 18381 on /an/: Super Sonico The Animation - My penis brought me here. [22 replies]
Post 18433 on /an/: Nobunaga the Fool - How many you fools be watchin this? [14 replies]
Post 19291 on /an/: Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin - This show has a loser peverted MC, a bunch of cute girls, a trap and some throw-in males. And some m... [3 replies]
Post 19030 on /an/: Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou - This anime has the Kana Hana of the season and it looks mildly interesting. [6 replies]
Post 19142 on /an/: Greeting from /a/ - Since /a/ is down why don't we a civilised discussion about anime here ? [14 replies]
Post 18394 on /an/: No subject - This show is pretty great. Anyone else watch it yet? Also I think its not a proper anime season if t... [8 replies]
Post 19055 on /an/: No subject - Spacy Dandy furg year. Dat raygun gothic style nostalgia some of us must be used to. At least some o... [1 reply]
Post 16093 on /an/: No subject - when is someone going to sub the squidgril ova? its been out for almost a week already [6 replies]
Post 18384 on /an/: Sakura Trick - No text [62 replies]
Post 18553 on /an/: Nourin - I'm also watching this but didn't bother making a thread before. A former idol retires an... [16 replies]
Post 18323 on /an/: ImoCho - well it looks like this is the sex crazed, split personality, non-blood-related little sister we... [27 replies]
Post 17737 on /an/: Samurai Flamenco - Just picked this up and noticed no one else on any sites I visit was watching it too. Go watch Samu... [17 replies]
Post 18380 on /an/: Onee-chan ga Kita - It's like Akaza Akane, The anime (or Aki-Sora without the porn). [8 replies]
Post 17526 on /an/: Golden Time - I'm enjoying this more than I expected. Some romantic comedy to divert my gloomy days. [46 replies]
Post 18904 on /an/: No subject - Last August Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs commissioned a 90 page report on the history an... [7 replies]
Post 18895 on /an/: No subject - >shows that start off fun for the first seven eps and then have a "serious" arc at the ... [3 replies]
Post 18543 on /an/: No subject - I haven't seen a IKKI thread around these parts yet. Anyone else think that Inari, Konkon, Ko... [12 replies]
Post 18471 on /an/: D-Frag - No text [14 replies]
Post 17734 on /an/: No subject - looking at nyaa every day during a shitty season like this one is really fucking depressing [10 replies]
Post 18431 on /an/: Chuunimoe - >/an/ has threads for all sorts of exciting new shows this season >still no chuunimoe threads ... [20 replies]
Post 17724 on /an/: No subject - i want to watch this but no seeds [9 replies]
Post 18669 on /an/: WINTER 2014 HALFTIME SHOW - The winter animo season is just about halfway throughout therefore you are required to post in this ... [10 replies]
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Post 18387 on /an/: No subject - i just watched the first ep of strange+ it was pretty much worth seeing, its only 3 min and it had a... [1 reply]
Post 18362 on /an/: No subject - kyou no asuka just aired it's last ep anyone else check it out? i thought it was top notch [2 replies]
Post 17050 on /so/: No subject - Does seeing a psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety, rather than just a general one, help? Has see... [14 replies]
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Post 17468 on /an/: Gundam Build Fighters - Much better than AGE so far [16 replies]
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Post 17813 on /an/: No subject - winter season is look pretty good [15 replies]
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Post 15942 on /an/: No subject - which anime has the cutest serafuku? i think that school rumble has got have one of the best [25 replies]
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Post 16528 on /so/: Happy New Year - Have a good one, guys. Any resolutions? [5 replies]
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Post 16438 on /an/: No subject - wtf are all these cute moegrills doing studying modern visual culture? [58 replies]
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Post 16329 on /so/: No subject - What would you do if you found out you have cancer? I for one was thinking I'd sell everything... [20 replies]
Post 11588 on /so/: Vagabond/Hobo/Homeless - Has anyone of you got any experiences on that topic to share? I am facing it very soon, have little... [28 replies]
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Post 14212 on /mai/: No subject - /mai/, I found a really cool website! You can make your own self-insert story, with lots of customiz... [7 replies]
