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File 139465405217.jpg - (6.47MB , 1920x8742 , Untitled.jpg )
18866 No. 18866 [Edit]
this is very depressing to me
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>> No. 18867 [Edit]
lot of shit there indeed, but hey we got mushishi and jojo at least.
>> No. 18870 [Edit]

For a spring season, maybe, but overall it's not bad at all. Unlike this season, where I spend more time watching the 2 cour shows from last season than the stuff from the current.

There are 4 sequels that will be worth watching, plus ping pong and Broken Blade. That's 6 shows that I will 100% watch.

The shaft show will be Sasami with a male protag, should be worth watching.

B&S, MahouTai, and altier might also be worth watching, Gonzo/Gainax are at least worth giving a shot.

Usagi desu ka looks like it'll be a yuri SoL, and SidKishi looks like Macross without the singing; Not getting my hopes too high but I'll give them an episode or two for starters.

And I haven't even touched on the shoujo's and fantasy/harem/adventure shows.
>> No. 18871 [Edit]
I'm honestly looking forward to that season. There's plenty of things I want to see and that also look interesting enough to give them a check.
>> No. 18873 [Edit]
Honestly, I feel really inclined to check out the ping pong and sumo shows.
>> No. 18876 [Edit]
'Updated' Break Blade my ass. The movies were 50+ mins each and there were 6 of them, as it is they will simply end up cutting material.


If this will make me sound like an elitist then so be it but you sould really read the Ping Pong manga instead of waiting for the anime. It's a classic by one of the most talented mangaka out there and there's simply no way the adaptation will do justice to the source material. For a similar example look what happened to Furuya's Litchi Hikari Club, pretty much the first time his work got adapted to anime (Tokyo Magnitude doesn't count) and hopefully it will be the last. As for Matsumoto this is the second time for him I think and while Black and White turned out okay-ish for the sake of my sanity I'll pretend Ping Pong adaptation never happened.
>> No. 18877 [Edit]
Don't put the cart before the horse, anon.
The anime needs to be produced before you can adequately judge it.
>> No. 18880 [Edit]

Tekkonkinkreet was 'critically acclaimed' so to speak but I felt even that didn't do justice to the manga. There's just no way this will be anywhere near that level. Litchi Hikari Club still haunts me at nights and leaving Ping Pong to Tatsunoko simply doesn't bode well.
>> No. 18899 [Edit]
>> No. 18905 [Edit]
Yeah, it kinda looks bad to me as well.
At least this is what I used to say, now I'm starting to be hyped for it, Mushishi, ping pong, Isshukan friends, and Nanana no maizoukin are interesting, and there are a 3-4 shows that will be good as "watch now and then forget" shows.
>> No. 18906 [Edit]
Actually looking at the chart I feel I'll end up following ~10 series which would be the highest count since Autumn 2012. Whether they'll be any good is a different matter altogether, though.
>> No. 18907 [Edit]
I'm interested in:

Kindaichi R
Stardust Crusaders
Isshuukan Friends
Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun
Soredemo Sekai
>> No. 18944 [Edit]
File 139564648517.gif - (30.45KB , 290x165 , zzzzzzzz.gif )
I want to watch everything ... but so little time..
>> No. 18952 [Edit]
I'm looking forward to the second season of Love Live! but am probably the only one. Haikyuu might be good. I liked the volleyball manga Crimson Heroes a lot.
>> No. 18976 [Edit]

>Jojo S2
>Soul Eater Not!
>Abarenbou Rikishi (the Sumo anime)
>Mahou Shoujo Taisen
>Selector Infected (still not sure about this one)
>Love Live S2
>Date a Live S2
>Atelier anime
>Mushishi S2
>NouCome OVA
>Girls und Panzer OVA

Sorry but I disagree.
This is like the most loaded season in a while.
>> No. 18990 [Edit]
Final version of the chart is out, unfortunately the filesize is too large to post it and I don't feel like converting it. Just go to the usual place.

I've got to say I'm completely blown away by the amount of series I feel like picking up. Normally I'd list them one-per-dot but since there's a metric shitton of them...

Watching 100%:
• Akuma no Riddle, Mushishi 2, Jojo pt III, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, Isshukan Friends, Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara, No Game No Life, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?, Meikaku City Actors, Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, M3 Sono Kuroki Hagane

• Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, Blade and Soul, Seikoku no Dragoner, Kenzen Robo Daimdaler, Kin'iro no Chord 3, Captain Earth, Black Bullet, Mahou Shoujo Taisen, Soul Eater Not, Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to, Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun, Hitsugi no Chaika, Love Live 2

This doesn't just break the record of series I'm interested in (in a single season), it almost doubles the previous record. I didn't even watch that many shows over the course of entire 2013.
>> No. 19001 [Edit]

Agreed there is a ton of stuff to watch.
>> No. 19022 [Edit]
File 139651555895.gif - (85.82KB , 157x134 , zRoseUltra2.gif )
Everything else is "meh".
>> No. 19804 [Edit]
What's everyones obsession with Jojo?
>> No. 19808 [Edit]
It's a fun and ridiculous over the top action series. It's exactly what a lot of people want out of anime.
>> No. 19811 [Edit]

You never know what to expect with JoJo. You'll be watching it and say to yourself "oh its going to do this dumb stereotypical thing". Then it does something so much dumber you find yourself loving it for those moments.

