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File 140478674065.jpg - (580.59KB , 2584x1468 , 1393914026738.jpg )
17890 No. 17890 [Edit]
Where do you score on the Briggs-Meyers test? I scored INTP around 18 months ago (worksheet in high school) and now and I don't think it'll change that much after now, I scored INFP when I was 13 though (thingy in middle school). I guess you can use this thread for other tests since I didn't see one in the catalog.

Most of us would probably be Introverted but the three others may vary.

Here's a picture, I know LoGH isn't a psychological anime and it's kind of elitist and hipster, but for the most part this chart and character alignment is right. Speaking of LoGH my ideals in characters would be Yang for his genius and easygoing personality and Reuenthal for his pride and manly death as he passes through existential problems.
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>> No. 17891 [Edit]
I want to be INFP so I can't trust the result of the test.
>> No. 17893 [Edit]
I don't like that test because it seems like one of those things that try to make complicated matters way too simple.

I did the test like half a year ago and it told me I was INTJ. I googled it and it seems like there are tons of people who also got the same result and they all seem to be really proud of it. Most people would probably call an INTJ an asshole because he's not a team player.

In the picture you posted the INTJ is described as a Mastermind but I think that's ridiculous. Some INTJs might be masterminds, others might be losers, others might be pretty average ford drivers and others might be just plain weird.

I think some answers you put on a single test say very little about what kind of person you are.
>> No. 17896 [Edit]
Are personality tests a mostly American thing? It's unheard of here, in my little corner of Europe.
>> No. 17898 [Edit]
I can't remember what I scored last time. I did get INTJ a lot, but I was skeptical of it, since that was coming up in bunches in every community I participated and most descriptions say INTJ aren't supposed to be very common. Not to mention how easy it is to score INTJ by just answering according to the loner misunderstood genius stereotype.
One thing I remember is that I did always get I***. From what I understand about what the "I" means that's spot-on.

Post edited on 7th Jul 2014, 8:09pm
>> No. 17906 [Edit]
This won't spoil too much. In LoGH Oberstein is just a robotic and utilitarian character with a monotonous voice and fixed expression. He became an important figure for the new Empire, Chief Minister of Military Affairs -- I'd say he became one of Reinhard's primary advisors along with Hilda, although everyone hated him due to his bland demeanor. He has a dog which he really cares about but I don't think it showed up in the 110 episode OVA. In any case I suppose he is unrealistic compared to you guys but then again he's a supporting character and a politician on top of that.

I suppose having people that know you help you answer the test might make it more fair. And these personality types might be a bit "generous" in their description since one type isn't supposed to be ethically superior and no one wants to hear bad about themselves.
>> No. 17915 [Edit]
>> No. 17938 [Edit]
Old thread if you're interested in /tc/'s type distribution:

INTx 5w4 here.
>> No. 17939 [Edit]
Does fit my psychology and psychopathology about as well as something as generalized as that can too.

Still, not a big fan of the MBTI in general. The wank over "Just like famous historical figure X!" turns me off of it to no end.
Not that categorizing people in its selection of boxes isn't potentially interesting fodder for psychological studies I suppose.

Huh. Could be. I'm also from a corner of Europe and I certainly can't remember hearing much of them outside the internet, but then I can't remember hearing much of anything outside the internet.
>> No. 17940 [Edit]
I took this a decade ago and got INTJ. I don't place much stock in these kinds of tests though.
>> No. 17947 [Edit]
I was quite obsessed with Briggs-Meyers for quite a while, scored INTP and spent some time on an INTP forum before finding out about imageboards. Feels quite silly how, at some point, my life revolved around the personality theory.
>> No. 17948 [Edit]
Weird indeed.
>> No. 17953 [Edit]
Looking at this, do you guys think that this place might be better if we were more inviting of other types? Then again I don't think our types are the types to be inviting, but this board is pretty inactive and not much seems to be accomplished whenever someone comes on here and complains (even if it is understandable people need a safe space to vent). I suppose it's rather silly to depend on the tests to try to determine where your life should be going though.
>> No. 17954 [Edit]
>> No. 17958 [Edit]
No. I took another look at the overall results at the bottom of the old thread (mentioned here >>17938) and I was quite pleased that there wasn't a single Exxx.
>> No. 17976 [Edit]
So, are we still using as the site for this stuff?

Anyway, I got INTJ. I also like the sentences that I got because I believe that those truly reflect my state of mind, of which are: "I must be secure and safe to survive.", " I must be fun and entertained to survive.", "I must be perfect and good to survive.", and " I must be strong and in control to survive.". It makes me sound like a person with goals and stuffs.
>> No. 18004 [Edit]
I decided to re-take the test and after all these years it seems i'm still an INTP.
>> No. 18155 [Edit]
All non-INTXs need to leave the internet.
>> No. 18165 [Edit]
INTx have too much unwarranted self importance. I'd rather keep the ISTx.
>> No. 18168 [Edit]

Feels special when everyone is INTP/J here and on various other similar sites.
>> No. 18265 [Edit]
Maybe a stupid question, but do you think you guys might have enjoyed life and society more if people shared your personality types? For the most part I'd prefer introverts but to be honest I think extraversion (as just being active and being first to make contact) would be fine if they seemed more genuinely considerate and it didn't feel like they were just using conversation to climb social rankings.