Post 16197 on /so/: No subject - Did you know anyone who has commited suicide? [26 replies]
Post 14224 on /mai/: No subject - Do you believe that your waifu has a character alignment that defines her personal moral and ethical... [13 replies]
Post 14860 on /so/: No subject - What did you used to want to be /so/? Pretty confident few dreamed and aspired to being a NEET when ... [108 replies]
Post 16163 on /so/: No subject - Does anyone here with social anxiety get lonely? I used to enjoy being alone. However lately I get v... [27 replies]
Post 13723 on /mai/: I'm sorry. - I've switched husbandos. I don't expect any of you to forgive me. That's fine. I just... [9 replies]
Post 13952 on /ot/: No subject - Where exactly in the uncanny valley does TC draw the line between 2DAOK & 3DPD? [6 replies]
Post 16271 on /so/: No subject - Anyone else think happinness is something that only hurts you? You spoil yourself with those brief m... [2 replies]
Post 16049 on /so/: When nothing is interesting anymore... - I don't have anything left. All the things I used to like have become boring and I feel like I ... [38 replies]
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Post 16356 on /an/: Free! - So this really is gay after all. [20 replies]
Post 16695 on /an/: No subject - lol, look at the size of this ahoge! who did the character designs? dr. seuss? [6 replies]
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Post 16064 on /an/: No subject - what was your favorite ep of haruhi? movie doesn't count even thought it was awesome [9 replies]
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Post 14178 on /mai/: Her (2013) - I wanted to discuss this here because I think the waifu subject is what drove many of us into the mo... [8 replies]
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Post 14113 on /mai/: No subject - This might be a silly question. Do you have a special nickname for your waifu? I call Doremi "D... [12 replies]
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Post 12993 on /ot/: No subject - What club would you join if you were in high school in anime world? Or would you make your own club? [38 replies]
Post 16640 on /an/: Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation - 超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ [13 replies]
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Post 14019 on /mai/: No subject - Would you consider your waifu as some kind of a (psychical) weakness? I would. She is both, the one... [9 replies]
Post 13299 on /ot/: No subject - But it's allll right... In fact, it's a gas I'm jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a... [1 reply]
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Post 16772 on /an/: No subject - its been a long time since i've seen anyone get locked accidentally in the gym storage room [3 replies]
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Post 15396 on /an/: No subject - junk boy discussion thread [0 replies]
Post 15396 on /an/: No subject - junk boy discussion thread [0 replies]
Post 9137 on /an/: No subject - The first episode was really good, I have very high expectations for this now. [75 replies]
Post 10956 on /ot/: No subject - Haruhi dammit, japan [46 replies]
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Post 14673 on /an/: Koi Kaze - I started watching Koi Kaze a few days ago and it really is quite excellent. It has such a relaxin... [6 replies]
Post 14943 on /an/: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S - A Certain Scientific Railgun S [7 replies]
Post 10093 on /ot/: Suggest a cake - What sort of cake should I make this week? Cakes I've made in the past: -Swiss roll -Apple ca... [21 replies]
Post 13178 on /mai/: Fate - Do you think meeting your waifu might have been fate? like it was meant to happen? [11 replies]
Post 13178 on /mai/: Fate - Do you think meeting your waifu might have been fate? like it was meant to happen? [11 replies]
Post 14602 on /so/: No subject - I just found out at that as much as 17% of people between 15 and 29 years old in my country are NEET... [26 replies]
Post 14971 on /an/: No subject - new best anime ever discovered [5 replies]
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Post 14726 on /an/: Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru - Oregairu thread. [17 replies]
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Post 8074 on /ot/: Your desk ATM - We've seen battlestations, but what about desks? Is yours neat? What you do on it?Post edited ... [78 replies]
