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File 132721028285.jpg - (102.25KB , 500x375 , nihonto steel.jpg )
12503 No. 12503 [Edit]
I don't want to fall into the weeaboo trap and buy a practice katana, but some of these make it so tempting.


I had a wallhanger once, but sold it to someone after the scabbard began clamping on the sword (plastic slip inside came loose after it was unsheathed five times). I think he promptly bent it after I sold it to him.

This looks great for functionality and aesthetics, next to the painted-on-blood wallhangers and "cosplay swords." A simple, black katana with a blood groove. I don't want a sparring sword or a razor edge. Just a full-tang sword to give me the feel of an actual nihonto. The great part with this one is that I can get a kit to clean it and keep up with maintaining it.

Also I can defend against zombie and robber and nazi and KPA and neuroi attacks with it after the social collapse of 2015 if I did sharpen it. 2012 is so last year.And you almost took me seriously, there, didn't you?

Anyone else here own/ want to own a sword, or other sort of self defence item, for use, practice, or just decoration?
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>> No. 12505 [Edit]
I think having a machete would be cool. For gardening at least. I was always a fan of hacking weapons as opposed to slashing ones.
>> No. 12506 [Edit]
If you're looking for good stuff, I really recommend you read through this site:


The guy really knows what he's talking about
>> No. 12512 [Edit]
Please don't commit sudoku
>> No. 12521 [Edit]
For self defense I'd probably use remote explosives. It's impractical, but a sword isn't that much better in my eyes really. The whole wireless emitter/receiver deal is easy enough to work with to spark a fuse, the electronics side of it is something I can make easy enough. The chemistry and actual explosive is something I have no idea of.

Are there any books on these subjects? Sounds like the kind of thing that would get me labeled as a terrorist for having which is frustrating.

Heh, makes me think how the hell anyone would see that. "My self defense mechanism is selfdestruct"

Post edited on 22nd Jan 2012, 12:39pm
>> No. 12524 [Edit]
Remote explosives? Why not mines? The invader would walk into them and explode without you having to do anything (other than plant the mines of course).
>> No. 12525 [Edit]
Maybe he's signed the Ottawa Treaty.
>> No. 12529 [Edit]
File 132728508131.jpg - (244.99KB , 1104x1539 , Seppuku-3.jpg )
Too late, man.
>> No. 12535 [Edit]
Mines are too dangerous, I wouldn't want that anywhere on my property if I owned any.

Also, that wouldn't require working with wireless signal transmission which is the whole fun of it, not the exploding or defending yourself part.
>> No. 12541 [Edit]
As far as swords go, I'd like to have a really elaborate-looking jian for decoration. That or a rapier. A halberd would be pretty cool but I feel like I'd need to live in a marble-tiled mansion and a suit of armour to pull that off.

Post edited on 23rd Jan 2012, 8:22pm
>> No. 12542 [Edit]
File 13273811818.jpg - (187.13KB , 777x1100 , 22352118.jpg )
I used to collect Bayonets. There's a huge selection, and there are expensive ones but also cheap soviet trash for mere dollars. So you can buy new shit every other week without losing much money while you're waiting for that wonderful, rare piece to pop up on Ebay.

I sold it all to a friend collector some time ago, but I had some good stuff. While not too rare, the SMLE, K98 and M6 bayonets were the nicest.

Swords require too much dedication and money.
>> No. 12832 [Edit]
I bought a short katana when very young when I went into a trip to a city nearby. It sold for the sheer price of twenty dollars and it is completely decorated with a brass-color metal and a sheet with a few tigers and other ancient art designs. It has a metal piece near the handle, so it ends up making that nice "shiin" sound every time you unsheat it, and it smells like the alchohol used to clean it just as the first day I bought. How such a quality blade was sold for so cheap is beyond me but I keep inside it's box hidden for power level purposes.
>> No. 23288 [Edit]
If you want to watch some good videos about the historical use of weapons, this guy's youtube channel is great: http://www.youtube.com/user/lindybeige
>> No. 23291 [Edit]
Katanakas are impractical, you should switch to the jackie chan school of everyday objects.
HIs samurai spirit allows him to fight with just a chair and defeat 100 men.
>> No. 23301 [Edit]
I have a small collection of 7 swords, though I haven't bought any in a good four years now. The only eastern swords in the bunch are a pair of matching jian.

They're sharpened but still decorations for all intents and purposes.

Post edited on 28th Nov 2013, 1:15am
>> No. 23302 [Edit]
If you want a katana thats not $20 mall kiosk quality, buy Paul Chen.

I have some links for good European style swords too, will post em when I get around to organizing my bookmarks.
>> No. 23309 [Edit]
File 138574775720.png - (706.85KB , 829x1200 , 1375060696658.png )
>> No. 23377 [Edit]
Takouba (Hausa-Fulani/Toureg Sword of Africa) and any Mandig swords
>> No. 23408 [Edit]
File 138777496276.jpg - (227.48KB , 1280x725 , SpiceAndRugers.jpg )
>self defence item, for use, practice, or just decoration?

This is now the /k/ thread.

What guns do you guys own/want to own?
>> No. 23409 [Edit]
I've really really wanted a p-90 for years now.
>> No. 23410 [Edit]
File 138777550031.jpg - (130.75KB , 335x473 , Kino_no_Tabi_volume_1_cover.jpg )
One day I'd like to have a Colt 1851 Navy and a Colt Woodsman Match Target.
>> No. 23442 [Edit]
File 138805378922.jpg - (936.07KB , 1600x1200 , 1357859958433.jpg )
>> No. 23495 [Edit]
I have a shotgun I got when I was 14. I wish it wasn't frozen half the year, then I could just go full Viet-Cong and build escape tunnels and pungi traps all over the woods around my house.
>> No. 23885 [Edit]
File 139625870418.jpg - (62.79KB , 700x362 , 44593930_1243938556_kogarasumaru.jpg )
Looking for a sword smith to forge me one of these in the 7 layer technique was applied (the Soshu Kitae ) if possible. Else I will buy the $400 one made by chinese sword smiths in down town.
Anyone have link suggestions?
>> No. 23887 [Edit]
Kid, grow up. Swords, Japanese ones in particular, are trash. Get yourself American made firearms with that money and forget the poetic mumbo jumbo fake stuff about katakanas.
>> No. 23891 [Edit]
I do Kendo. Don't lecture me on something I already have.
>> No. 24351 [Edit]
And for those who CANT easily get firearms for whatever reason (lives in a city with gun control up the ass, guns cost money, etc)

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