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File 139199153637.jpg - (485.51KB , 1333x1333 , 36126634 - 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけ.jpg )
14468 No. 14468 [Edit]
I know a lot of people say that their waifus are perfect. But do you believe that your waifu is perfect, without flaws at all? What would be the difference between ignoring your waifu's flaws as opposed to accepting your waifu's flaws? Is your waifu perfect as you say she is? Surely she has some flaws of her own. But what does /mai/ think? Do you think your waifu's flaws can be turned into strengths, provided if she has any? Or is it just up to the individual's perspective?

Do you ever feel some sort of guilt whenever your waifu commits a questionable act? Do you attempt to rationalize it, accept it, or something else? Can you still see your waifu as 'perfect'?
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>> No. 14469 [Edit]
File 139199267497.jpg - (771.41KB , 1020x1447 , 7d98fe7fcba4c1ae1cc182e0d3a6465f.jpg )
No. Her actions were already questionable in the original anime and now she's kind of gone full yandere. Seeing what she's been through it's sort of excusable, but I honestly don't have that much of a moral opinion on what she's done.

A lot of her flaws (personality traits, obsessiveness/clinginess) I saw in myself, and I believe flaw and strength, vice and virtue are really relative, so they can be turned into strengths if accepted. I never saw her as perfect, just perfect for me.
>> No. 14471 [Edit]
File 139199414982.jpg - (161.85KB , 401x800 , 30182433_p0.jpg )
Absolutely not. I don't think I could relate with him and love him so much if he wasn't flawed in the ways that he is.

I've discussed my thoughts on most of your questions (extensively) in another post (>>14120). It is a bit tl;dr so I'll try to answer a few of your questions more briefly here, too.

>What would be the difference between ignoring your waifu's flaws as opposed to accepting your waifu's flaws?
I see these as two extremely different things. Ignoring it is just that - ignoring that it exists. I'd consider acceptance as something that is more helping and giving, if it makes any sense. Not resigned exactly but wanting to help out and not necessarily change things, but maybe be the strength where that weakness is in your waifu's life. For instance, I've said before that Keisuke is kind of stubborn and he gets his mind set on things that aren't quite feasible a lot of the time, so I'd like to be (and often am) the voice of reason.

>Do you think your waifu's flaws can be turned into strengths, provided if she has any? Or is it just up to the individual's perspective?
I think there's a lot of that, too. A lot of people dismiss Keisuke as...er, well, a bad person, and I don't think they are wrong in doing so, honestly, as he did do some truly horrible things. And there are many people who call him spineless, a coward, weak. I'd object to those but I understand where they'd get that idea. I don't see cowardice in any of the things that he did and actually strength, but I know that it's just my view on the situation.

Most of the rest I feel like I'd be repeating myself too much, but as imperfect as Keisuke is, he's the "perfect" one for me, so to speak, faults and all.
>> No. 14472 [Edit]
I wouldn't say so.

Admittedly, there is a lot that I see in her that can apply to myself in many ways. I accept her for who she is. I know that there are a lot of things that she does in which I would find reprehensible, but I will still defend her, even when she is wrong. I cannot ignore the wicked things she has done, but in her case, she had no choice and she was set on the path and often she is quite stubborn about her decisions.

Probably, but I would say that since she does it many times, people often dismiss her as someone who is evil or makes some off hand, dismissive remark at her. Often they refuse to see the person within. In my personal views, I find them to be objectionable but I can see where they are coming from, since a lot of people are quite unfamiliar with her. People often see her with what's taken at face value, and oftentimes they have all those assumptions about her. I had no idea where the 'psychotic' came from, I always assumed her to be zealous and ardent to her ambitions and ideals, even if they seem to be excessively cruel.

In some cases, I do pity her. I feel sorry for her and what she had to do. I see much of her in myself and vice versa. I don't see her faults as faults. Whatever she had to do in the past no longer matters as within her deepest thoughts she wants to redeem herself. I mean, she has changed quite a bit. That doesn't mean she doesn't deserve a chance to be loved. And she is pretty much a yandere to begin with, which often gets painted with the 'insane' or 'psychotic' brushes too often. But nevertheless, she's nowhere near perfect, but she's perfect for me. I still love her no matter what.
>> No. 14473 [Edit]
File 13919977152.jpg - (131.77KB , 1024x768 , 879498.jpg )
I don't believe perfection exists, personally. How can it, in a world as flawed as the one we live in? Even though I love Kagura, I will readily admit that she has flaws.

She's pretty competitive, so she might come off as a bit brash, but she's good-natured about it. She's also not exactly the smartest. Getting a lower score than Tomo and Osaka on any test is an achievement in itself, and for some reason she thinks violets are pink.

I wouldn't have her any other way though.
>> No. 14474 [Edit]
File 139200191334.jpg - (135.60KB , 599x800 , 121a20c61e264658549797705b961782a8c1fa42.jpg )
I've never seen my waifu as the perfect woman. Maybe perfect in the sense of me telling myself that she's just the girl I am looking for, but not someone immaculate or something like that. And you can't ignore her flaws at all, it's a part of her personality. In fact, I think people know her by these traits more than anything else. And I think I can extend it to her very actions. She's known to be a thief, a brawler and a disagreeable person, so I really can't ignore her flaws. And I love her just the way she is, she's always been like that.

Post edited on 9th Feb 2014, 9:00pm
>> No. 14478 [Edit]
Her imperfections make her who she is, and i love who she is.

There's nothing i can do about her bad decisions besides support her, changing who she is is out of my control. If people feel comfortable with completely ignoring traits of their waifu to create an ideal character for themselves then that's their business, but loving everything she is, both good and bad is better, in my opinion
>> No. 14482 [Edit]
File 13921198867.jpg - (65.33KB , 640x480 , 1285733318476.jpg )
I think perfection is relative, so Asuka is perfect for me at least. She may have flaws that make other people dislike her, but I still love those things about her.

If she does some questionable act, I accept it, since it's still her. I might think about what she did a bit, like why she did it or how it affected her and the people around her, but I love her, so I'll always take her side and support her. I'll keep on loving her, so she'll keep on being perfect.
>> No. 14497 [Edit]
It is because she has the right flaws and the right strengths that she is so perfect to me.
>> No. 14531 [Edit]
File 139268948336.jpg - (32.40KB , 640x624 , 1386206323734.jpg )
I don't believe she's perfect, I know she has flaws as a person. I accept them and love her regardless. She may not be perfect as a person, but she's the perfect wife for me.

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