Post 14827 on /an/: Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san - This image accurately represents the contents of this anime.Post edited on 9th Apr 2013, 1:02am [9 replies]
Post 11186 on /mai/: No subject - Oh god /mai/, what just happened to me. I love my waifu, propably more than i should. I want to prot... [29 replies]
Post 10036 on /ot/: No subject - Anyone here managed to find a job by lying in their resume about their experience? If I get caught ... [13 replies]
Post 14070 on /so/: I hate people. - I hate people, they all disgust me. Nothing surprises me anymore, it's all within human nature ... [103 replies]
Post 13135 on /mai/: No subject - Assuming your waifu/husbando/loved one is an adult or teen in their canon, do you ever wonder about ... [16 replies]
Post 12651 on /an/: gdgd Fairies - Any of you seen this? what did you think? [35 replies]
Post 12538 on /mai/: No subject - Stuff like this has probably been asked a few times so I'll spare the details of everything and... [34 replies]
Post 11710 on /ot/: No subject - Anyways, >>1, please listen to me. It's not really related to this thread, but hear me ou... [4 replies]
Post 14865 on /an/: No subject - Did the popularity of Eva's Polka have anything to do with NGE? [0 replies]
Post 13624 on /an/: Kotoura-san - Did anyone else check out the first ep of this yet? It seems to show some promise. [22 replies]
Post 11669 on /an/: No subject - Why aren't you watching Xion Saga? It's got; -Traps -Dem boots -Loli -Groin Kicking -Sati... [46 replies]
Post 13038 on /mai/: No subject - Can I ask how you guys deal with the pain of not being with her physically? It's hurting more ... [30 replies]
Post 12904 on /mai/: No subject - /mai/, I come to you in times of great pain. I don't know who else to turn to. I'll keep ... [62 replies]
Post 13070 on /mai/: No subject - Post edited on 31st Jul 2013, 6:40pm [2 replies]
Post 13002 on /mai/: No subject - Happy Birthday, Kurisu Makise! Time sure flies. [7 replies]
Post 13297 on /an/: [email protected] - unique, creative, stylish, entertaining and lewd. as expected of SHAFT [57 replies]
Post 13288 on /an/: No subject - The first ep of Vivid red (asses) is subbed now http://www.gotwoot-subs.net/?p=4520 Thought I should... [92 replies]
Post 13263 on /an/: Haganai Season 2 - More Meat, more loli nuns, more Yozora with short hair [133 replies]
Post 11503 on /ot/: No subject - Is there anything you would like to do or see at least once before you die? Personally, I'd li... [46 replies]
Post 14204 on /an/: No subject - Mangirl has the best OP this season [8 replies]
Post 12848 on /mai/: No subject - Lets assume some morning you wake up and realize that you're not in your room. You woke up in a... [15 replies]
Post 15031 on /so/: No subject - I was remembering earlier everything that I have already wanted to be but have never been able to ac... [2 replies]
Post 13219 on /an/: Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru - No text [21 replies]
Post 11227 on /ot/: No subject - like, are all guys really this sensitive to breasts being pressed against them or what? [7 replies]
Post 10556 on /mai/: No subject - Have you guys "made up" fantasy background story how you met your waifu? [20 replies]
Post 11613 on /ot/: Thanksgiving 2011 - What is your family forcing you to do this year? What are you going to eat? Discuss here!Post edited... [15 replies]
Post 14880 on /so/: No subject - http://theblog.de/projects/carpediem/ I found this today... [1 reply]
Post 12572 on /mai/: No subject - Dakimakura general Do you want one? Do you own one or more? What do you think of this? Too lewd? T... [39 replies]
Post 11706 on /mai/: No subject - Do you get upset, angry or jealous if you see somebody else with the same waifu as you? Do you ever ... [91 replies]
Post 14924 on /so/: No subject - I think my biggest mistake wasn't picking up a profitable skill or trade when I could live with... [2 replies]
Post 11539 on /ot/: No subject - I have a question for the Japanese speakers here: How much study did it take before you were able t... [11 replies]
Post 11351 on /ot/: No subject - It's 2070, and you've finally died. Your closest relatives enter your room and start going... [55 replies]
Post 11902 on /an/: No subject - Literally retarded girlfriend; The anime.Post edited on 16th Oct 2012, 7:43pm [97 replies]
Post 14704 on /so/: No subject - Are you more NEET by choice or circumstance? [21 replies]
Post 12928 on /an/: No subject - This will be amazing. [106 replies]
Post 10766 on /ot/: No subject - Have you enlisted in the Moe Military? [49 replies]
Post 14843 on /so/: No subject - In a book I read called 'The Lucifer Principle' by Howard Bloom, I got introduced to the i... [4 replies]