That's why I love JoJo anyways.
>> No. 19890 [Edit]
File 140421820759.jpg - (91.40KB , 1280x720 , 1.jpg )
So, now that the season is officially over I figured I might as well share my thoughts on the series I've watched (only the ones which I already finished watching, though):

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? - great. My favorite SoL in a longer while. Frankly there's not much to talk about since it's a pretty simple 'cute girls doing cute things' show but it had a lot of charm, that's for sure. Moving it away from the school setting was a nice change of pace. Sales are pretty good so I'm looking forward to S2.
Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara - absolutely gargbage. Not because it's a harem of course. I wouldn't pick up a harem show if I actually had something against them per se. But there are good harems and there are bad harems. And then there's this show. Awful, just awful. Stay away from it.
Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san - one of the shows I was looking forward to before the season started. Unfortunately it turned out to be a short. But surprisingly it managed to turn that weakness into a great advantage. The quick paced comedy worked extremely well. Cutting the 'exposition' phase during scene transition and starting the dialogue right after the cut was such a simple solution and yet it worked wonders. Great short overall, maybe my favorite so far. Rather than looking forward to a sequel (which probably won't happen) I'm looking forward to more works by this director to figure out whether this show was a fluke or the first 'serious' work of a great director in making.
Akuma no Riddle - ugh. Felt like a VN/video game adaptation. In the worst meaning possible. Awful all around. I don't even feel like badmouthing it.
Blade and Soul - this one on the other hand was an actual game adaptation, more or less. Medicore all around. I picked it up and kept watching because I kinda liked the 'western' artstyle. Subpar run-of-the-mill revenge story. The only mentionworthy thing is that people died when they were killed. Usually by having their throats slit. By the protag. You don't really see it often and in this particular case there was a perfectly good reason behind this as there's a brief PTSD 'arc' later on. Pretty interesting but the execution was kinda medicore.
No Game No Life - another fairly medicore show. If I had to mention something nice about it is that it was willing to experiment with palette. I didn't even like the end result but just trying to do something different is praiseworthy. Somewhat ironically they add 5 trucks worth of shameless pandering to that, though. The show itself is just a series of games/gambles which makes me think of it as a shitty Cryji (because the games themselves are pretty boring). Yukarin was probably the best part of the show. Hikasa Youko's 'desu wa's were a close second.
Mekaku City Actors - okay. Best SHAFT show in a long while but the budget must've been atrocious. Was there any budget to begin with? Goddamn did it look cheap. Not that much to say about this one, it's a bit of a throwback and a comeback of classic SHAFT. Not as good as their old shows but I kinda missed them so whatever.
Selector Infected WIXOSS - oh boy! I expected CHILDREN'S CARD GAMES, got Muugen Shoujo Madoka Magica The Gathering instead. Probably the biggest surprise of the season all around. I'm very interested in the marketing side of this. Do they plan to keep the card game going or do they want to cash in quickly while the show is still airing? Who's the real target audience for this? Do they expect the anime to sell well or is it intended as an advert for the game mostly? Etc. etc. I'd love to sit down and have a chat with somebody who could answer those questions. As for the show itself it's actually pretty decent overall. Feels like there are lots of plot holes and the story itself isn't particularly interesting but it pulls of plot twists in an entertaining manner (entertaining, not good - think Code Geass, minus the trainwreck part maybe). The whole setting is kinda interesting but even though the show doesn't really 'play it nice' it's still a little bit too tame I think. Not like I want them to add an additional track of ~suffering~ to it but if the players 'gamble' for such high 'stakes' I'd like to see what goes through their minds in more detai. I really like the palette, earthy hues all around, looks really nice. I'll definitely watch S2.

Really good season overall I guess. Liked a couple of shows I've seen, there are a couple others I plan to watch still, put a number of good looking shows on hold (Mushishi S2, Ping Pong, Sidonia) to have something nice to watch later on, Jojo will be around for months to come. I wonder if I ever actually had a season I liked more than this one. But that's Spring for you I guess.
>> No. 20051 [Edit]
File 140559349916.gif - (40.81KB , 348x131 , zRose-ball.gif )
Lisa Lisa is da best
>> No. 20053 [Edit]
Haha, that was a pretty good one.
>> No. 20055 [Edit]
File 14056345091.jpg - (54.36KB , 1280x720 , [Vivid] Hanayamata - 02 [FDFCA585]_mkv_snapshot_17.jpg )
so far:
Yama no Susume 2 > Hanayamata > Locodol > Sabagebu > Rail Wars
>> No. 20073 [Edit]

Wrong season buddy.

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