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File 129964655380.png - (252.40KB , 683x959 , 9045096.png )
348 No. 348 [Edit]
So we're almost finished vol 1 of A channel over at J-Yutanpo and are looking for a new project to work on. We've put up a poll of some titles we're interested in, so please check them out and let us know what you'd like to see.
>> No. 349 [Edit]
>> No. 350 [Edit]
Slighltly related question - when you picked up A Channel did you already know it's getting an anime adaptation? It's a funny coincidence as Musashi Quality aren't even done with the first volume of Nichijou and both series are getting adapted now.

I know there have been tons of series that I wanted to see translated but I never wrote down their names and I simply forgot what they were. Oh well.
>> No. 351 [Edit]

>We try to choose works that are relatively unknown/neglected,I guess A channel won't really fit that bill now, which was one reason why we wanted to finish vol 1 before the anime begins.

Doing a series like that might not be a bad thing, though. Depends on what you aim for, really. If you simply want to scanlate manga for enjoyment of the masses (something about the way I phrased it makes it look like I think it's a bad thing - I do NOT) then that's great. As you know noone has done any releases for A channel before. There will be tons of people who will watch the anime because that's how it works - most people prefer to watch stuff as it airs rather than watching older series (please note that I wrote most - if you're not one of them then that's great - that makes two of us). Obviously, some people who will like the show will want to check out the manga which is how they'll learn about your other scanlations. So again, doing a series like this might not be a bad thing. Of course - as I previously noted - that depends on what your aim is. If you prefer to have just a few readers... Bad luck I guess.

As for the series I'm fine with anything you relase. Judging by the stuff you released so far (A channel, Hatsume-chan, Scorebook and NEET-tan - my favorite of the bunch) and what you proposed yourselves I know what I can expect from you. Some groups tend to pick stuff from different genres, some stick to one. If I had to pick between an action, a comedy, or a romance manga I would probably give it more thought. But since you stick to light-hearted 4koma I'm fine with anything.

I voted for Morita-san wa Mukuchi~
>> No. 352 [Edit]
It definitely agree that it's nice to get some publicity that way. As is, get maybe 4-5 comments and maybe a few hundred downloads (although I assume a lot more just read them on mangafox or something), so I'm not complaining by any means haha.

Glad to hear that you're enjoying our releases. Morita-san is getting an OVA soon so that would be nice.
>> No. 354 [Edit]
Did you ever get the rest of those RAWs? I kind of forgot about it after a while of leaving share on and getting nothing.
>> No. 355 [Edit]
for a channel? yeah a batch for vol 1 popped up which was nice.
>> No. 359 [Edit]

To be fair, Nichijou seems like it would be a nightmare to edit at times so apathy is to be expected.
>> No. 360 [Edit]

>To be fair, Nichijou seems like it would be a nightmare to edit at times so apathy is to be expected.

I didn't mean to complain about their release speed. What I meant is that obth you and Musashi picked up A channel/Nichijou just a few weeks before anime adaptations have been announced.
>> No. 362 [Edit]

Oh, it feels like we've been doing it longer than that but I guess we only did start it in during the early days of November.
>> No. 423 [Edit]
We're doing Non non biyori.

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