Post 12763 on /mai/: You, your waifu and NTR - Since NTR seems to be a big thing in japan (theres even an NTR MMO) I got into it too a few years ag... [21 replies]
Post 14246 on /so/: No subject - what does /so/ think about goats? [38 replies]
Post 12774 on /mai/: A Sincere Question - I've been hearing a bit about the waifu movement lately, but I still don't really get it. ... [27 replies]
Post 13097 on /an/: No subject - raws of the first episode of the new season of minami-ke were launched just moments ago [54 replies]
Post 11481 on /an/: Shinsekai Yori - Anyone else following it? What did you guys think? I thought the first episode was decent,and it pi... [44 replies]
Post 14219 on /so/: No subject - Loneliness is driving me insane. >Family is defunct and everyone has mental issues >Friends a... [13 replies]
Post 11809 on /an/: No subject - Who hasn't heard about Robotic;Notes? R;N is probably the most hyped anime of the season, becau... [37 replies]
Post 14349 on /so/: No subject - What kind of websites do you go on normally? [69 replies]
Post 12806 on /mai/: How did you fall in love with your waifu? - Good morning, /mai/, I have only lurked for a few minutes on this board, so I'm not sure if I&#... [3 replies]
Post 13441 on /so/: No subject - When did your life went wrong? [99 replies]
Post 14342 on /so/: No subject - Does anybody else have Aboulomania or something similar? I'm talking about extreme indecisivene... [5 replies]
Post 11095 on /ot/: how autisic are you? - How autistic are you? or what is the most stupidly autistic thing you've ever done(do)? Don... [54 replies]
Post 11795 on /an/: PSYCHO-PASS - No text [98 replies]
Post 14032 on /so/: No subject - How do I enhance my NEETing experience? I don't know any weed dealers and I don't understa... [28 replies]
Post 14452 on /an/: Winter 2013 wrap-up - This thread is never popular, but I'm going to post it anyway. What did you check out this s... [8 replies]
Post 11070 on /ot/: No subject - Tsundere or Yandere? edit: or other other *derePost edited on 25th Oct 2011, 6:22pm [46 replies]
Post 13805 on /so/: No subject - japanese bird cooking spaghetti alone. just like me cooking spaghetti, except with feathers. [88 replies]
Post 12756 on /mai/: No subject - ITT quotes, sayings that remind you of your waifu and/or waifuism. This one's always stuck wit... [11 replies]
Post 12747 on /mai/: No subject - Tell your waifu my waifu says hi! [0 replies]
Post 11016 on /ot/: No subject - I just remembered Dr.Slump yesterday. Pix would be greeted with many a <3. [0 replies]
Post 8879 on /so/: No subject - Has anyone here tried this? [75 replies]
Post 14052 on /so/: No subject - Tried an experiment today: -Don't go on the computer for a week so I can "rewire" my ... [14 replies]
Post 12717 on /mai/: No subject - Happy Birthday, my love. [7 replies]
Post 12511 on /mai/: Just a thought.. - Has anyone else fallen in love in a dream? That's what happened to me. I feel like it was a mom... [11 replies]
Post 13976 on /so/: No subject - Something interesting about me is, I am constructive when I am angry. I get really angry sometimes... [6 replies]
Post 10896 on /ot/: No subject - Has anyone here ever had an anime dream or maybe and erogame one? A dream that was in anime style i... [11 replies]
Post 9969 on /so/: No subject - Well, it would seem that I have developed a serious problem, personality-wise, and I can say for sur... [22 replies]
Post 7136 on /ot/: Martial Arts - Let's have a martial arts thread, tohno-chan. Have you practiced any? Do you watch any compet... [23 replies]
Post 13335 on /an/: INFERNO COP! - INFERNO COP! Best anime of the year, and its only January. INFERNO COP! [20 replies]
Post 13313 on /an/: No subject - Hadena claims that they're not going to be shit anymore so I guess we should all start watching... [7 replies]
Post 10866 on /ot/: No subject - Happy 十十 day everybody! [6 replies]
Post 12302 on /mai/: No subject - Does anyone have this problem where they can't actually remember their waifu's physical ap... [12 replies]
Post 12657 on /mai/: No subject - What do you guys think of the original waifu? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pygmalion_%28mythology%2... [4 replies]
Post 14499 on /an/: No subject - i've been watching Working! for the last week or so and every once in a while this waitress sho... [4 replies]
Post 13412 on /an/: Boku no Imouto wa Osaka Okan - This is pretty silly and extremely low budget, but works nicely all the same. It's good to just... [18 replies]