I guess a room full of mes (INTPs) though would lead to even more dissent than usual since everyone would be trying to come up with new and original things, and it wouldn't be very practical because we'd all be pretty lazy.
>> No. 18266 [Edit]
I'd have enjoyed life more if people weren't shit.
>> No. 18268 [Edit]

Maybe if personality type is linked to people being assholes. Throughout my life people have given me shit for seemingly no reason.
>> No. 18269 [Edit]
Pretty much this. Personality types have no bearing on whether people are assholes or not.
>> No. 18273 [Edit]
But different personality types apparently have different natural values, and I think most people would call a person an asshole or shit if he or she had dumb values.
>> No. 18298 [Edit]
>Oskar von Reuenthal is straight forward
>> No. 18299 [Edit]
If you watch LoGH you will know that being Oberstein is not a good thing.
>> No. 18302 [Edit]
Idk they probably just needed someone to fit in there, it's arguable that Reuenthal had his issues due to his life circumstances rather than his personality anyways.

I looked up the personalities and apparently Guardian was the conservative personality though. I found the AoT one a while later and it seems even less accurate, then again AoT characters don't really have much depth.

He cares very much for his doggie though.
>> No. 18347 [Edit]
File 140723245160.jpg - (57.04KB , 750x600 , MyersBriggsINTJINTP.jpg )
found this, it might help us differentiate among two of the main groups on this chan. Hope you like owls.
>> No. 18349 [Edit]
File 140727677526.jpg - (48.02KB , 457x341 , 1325974307327.jpg )
>Hope you like owls.
Fuck yeah I do. They're great natural pest control and look/sound cool. They also can't take off vertically so you can keep one in a barrel.

On topic, how reliable do you take these personality tests to be in the first place? What kind of personality tests do you consider 'reliable enough' (e.g. online multiple choice fangirl site vs. multi-stage including interviews and activities administered by professionals).
>> No. 18353 [Edit]
I think for the most part Briggs-Meyers tests should all be similar in some fashion, just take a few and maybe judge for yourself which one is most accurate.
>> No. 18654 [Edit]
how isn't he a good thing? He gets things done efficiently and without a lot of bullshit, both early on and later on....

Compared to say Bittenfeld for example, yes he is lol

I notice just now similarities between Oberstein and Levi
>> No. 18657 [Edit]
Owls, everyone is fond of owls.
>> No. 18659 [Edit]
sorry, a better example would be Trunicht and the Terraist Church
>> No. 18696 [Edit]
I'm INFP, it sucks, why can't I ever think I'm good enough ;_;
>> No. 18697 [Edit]
Hey, I'm a fellow INFP. I know that feeling. Hint: speculate less, experience more. It will make you so much happier.
>> No. 18698 [Edit]
did a test thing and got isfj. no idea what it means
>> No. 18699 [Edit]
What type would you like to be instead? As an INTP I often wished I could've become a hero or adventurer, but efficient fighting for a moral cause is rare in the real world, and I feel a lot of the extroverted personalities have less room for introspection and self-awareness or appreciation of creativity... There were times where I wished I would be more efficient and focused (INTJ) or more humanistic (INFP) but in the end I'm pretty much INTP, liking random, weird things, most of which come out of the interwobz. INTP I read also happens to struggle with shyness and social awkwardness though and the previous thread had half of the people here score it -- I guess most of us were unlucky enough and don't have perks along our autistic tendencies.

Post edited on 19th Sep 2014, 4:38pm
>> No. 18700 [Edit]
It essentially means that you're gay.

Feel free to post images of your genitalia and liven the thread up with your flamboyant and saucy writing style.
>> No. 18701 [Edit]
>There were times where I wished I would be more efficient and focused (INTJ) or more humanistic (INFP) but in the end I'm pretty much INTP, liking random, weird things, most of which come out of the interwobz.
Oh don't worry, the INTJ legions all over the internet imply that you're actually greatly outnumbered in that department. A good number of the non-Ford Driver types (ie: not E***) are bumming around the internet together.

>INTP I read also happens to struggle with shyness and social awkwardness
This is something that's pretty common with most I***-types.
>> No. 18702 [Edit]
I think properly speaking Introverted (I) is different from being shy, introversion just means you prefer being alone or having small company while shy is having difficulties when you come across a social situation. Pretty sure there's a lot of introverts that don't have the anxiety problems this board often discusses.
>> No. 18703 [Edit]
I was really trying to be clear enough with the way I worded it to not have someone come along as per usual and point out that distinction as if they were sharing some kind of profound knowledge, but apparently I wasn't.

