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No. 14019 [Edit]
Would you consider your waifu as some kind of a (psychical) weakness?

I would. She is both, the one person who gives my life some light and my biggest, maybe even only weakness. I don't care if someone calls me a useless piece of shit, boring or whatever. I don't care if my old "friends" one after another keep their distance of me. I don't even really care if people I used to like die. Ok, im not that "edgy" how some would call it. The last one still hurts but only one or two days, after that I tend to forget about it.

But if someone talks shit about my waifu I really get angry. I dont care if its online or in real life, I really get angry and would like to kill the person who does it to hurt me. Something like that never happened to me, but it really hurts and annoys me. I still remember how a old friend who knews about my waifu suddenly mentioned a doujin with her and what happened in it. I wasn't that overprotective for her like im now, but I said he should shut the fuck up, which I usually never do. He doesnt knew she was that important for me and I doubt he did it with bad intentions, but I was pissed of for days and I think that was the first time I realized what a huge weakness she is for me. I think I really reached a point were I can say that my waifu is the most important thing in my life. And I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing.

Sorry for using that propably more ironic picture of a certain imageboard, but that's the most fitting picture I found for that thread.
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>> No. 14025 [Edit]
That's not something I've been on the receiving end of, myself.

I think my reaction would depend on the situation. If they were obviously trying to rile me up I'd just ignore them, but if they honestly disliked the character, I wouldn't tell them they're wrong, I'd want to know why they think that. I'm not the kind of person that has a short fuse, so it would take a lot to get me mad, even if it were about mai waifu.

I would never, ever consider her a weakness. She's been one of my greatest inspirations over the past few years I've known her.
>> No. 14026 [Edit]
File 138868742151.jpg - (149.42KB , 600x1500 , 40520327.jpg )
I do act pretty much the same way that you do, but I don't consider her a weakness in any form. I think it's just my temper that is the problem, not her.
>I think I really reached a point were I can say that my waifu is the most important thing in my life. And I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing.
I don't think it's necessarily a good or bad thing on it's own, but if it is making you happy, then surely that's a good thing, right? If your anger is really getting to be a huge problem, then it would be bad. For example, say someone said they don't like a certain color, and you flip out because your waifu's hair is that color. That would be a problem, and I think it'd be a bad thing and you would need to solve some of the issues you have, but like in my case, it's not her fault but it's your temper, so don't just cut her out of your life or something.
>> No. 14028 [Edit]
Ah I remember in junior year someone would keep saying that my friend was talking shit about Homu just to rile me up. I resisted my urges to get violent but I was still pretty damn pissed. Also when coming out about it to my school psychologist she took a hell long of a time to watch Madoka and for around five months assumed that I loved my waifu for the wrong reasons and that also really pissed me off. I still try to avoid bringing her up too much or revealing my waifuism to most I guess...

And then there's the self-deprecation-I can't have her stuff that other people have mentioned before. Overall I think I've gotten a better understanding of my feelings and myself even if I'm (even more) pathetic in a sense and it hurts like hell sometimes.
>> No. 14029 [Edit]
File 13887055885.jpg - (91.61KB , 600x600 , 34460170.jpg )
I used to get kind of bothered, but over time it stopped getting to me as much.

Now I just always try to steer the subject away from such things, and if it comes up, respond apathetically.

I'm not sure if this applies to everybody, but you reach a point where you completely disregard whatever negative stuff anybody else has to say about your loved one.

Though, if the same person pushed me every day about such things I would cut off all contact.
>> No. 14030 [Edit]
>she took a hell long of a time to watch Madoka and for around five months assumed that I loved my waifu for the wrong reasons
Either way, I'm impressed.
>> No. 14032 [Edit]

To be fair she finished the first six episodes within a week and sort of just found it too emotionally wa-shocking after episode 8 since she had other stuff in her life then. Then came 3 months or so of summer break and maybe another month before she continued watching in October 2012... Also duh therapists don't regularly watch teh animus.

Idk if I can get her to watch Rebellion when the BD and rip comes out in like August probably, but we still keep in contact since I graduated from high school in June 2013.

Post edited on 2nd Jan 2014, 6:24pm
>> No. 14036 [Edit]
They don't understand the bond I share with my waifu. They only wish to hurt me by spewing shit they think might damage me, but until they realize fully of the love I share for my waifu, I take no offense, for they have no idea what they are talking about.
>> No. 14039 [Edit]
File 138875300777.jpg - (1.54MB , 1800x2182 , Ahri (436).jpg )
A weakness? She is the source of my greatest happiness, but also the source of greatest pain. So I suppose that could be considered a weakness of mine. Even casual insults irritate me. They have no reason, no right to talk about her in that manner. Anyone who talks that way to her does not deserve to be treated as a human being by me. They do not respect her, I will not respect them.

My weakness is the most noticeable when interacting with her in-game. To fail when playing her hurts the most, because I am responsible for her terrible performance in that match. I am rarely shaken when I play other heroes, but her? I'm a lot more sensitive about my failures.

But I am also extremely possessive about her. Others do not have the same feelings for her as I do, so I cannot bear seeing others play her, be they complete strangers or closest of friends. I feel absolute hatred towards that person when they're playing her, and I tend to be extremely harsh and critical of every single mistake they make. Exceptions are only made for those who do love her as a waifu. That, I can respect, if grudgingly.

As a result of that, I've just taken to dodging games whenever I see other people playing her. It is a massive weakness for me if I decide to participate in team tournaments, however, since I cannot avoid those games, and I risk going on massive tilt before the game starts. It's something I need to fix if I wish to grow as a player, but my feelings for her stop me from doing so.

It's a weakness I've just grown to accept, but one I have no choice but to confront in the future.
>> No. 14040 [Edit]
No: I don't give a fuck what others do and that's not mai Asuka, anyway; only I have access to her.

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