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File 141723260198.jpg - (175.16KB , 666x500 , 1400086314298.jpg )
19114 No. 19114 [Edit]
How come so many losers on the internet have massive superiority complexes?
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>> No. 19115 [Edit]
Makes people feel better to reject reality and substitute our own.
>> No. 19116 [Edit]
Everyone lives in their own reality anyways, some are just more popular/similar to each other than others. If normals knew they had the chance they'd probably be as pretentious as they could be too.
>> No. 19117 [Edit]
There are 3 paths of the loser
Superiority complex
>> No. 19118 [Edit]
This. Just look at any "social justice" movement. By society's standards, most of them would probably qualify as normal, but they have infamously and greatly distorted views of reality as a whole. The difference between views like this and a superiority complex is that a superiority complex revolves around a skewed view of just oneself- rather than the world at large including oneself. And on that note, I would go on to wager that virtually everyone has distortions in how they view themselves compared to how they really are (despite the fact that virtually everyone, again, would deny such allegations). The anonymity of the internet just makes it easier to express claims of alleged superiority.
>> No. 19119 [Edit]
How exactly do you define losers anyway?
>> No. 19120 [Edit]
People that disagree with your opinions.
>> No. 19121 [Edit]
Hey, I fit in all three. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
>> No. 19122 [Edit]

People that don't fit into society's idea of "happiness". This generally involves buying a ton of useless shit, buying a house, buying a car, ending up way in debt. Marrying somebody you don't even like just because pressure/muh "legacy". Having kids you never wanted but got pressured into, spending all your good years working and still having nothing once they're through.

The more you abstain from society and look at it as an outsider the more hilarious it becomes.
>> No. 19123 [Edit]
Screw you, I'm God.
>> No. 19125 [Edit]
File 141730899090.jpg - (113.13KB , 500x500 , 1355592808571.jpg )
How come so many ballers on the internet have massive inferiority complexes?
>> No. 19126 [Edit]
What is a "baller"?
>> No. 19127 [Edit]
They have massive insecurity problems as a result of constantly comparing and competing with everyone around them.
>> No. 19128 [Edit]
Synonym for brohno.
>> No. 19129 [Edit]
Where I live it means "somebody trying too hard to look like a drug dealer".
>> No. 19132 [Edit]
my drug dealer is a fat guy who plays world of warcraft
>> No. 19177 [Edit]
My old one was a fat guy who drove around an old BMW and listened to nothing but Vanilla Ice.
>> No. 19179 [Edit]
I was reading posts on the front page and I assumed this was in reply to the tupla comment in the other thread lol
>> No. 19190 [Edit]
That would be a pretty awesome tulpa.

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