I wasn't implying that introverted is a synonym for shy. I didn't say ALL introverts were shy. I said that being socially awkward was a fairly common problem for those of an introverted persuasion, certainly much more so than extroverts. Regardless of whether or not being around people makes you uncomfortable, logic would dictate that those who spend more time around them willingly (extroverts) have a much greater grasp on how to interact properly with others.
>> No. 18705 [Edit]
I sort of have high standards for what constitutes "socially awkward" is all. Most introverts I know aren't socially awkward, and many times extroverts also break common tact and convention due to their excessive outward energy (perhaps in this sense socially awkward is a value judgment, as introverts would think extroverts are often being awkward when they are too energetic). When I mean socially awkward I mean uncomfortable with most people in general, not just failing to meet the standards for Ford Driver conversations.

>I was really trying to be clear enough with the way I worded it to not have someone come along as per usual and point out that distinction as if they were sharing some kind of profound knowledge, but apparently I wasn't.
I was really trying to be clear enough with the way I worded it to not have someone come along as per usual and claim that introverts commonly have problems with social awkwardness or shyness as if they were sharing some kind of profound knowledge, but apparently I wasn't.


Post edited on 20th Sep 2014, 1:52am
>> No. 18707 [Edit]
>When I mean socially awkward I mean uncomfortable with most people in general
That would be social anxiety. You can be socially awkward and have a complete lack of social grace without any social anxiety. And by that standard of being socially awkward, that is, having difficulty connecting with people (whether or not it's from social anxiety) or having proclivities towards socially unacceptable behavior, I maintain that it is indeed a common trait for introverts.

>Most introverts I know aren't socially awkward
If going by anecdotal evidence, I haven't met one that wasn't. But in the same way that you have high standards of what you consider socially awkward, I don't believe most people that consider themselves to be introverts actually are. I've seen even the most neurotypical, frat-party-attending Ford Drivers proclaim themselves to be introverted. The fact of the matter is self-identification tests will always have these flaws. By definition of the word and what it represents, however, introverts simply do not interact with other people as much as others and are therefore (not always) more prone to being 'socially awkward', from simple lack of social experience and the knowledge of social conventions that comes with it.
>> No. 18720 [Edit]
I've been INTJ ever since I first took the test over 10 years ago. No matter how many times I take it or which test I take, the result is the same. I don't feel like it fits me exactly though. I'm not really rigid and super serious and organized like most INTJs are presented. Feels like INTP would suit me better.
>> No. 19295 [Edit]
am an INTP
>> No. 20357 [Edit]
I always score as an INFP even though I feel a lot closer to being INTP. The results are always pretty close though so whatever.
>> No. 20358 [Edit]
I honestly think you have INFJ and INFP mixed up here...
>> No. 20359 [Edit]
I'm a Capricorn with Scorpio rising. Are we emotionally and/or sexually compatable?
>> No. 20360 [Edit]
I'd put my Cancer into your Virgo with Pisces(odour) rising.
>> No. 20361 [Edit]
File 143760824232.jpg - (1.40MB , 1200x1350 , 1426113372828.jpg )
Used to be INTJ/P (I can't remember) years ago but now its ENFP. Which makes sense now I get out more and do stuff with people.
>> No. 20362 [Edit]
congrats! you're probably the only person who would get an E type on this entire website.

but on another note this test shit isn't really consistent. every time I do it the result is diffferent. I've never taken it to mean anything.

I took it just now (again) and got ISTP. I was this poster before. I got istj before I believe.

Post edited on 22nd Jul 2015, 5:31pm
>> No. 20364 [Edit]
>>20362 idk
>> No. 20365 [Edit]
File 143761338728.jpg - (30.20KB , 551x551 , 1425510717848.jpg )
thanks though I'm hoping my E is not fleeting. Its funny I can never talk to anyone online or come up with the right thing to type so I end up without a presence on every community I'm in, but talk to me in person and all those problems disappear. Of course the test will vary, anything that requires you to answer 102 static questions that has a result that can change depending on your current outlook on life is bound to be different day by day
>> No. 20368 [Edit]
I've been permanently INTJ. It's great being one, but not all people like us.
>> No. 20376 [Edit]
It's weird; aside from ENTPs, I've managed to be better friends with INFPs than INFJs / ISTPs. Me and INTPs are usually pretty tight though.
>> No. 20415 [Edit]
File 14388109375.png - (7.69KB , 640x480 , mbti-temper.png )
I've gotten different Ixxx types, only the I is constant. This time it's ISFJ.

I did some research on how the MBTI types line up with the four classical temperaments ( , if you're unfamiliar). The consensus of multiple forum and blog posts is that it depends on the first and last letter, though there are a few that don't follow that rule. This is a chart I drew up, take it with a grain of salt.
>> No. 20416 [Edit]
A few times ago, I did this 16prsonalities and I always get INTP even if I don't see myself as an edgy analytical thinker.
I'm more artistic to logical, I really suck at sciences

Post edited on 5th Aug 2015, 4:35pm
>> No. 20418 [Edit]
Apparently it's ISTP now. Used to be INTP.
>> No. 20420 [Edit]

Rare I guess.
>> No. 20423 [Edit]
I'm one too.
>> No. 20427 [Edit]
I just took the first "official" one I've ever taken and got INFP

I'm not really sure what to make of this, if anything.

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