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File 13253780191.png - (862.54KB , 848x1200 , 47cec00034b91fcb862ae9d14cabbc84.png )
7880 No. 7880 [Edit]
Happy new year, /mai/, from glorious GMT. I am a few minutes late, but forgive me, my thoughts of sharing a midnight kiss with Fate delayed me slightly, and then finding a decent picture of her relating to the new year didn't go too well - although this is her in her new barrier jacket design for the new movie, one of the reasons 2012 is going to be so great.

I honestly hope it becomes a great year for all of you. It may be hard given that you're here, but never impossible. Even if it were, we can do the impossible. We fell in love with these characters, and people would still claim that impossible. Now I'm rambling because I've nothing else to say, other than happy new year and have a good 2012.
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>> No. 7881 [Edit]
Happy New Year. Bless our black hearts.
>> No. 7883 [Edit]
>sharing a midnight kiss
That's a wonderful idea that I am going to copy. I will come back at New Year's and return you sentiments!
>> No. 7886 [Edit]
File 132539129582.jpg - (10.78KB , 308x246 , 1249766125667.jpg )
Happy New Year to all of you

im so happy to have found this place, to meet people like you, where i can open my heart and talk about the person we love the most, check this place everyday to see whats new even if it is a little slow,it doesnt matter i want to be here forever with all of you.

oh god why am i crying, they are tears of happiness.
>> No. 7888 [Edit]
File 132539370789.jpg - (112.50KB , 1600x1200 , 1269991625915.jpg )
Even if the world is to die. Until that moment everything is our future.

Happy new years!

I never felt more at home here then anywhere else, thanks for being there.
>> No. 7889 [Edit]
File 132539403321.png - (323.26KB , 1000x650 , a.png )
Happy new years, guys. I miss you and hope you've all been well. This may seem odd and insincere, as it's so concise and sudden, but I'm very tired, so I'll leave it as is. Take care, all.

Take it eajy~


>> No. 7890 [Edit]
HAPPY NEW YEAR, Y'ALL! May 2012 bring with it good times and unforgettable experiences!
>> No. 7891 [Edit]
File 132539430928.jpg - (237.12KB , 1280x1024 , 28f35564b9e7a61b48485412a628c2ea.jpg )
Happy New Year!
>> No. 7892 [Edit]
File 132539549631.png - (483.70KB , 802x1200 , 1300129386968.png )
Been working on a drawing since yesterday (slept an hhour or two in the morning), so that's all my mind is filled with by now...

It's quite strange actually: it's the first time ever that New Year's about to come (about 40 more min's, we're I live) and I dont' feel a thing; really; I had dinner with my family and all, but the entire thing feels just like what it actually is: another day's night, before the dawn of another (anyother) day...

However: take good care of yourselves, guys, for the year to come. See you around.
>> No. 7893 [Edit]
Oddly, this is something I was going to say alike; on how I have felt around these times on past years, and now...
>> No. 7894 [Edit]
File 132539924265.jpg - (295.73KB , 870x1146 , 0dca1e17785014bec4b09b5f53e6b381.jpg )
This was my first year as a regular non-lurker on TC. I still barely know anyone except for a few tripusers and I barely post more than I need to, but even so, I feel as If I'm rightfully at home. I really hope we all can share more new years together, and I wish you all a happy new years. Thanks for the great year you've shown Makoto and I. It was very fun.
>> No. 7895 [Edit]
File 132540139121.jpg - (343.30KB , 600x520 , 1394447_m.jpg )
Here's too a hopefully better year than the last.
>> No. 7897 [Edit]
File 132542158043.jpg - (128.02KB , 440x685 , Top040424.jpg )
Happy New Year, Marisa. And Happy New Year to the rests of the ladies and gentlemen here at /tc/.
>> No. 7899 [Edit]
Happy New Year to all of you, i cannot post a nice picture of Kanako since i am not home, a shame, but anyway i hope this year will be as great as the last one or even greater, but that could be hard since i found this wonderful place last year. For me this is more a home than any other place in this nightmarish world. The last year would not have been so great without you guys, thank you.
>> No. 7915 [Edit]
File 132567776799.png - (244.25KB , 423x545 , 24054255.png )
I am very late because I have been very busy lately. Happy New Year for everyone in /mai/!

I am happy too I found this place during spring. I have to admit before TC there were so many things I misunderstood in the waifu concept. You have changed my perspectives and I think I have found a new way to live my life, that in this moment makes me feel very happy.

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