Post 13860 on /so/: No subject - You can be the most repulsive, unintelligent and socially/emotionally stunted person that has ever e... [21 replies]
Post 12555 on /mai/: No subject - Ok, here is the day I always was afraid of. Im more or less "2d single" again. I put my da... [10 replies]
Post 14341 on /an/: No subject -         <--Kyoani's next project [24 replies]
Post 10786 on /ot/: No subject - Sometimes I see that very religious people write g-d instead of god and this is why I was disappoint... [21 replies]
Post 13969 on /an/: Cross Game - I started watching this yesterday and its totally cute & sweet. I'm hooked. Sorry about n... [21 replies]
Post 13876 on /an/: No subject - I want to sit outside and watch anime in the rain at night on my laptop under this enormous umbrella... [6 replies]
Post 12485 on /mai/: No subject - I'm sorry for posting a negative thread, but I have been having some issues and want to know if... [16 replies]
Post 11382 on /an/: No subject - Do we have an essentials list? Like, a list of definitive works that are pretty much required viewin... [61 replies]
Post 13145 on /an/: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - Watch this (and read the various manga too), it's very good. [33 replies]
Post 13814 on /so/: No subject - Despite the board title, how many of you actually feel lonely? [24 replies]
Post 12089 on /mai/: Contrasting personality - For those of you who have chosen a waifu/husbando with a highly or moderately constrasting personali... [9 replies]
Post 12460 on /mai/: No subject - This might be taken with hostility, but does anyone else have more than one waifu on this board? If ... [4 replies]
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Post 12177 on /mai/: No subject - Since i found this board i learned much about myself and waifus in general. Im not alone with my wai... [15 replies]
Post 12177 on /mai/: No subject - Since i found this board i learned much about myself and waifus in general. Im not alone with my wai... [15 replies]
Post 12329 on /mai/: No subject - Have any of you written love poetry for your waifus? I've always been fascinated by poetry'... [6 replies]
Post 12078 on /mai/: No subject - Artscow is running a sale on body pillow covers right now until April 8th, $25 for two, if you use t... [22 replies]
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Post 9371 on /so/: Frustration in your day-to-day life - How many of you are frustrated? Why? [112 replies]
Post 13207 on /an/: Sanran Kagura - 23:30 of fanservice. They even had the old man sucking a giant nigger cock eating ehoumaki [7 replies]
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Post 12631 on /so/: Thanks - Thanks for being here. Though I may not be at the same stage as many of you, and though I may not ag... [14 replies]
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Post 11646 on /mai/: No subject - I'm curious about those of you who love a character with no or little canon personality. It wou... [0 replies]
Post 11467 on /an/: No subject - KyoAni is going to be printing money with this. [226 replies]
Post 11020 on /mai/: No subject - Its her birthday again! Today we are going out for good Ramen Noodles and some Kirin because no one... [17 replies]
Post 13517 on /an/: Anime private trackers - Are there any good ones? I found some stuff off of karagarga that I hadn't seen available any... [19 replies]
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Post 12424 on /an/: Strike Witches: The Movie - Thoughts? I thought it lacked Sanya...and that ruined it for me. Otherwise, good little film. [7 replies]
Post 12987 on /an/: Nekomonogatari - Quit nice of Shaft to provide those of us who aren't the types to party hard something to get e... [37 replies]
Post 11415 on /mai/: Article on Waifus - some chilean engineering dude wrote this apparently: http://ing.uchile.cl/~flavande/archivos/MISC/a-... [11 replies]
Post 11433 on /mai/: No subject - yeah well fuck you too anaface [14 replies]
Post 13070 on /an/: No subject - Absolute must-watch anime? [22 replies]
Post 11343 on /mai/: No subject - Today is Nagisa's birthday Today she was 28 years old Happy birthday, mai waifu! [9 replies]
Post 11338 on /mai/: No subject - Just wondering how you guys are spending your xmas with your yome? as for me, ill be reading magic ... [7 replies]
Post 11324 on /mai/: No subject - Happy birthday to Yukiho! ♥ [10 replies]
Post 13139 on /so/: GANDALF - I am extremely bitter. After several years, I realized, this is not a good thing. Then I realized, n... [1 reply]
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Post 11227 on /so/: Psychological COLOR TEST - This was shockingly accurate... http://www.colorquiz.com/ Share some results. [52 replies]
