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File 137142286279.jpg - (300.19KB , 1920x1200 , 1356178563508.jpg )
12763 No. 12763 [Edit]
Since NTR seems to be a big thing in japan (theres even an NTR MMO) I got into it too a few years ago. Never had a waifu or a gf before. I just happened to slowly like it in doujins. Since I found my waifu I never changed this fetish but also never involved her in it.

But now I realized how I found it somehow arousing to see her in doujins. I always managed to oversee any rule 34 stuff of her, even got angry if I found it since I always was overprotective for her. I dont know why, but now I'm almost addicted to it. I had a really really bad conscience the first times and hated myself for it. Now I just think about it like "2d in 2d". One of the few good things about an imaginary relationships are this I guess. She thinks its pretty weird and sometimes makes fun of me for this but other than that is ok with it.

The fun thing about it is: If I would be with her and someone would even THINK about touching her I would smash him into pieces. Same goes if someone would admit he fapped to her in real life. (i even get angry if someone i know makes jokes about this) I NEVER would like to see it in "real life". Not even if she wanted it. But as soon as I see this shit in doujins... well, I have a hard time resisting it.

Theres not really a point in this thread other than some thoughts of it and NTR in general. I dont really know where i could talk about stuff like this. Im just pretty confused about myself and how this escalated and dont know how my waifu would react about something like this if she would really exist. Personally i wouldnt mind if she would have such stuff about me, never happened, never will happen. Its just a fetish after all. But thats just me, maybe trying to defend myself.
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>> No. 12764 [Edit]
File 137142610391.jpg - (3.68MB , 3430x3883 , b0ea1764eacc149a8e64e824f0df7ffc.jpg )
Considering that my waifu is very popular, I've always said to myself and thought that she is better happy with someone else than sad with me.

But I also read a lot of NTR works and they usually include the woman being mindbroken into submission, which is one thing I don't really like that much.
>> No. 12765 [Edit]
File 137143207442.jpg - (293.88KB , 700x1600 , 32002453.jpg )
NTR doujinshi generally depicts my waifu as slutty which pisses me right the fuck off and leaves a seriously bitter taste in my mouth. Actually, pretty much anything that doesn't show her making love to Kyousuke shows her that way. Makes me sad when I think about it so I try to avoid anything sexual of my waifu.
>> No. 12766 [Edit]
To me, NTR has always seemed the most "3D-like" of all fetishes, given the incredibly high rate in which it happens in 'normal' relationships. That probably has a lot to do with why it disgusts me and why I avoid it like the plague, whether or not it involves my waifu.

Post edited on 16th Jun 2013, 7:31pm
>> No. 12767 [Edit]
Are you sure you like the NTR aspect of it...? (i.e : being strapped down to a chair while you're forced to watch your waifu enjoying another man).

I like NTR, but only because NTR is more or less a subcategory of rape, and rape mostly features two things that turn me on : an inferior man with a woman who he does not deserve + raw carnal lust. I self insert with the guy doing the treacherous act, not the victim, is probably the best way I can explain it.
>> No. 12768 [Edit]
fuck no
>> No. 12769 [Edit]
File 137146282925.jpg - (205.82KB , 500x900 , 6248331.jpg )
>> No. 12770 [Edit]
OP, I ask you to remove this thread. Waifuism is beatiful and pure, it is the embodiment of love and devotion. NTR, on the other hand, is filthy and disgusting, and no sane husbando should enjoy a distorted, NTR-esque depiction of his waifu. Hence, this thread should not be present on this board.
>> No. 12773 [Edit]
Well, yeah, youre right. But that is one of the reasons why i made this thread in the first place. I know i should feel bad and i do, thats why im trying to forget about all that. But on the other side its just like >>8832 said. And its not like i would do it if she was real as i already said in my first post. Im still overprotective, and if i would be with her i would pretty much be the whiteknight, trying to make her life as good as possible. Sex would be the last thing i would think about if she would happen to be real. And that is the thing i dont understand about me.

But yeah, i can understand why you dont like my thread. i cant remove this thread now due to dynamic IP, so if anyone feels offended by this thread some mod may delete it.
>> No. 12775 [Edit]
I don't see anything wrong with it. It's fiction anyway. Not like shooting people in video games means you want to to go outside and kill people.

Myself I can't even imagine anything like that of my waifu. Not because I think NTR is filthy or bad, it just doesn't fit in my waifu fantasy. On otherhand I don't see any reasons why enjoying it would be bad like some people seem to think.

That's just your subjective opinion. Just because you treat your waifu in that way, it doesn't mean it's the definition of the concept. It's fantasy and great thing about fantasy is that it can be anything you want it to be.
>> No. 12776 [Edit]
I really enjoy NTR, i love when the cute girls turn into sluts.

Funny how al the doujins my waifu has are rape, i enjoy them with a grin in my face.

So don't feel bad OP, you can enjoy NTR and still love your waifu like everyone else.

They are just doujins after all.
>> No. 12787 [Edit]
File 137150963427.jpg - (95.43KB , 1280x720 , 1362366073919.jpg )
No offense but that's pretty disrespectful for your waifu.
>> No. 12808 [Edit]
How so?
>> No. 12813 [Edit]
I enjoy NTR, but not of my waifu.
>> No. 12821 [Edit]
File 137161353130.jpg - (343.61KB , 1342x599 , howso.jpg )
Are you being ironic.
>> No. 12825 [Edit]
I like NTR because I like being submissive, and it's one of the most submissive positions I can picture myself in.

I try not to put my love into those fantasies because it will end up corrupting and ruining everything. But I'll probably give in to temptation one day because I always do.
>> No. 12830 [Edit]
Just answer the question.
>> No. 12832 [Edit]
He is not me, i'm the original poster and that pic made me laugh hard.

I can see your point, it may be really disrespectful ejoying seeing her suffer.

No offense taken.
>> No. 12834 [Edit]
I don't really want to make a thread for this idea, but did anyone ever thought about the fact, that "fapping to other girls because the own waifu is too pure" means "fapping to waifus of others" and had a bad conscience because of that? I dont want to name any girls I like to fap to, but since some of them are really cute in non-sexual ways im sure someone here had/have some of them as a waifu and dont want to fap to them. Its like some big NTR fest if you think about it that way.

Not rarely I decide to kick some of my doujins of girls I often saw here since I know she's a precious waifu for some anons here.
>> No. 12835 [Edit]

It's a thought that has crossed my mind before and I'm trying to wean myself of the habit of fapping to 2D because of it. I've read some pretty demeaning doujins of characters that probably mean a lot to at least someone out there and I've decided it's not something I want to keep doing.

I mostly wish I never started reading H-doujins at all, honestly. Between guilt from fapping to characters that are likely other peoples' waifus and between coming across some particularly sick doujins of my own waifu they really haven't done me any good.

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