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File 133913273960.jpg - (73.53KB , 463x372 , 2190416-peter_molyneux.jpg )
6812 No. 6812 [Edit]
>Curiosity, gameplay-wise, is based on a single black cube placed in the middle of a bare room. Players will be asked to chip away at the cube, fracturing it. Fractures inflicted by other players will appear in tandem with those you inflict, with everyone working together to reveal the grand mystery at the heart of the cube.

>Here's the catch: only the player who lands the last fracture before the cube cracks open will get to see what's inside. The number of fractures required to reach this point is known only to 22Cans, but is apparently huge. To up your chances of being the one to see the contents of the cube, you'll be able to purchase an iron chisel 10 times stronger than your normal one for 90 cents (59 pence) or a diamond chisel 100,000 times stronger than said basic chisel for the princely sum of $77,838 (£50,000). While iron chisels will be readily available, only one diamond chisel will be up for sale.

>> No. 6813 [Edit]
Isn't online gambling illegal
>> No. 6814 [Edit]
I don't think it's technically gambling since it's not like you win anything tangible.
>> No. 6815 [Edit]
sounds like a idiotic idea for a videogame...
I'm sure people will love it!
>> No. 6816 [Edit]
I'm gonna be the one to find the Molyneux cube secret and I will take it to my grave
>> No. 6817 [Edit]
the secret is molyeneux is a terrible game designer
>> No. 6818 [Edit]
What in the fuck.
>> No. 6819 [Edit]
Somehow, I get the feeling this game is due to come out around early April of next year.
>> No. 6820 [Edit]
This more or less sums up the state of the industry right now.
>> No. 6821 [Edit]
Inside is the finished Project Ego as it was meant to be, no doubt. Pete is a genius.
>> No. 6822 [Edit]
I don't need a 78 thousand dollar virtual chisel to figure that out
>> No. 6823 [Edit]
the real treasure is the adventure itself
>> No. 6828 [Edit]
>inside is nothing or another cube
>> No. 6831 [Edit]
I hope its free to play so I can get in around the time the secret is almost reached and have a chance to take it myself, probably making a lot of people really mad

Post edited on 11th Jun 2012, 12:30am
>> No. 6933 [Edit]
August 22nd. Ready your autism-powered picks for glory

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