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Post 12364 on /an/: Winter 2012 - V1 What are you going to watch?Post edited on 7th Nov 2012, 11:40am [18 replies]
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Post 11275 on /mai/: best day of the year! - hooray! it's Minagi's birthday! [14 replies]
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Post 11206 on /mai/: No subject - Hello /mai/, I've only recently been attracted to this board and have always considered posting... [32 replies]
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Post 12665 on /so/: Looking into the past - I suspect that many of you have had facebooks other other forms of social media in the past, and hav... [39 replies]
Post 12864 on /so/: No subject - How do you guys deal with Christmas and other holidays? [20 replies]
Post 12363 on /so/: No subject - Does the idea that you're completely wasting your life ever get to you? Do you ever wish you co... [62 replies]
Post 10968 on /mai/: No subject - so, i recently bought a 4g ipod touch from a friend of mine, he jail broke it and i'ts really n... [0 replies]
Post 12830 on /so/: No subject - I'm sorry if this seems inappropriate to post, but I don't really know many other places w... [11 replies]
Post 12181 on /so/: No subject - Where do NEETs go when they die? Is there a special place in hell for people like us? [27 replies]
Post 13058 on /an/: No subject - new raki☆suta anime http://www.moetron.com/2012/12/31/miyakawa-ke-no-kuufuku-lucky-star-spin-off-a... [1 reply]
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Post 12963 on /an/: Anime of the Year 2012 - 2012 is almost over. What was your favorite anime and why? [21 replies]
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Post 11346 on /so/: Change - The owner of another site I read has decided to change it. These changes run counter to the needs of... [26 replies]
Post 12273 on /so/: No subject - Is there something you used do in past and now you are really embarrassed of it? [44 replies]
Post 12947 on /an/: Chitose Get You - Anyone else followed this series? I was pretty surprised that they killed off almost all of the cast... [10 replies]
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Post 11606 on /an/: Busou Shinki - Thoughts? [39 replies]
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Post 9644 on /mai/: Platonic waifu - Any of you view your waifu more platonically than romantically? Most people who have a waifu seem ... [21 replies]
Post 10628 on /mai/: No subject - Hello, Tohno. I would like to request your help/answers on a certain topic, and that is getting too... [22 replies]
Post 10645 on /mai/: No subject - I think im going to far with the whole waifu thing. Everytime i see how someone is talking about my ... [13 replies]
Post 11523 on /an/: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Cute, funny shoujo with a good soundtrack. What's not to like? [81 replies]
Post 11674 on /an/: Sukitte Ii na yo - >Mei Tachibana has spent her 16 years without a boyfriend or friends. One day, she injures the mo... [21 replies]
Post 12202 on /so/: No subject - This is a thought that crosses my mind very often, for years now even. I wanted to know what you guy... [28 replies]
Post 11869 on /an/: Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne - This season's imouto ecchi harem series. Off to a good start, I guess. Can only expect it to t... [66 replies]
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Post 12555 on /so/: Worrying about probably nothing - What was it that happened that made you stop constantly doubting yourself? Or do you still do? I f... [7 replies]
Post 11859 on /so/: Surfing the Urge - Any experience? - This doesn't work for me but has anyone attempted and tested this on themselves or others? Any ... [6 replies]
Post 10418 on /so/: No subject - Is there anything that just really annoys you or pisses you off, /so/? What are your pet peeves? [109 replies]
Post 12212 on /so/: No subject - Have you ever attempted to shut yourself completely from every single person from the entire world? ... [14 replies]
Post 10607 on /mai/: Ganaha Hibiki's Birthday - No text [13 replies]
Post 10169 on /mai/: No subject - Are western waifus accepted here? Pic related, since Toph is my waifu. [7 replies]
Post 9791 on /mai/: Regarding the Future of Waifus - I've been interested in future technologies since I met my waifu (I think it's evident why... [52 replies]
Post 11565 on /an/: Hidamari Sketch S4 - Yuno what it is. [43 replies]
