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File 135697370345.jpg - (4.61MB , 1920x6437 , winter.jpg )
12970 No. 12970 [Edit]
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>> No. 12972 [Edit]
File 135697638254.jpg - (118.27KB , 1280x720 , [Doremi]_Love_Live_PV_01_[1280x720]_[F1811DA6]_mkv.jpg )
waiting warmly.
>> No. 12974 [Edit]
Vivid Red Operation and Maoyuu Maou Yuusha for me.
>> No. 12975 [Edit]
nekomonogatari finished airing four hours ago subs fucking when
>> No. 12978 [Edit]
Vivid Red (asses), Haganai (meat), and Tamako Market (cute)
>> No. 12979 [Edit]
>> No. 12980 [Edit]
Thanks for saving me the trouble
>> No. 12983 [Edit]
I saw the first ep of My Little Sister From Osaka and it seemed pretty good. I think it's hidden agenda is teaching kansai-ben to Tokyoites.
>> No. 12984 [Edit]
>The story imagines if Buddha and Jesus shared a low-rent apartment in Tokyo

A tale as old as time
>> No. 12986 [Edit]
1. Because extra large space solder body builders who are insecure about their masculinity are not moe, and wouldn't interest the Japanese.

2. For the time being, Microsoft does not care enough about the Japanese market to try and force feed them yet another franchise designed for brain dead American teenagers, by ignoring the difference in culture and assuming the only thing American media needs in order to become popular in japan is to have a anime made out of it.
worked wonders for Marvel comics after all!

3. Because you touch yourself at night.
>> No. 12999 [Edit]
there is spanish subs for hellsing x now, but still no english ones
not fair
>> No. 13063 [Edit]
i'd been hoping this one would get subbed as the premise seems amusing, but i guess it looks like it won't be happening any time soon.
>> No. 13064 [Edit]
También pasa con el manga de Evangelion. Es, de menos, desconcertante. No confío en esas traducciones.
>> No. 13065 [Edit]
Hahaha, my post was deleted and everything. It was just a silly joke, geez. I thought it would be obvious.
Sorry, I didn't know this was for the serious discussions only.
>> No. 13066 [Edit]
You should know by now, Tohno-chan doesn't have a sense of humor.
>> No. 13068 [Edit]
/ot/ has a sense of humor, I joke there all the time. I thought the serious discussion central was limited to /so/
>> No. 13122 [Edit]
File 135746866651.jpg - (2.12MB , 1920x6437 , ite.jpg )
>> No. 13194 [Edit]
Wow that's a ton of anime you got checked off there. (seems someone's a big AKB fan~)

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