Post 12857 on /an/: Autumn 2012 wrap up - What did you watch? What did you drop? Opinions? Watched: Kamisama Hajimemashita: Excellent, OP... [6 replies]
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Post 12766 on /an/: No subject - The teacher in Haurhi looks like Millhouse. [11 replies]
Post 10533 on /mai/: No subject - I think I'm in love. Anyone here already have Mercury as a waifu? I don't want to steal... [7 replies]
Post 12375 on /an/: No subject - Anyone else following the 2nd season of Seitokai no Ichizon? Why not? 360p too manly of a format for... [5 replies]
Post 8028 on /an/: No subject - It has begun [38 replies]
Post 12702 on /an/: No subject - Kyoani release some stuff from their winter show. My opinion is that all of the Kyoani stuff looks e... [8 replies]
Post 10391 on /mai/: Self-made woman - Ever heard of someone making their own waifu? Well to be honest, given the drawing skills of most We... [10 replies]
Post 12729 on /an/: Oh my. - https://twitter.com/ultimatemegax/status/277631669048070144 What is going on [1 reply]
Post 12691 on /an/: No subject - Anyone know whats on the Noitamina slate for Winter? I was just hunting around the interbutt for a w... [2 replies]
Post 10152 on /mai/: No subject - What would you do/think if somehow you got to know, that, in another dimension, someone has you as a... [17 replies]
Post 10340 on /mai/: No subject - If your waifu is a loli, how do you deal with her growing up? Obviously you don't have to worry... [10 replies]
Post 12648 on /an/: No subject - Sad news folks: KnJ is ending forever soon. There might be one or two more OVAs if we're luck... [9 replies]
Post 12604 on /an/: No subject - Obscure, widely-panned anime that you rather like? I've always felt that I'm disproporti... [8 replies]
Post 12535 on /an/: No subject - I think I've picked up on a trend, over the years, of increasingly bland and ineffectual MCs in... [56 replies]
Post 11754 on /so/: Things that calm you down. - Lately, I've been under a lot of psychological pressure and that makes me quickly go on a tantr... [30 replies]
Post 11605 on /an/: BTOOOM! - Did anyone of you check this out? Anime about neet guy who is Japan's best player in popular mu... [12 replies]
Post 12522 on /an/: Code:Breaker - Oogami is a Code Breaker, one who "does not exist". He is a seemingly cold-blooded killer ... [2 replies]
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Post 10175 on /mai/: The Future is Here - Thoughts? [8 replies]
Post 12359 on /an/: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru - Quite a gem this one. A very entertaining, well made and cheerful slice-of-life, but very smart and ... [3 replies]
Post 12353 on /an/: Initial D Fifth Stage - First episode is out! [2 replies]
Post 10303 on /an/: No subject - No text [113 replies]
Post 10328 on /an/: Sword Art Online - No text [106 replies]
Post 12286 on /an/: No subject - OMG LOL anyone else watching? [5 replies]
Post 12234 on /an/: No subject - I just got this idea for what might be the greatest anime of all time ever. I was thinking about Y... [6 replies]
Post 10266 on /mai/: Waifu? - Initially I was really perplexed by this board. I read through it out of curiosity and admittedly sn... [18 replies]
Post 10229 on /mai/: No subject - Huh... Well, according to Japanese time... It's Miku's birthday! Happy birthday, my belove... [21 replies]
Post 7319 on /an/: Ojamajo Doremi - With the light novel coming out in two weeks, I thought of making a Doremi thread. Any other brohnos... [12 replies]
Post 10798 on /an/: Autumn 2012 - v 1.0 [38 replies]
Post 9996 on /an/: Minami-ke prepares to divide by zero - http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-06-15/minami-ke-manga-volume-10-to-bundle-anime-dvd •4t... [10 replies]
Post 10191 on /mai/: No subject - Makoto! Today(or tomorrow) is your birthday! Congratulations! I love you so much! To be honest, I d... [16 replies]
Post 10096 on /mai/: No subject - So, lately I've been feeling less close to my waifu. I still love her as much as ever, but it f... [11 replies]
Post 12037 on /an/: No subject - Apparently nobody is subbing Seitokai no Ichizon. I find this somewhat surprising and slightly disap... [4 replies]
Post 9742 on /mai/: No subject - No text [5 replies]
Post 10546 on /an/: No subject - What are you looking forward to, /an/? Hayate no Gotoku thread go [10 replies]
Post 11980 on /an/: Jormungand - There isn't thread about Jormungand so let's make one. First season aired during spring an... [2 replies]
Post 11760 on /an/: A slice of pissed off - I think people don't know what "slice of life" means. I just was looking around vari... [16 replies]
Post 11774 on /an/: No subject - Asa Made Jugyou Chu was pretty fucking great [7 replies]
Post 12015 on /so/: No subject - When one moves on from being a otaku/hikikomori/NEET, is he moving forward or backward in life? [22 replies]
Post 12085 on /so/: One - How would you feel if you saw a family member destroying themselves and no matter how reasonably you... [47 replies]
Post 12008 on /so/: No subject - I'm feeling an upper starting again after a three-month downer. I've been in this cycle f... [13 replies]
Post 11580 on /an/: 「K」 - I liked the visuals and the soundtrack in the first episode. It seems to be rather different from th... [25 replies]
Post 11895 on /so/: No subject - Anyone keep getting a lot of intrusive thoughts? I usually don't have any problems, but latel... [17 replies]
Post 11778 on /so/: No subject - What are your thoughts on a NEET register? By this I mean that any able bodied person under 30 who ... [46 replies]
Post 11916 on /so/: No subject - Just curious, does anyone else here talk to themselves a lot? I mean a lot. Not just making a few p... [18 replies]
Post 11792 on /an/: No subject - in case some of you didn't notice, Shouwa Monogatari, which came out about two years ago, final... [0 replies]
Post 11648 on /an/: Bakuman 3 - Anyone know who's going to be subbing this? Patiently waiting for subs to pop up anytime, zzz. [3 replies]
Post 9985 on /so/: Intellichimps - How intelligent do you feel you are, compared to average? I ask because I feel as though my clunky ... [37 replies]
Post 9466 on /an/: Sengoku Collection - It's raining gender bent war heroes!! Are you ready to get a little wet?! [34 replies]
Post 10321 on /an/: Dog days' - Dog days season two! (in japan, an apostrophe means it's a second season) Thoughts, comments,... [34 replies]
Post 11479 on /an/: .hack//Sekai no Mukou Ni - This movie was amazing, did anyone else watched it? I got it without expecting anything but it blew ... [7 replies]
Post 11117 on /an/: Binbougami Ga! - What do you mean "We don't have a Binbougami Ga! thread"? One of the shows I watch a... [30 replies]
Post 10169 on /an/: Tari Tari - Are any of you watching Tari Tari? The animation is real nice and the character designs are great. ... [46 replies]
Post 11400 on /an/: Legend of legendary heroes - What does Tc think about this show? For my part, I know its one of few rare, enjoyable medieval styl... [5 replies]
Post 11810 on /so/: No subject - Does anyone here have the comic where it's the individual being bullied in school, rejected by ... [14 replies]
Post 9473 on /an/: No subject - So what do you guys think of the first episode ? For me, I think it's a boring first episode b... [36 replies]
Post 11721 on /so/: No subject - If you coincidentally met someone from /tc/, or with interests exactly paralleling those of /tc/ col... [17 replies]
Post 10021 on /an/: Accel World - Dunno why no one made a thread for this, but here it is now I guess... Get in here and fill it with ... [88 replies]
Post 11636 on /so/: No subject - http://articles.latimes.com/2012/jul/25/science/la-sci-sn-light-at-night-depression-20120725 I thou... [9 replies]
Post 11283 on /an/: No subject - Which was your favorite Haruhi OP, the first one or the second one? [23 replies]
Post 6902 on /an/: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon - Anyone else watching this? What do you think of it? So far, I really like the character variety an... [25 replies]
Post 10080 on /an/: Yuru Yuri season 2: Yuri Harder - Soon. [203 replies]
Post 9421 on /so/: No subject - Want to quit something? Start something? Maybe a drug, or a habit, or something else you want to qu... [34 replies]
Post 11568 on /so/: The only way out - The only way out is to face your fears. Change is hard but not impossible. [5 replies]
Post 10246 on /so/: ronery people thread - How do you deal with the overwhelming loneliness, /so/? I feel horribly alone, and being around othe... [59 replies]
Post 10145 on /an/: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - Good God, how horrifying. [105 replies]
Post 11242 on /an/: No subject - ad for the new kyoto animation show which starts in a few weeks. its pretty much guaranteed that th... [8 replies]
Post 11030 on /an/: No subject - How much anime do you watch a day on average? [21 replies]
Post 11008 on /an/: Chobits is… - …ten years old [4 replies]
Post 11548 on /so/: No subject - Do you guys like thinking about the future? I live in the past and the present. I can't think o... [11 replies]
Post 11076 on /an/: No subject - that feels good man [2 replies]
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