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File 135726207690.jpg - (140.88KB , 990x1271 , 135717058964.jpg )
19863 No. 19863 [Edit]
the internet is fucking boring.
and no, i'm not going outside, its fucking cold.
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>> No. 19864 [Edit]
File 13572624275.jpg - (119.75KB , 1104x622 , GakiNoTsukai_Airport_Batsu_2011_subbed_avi_snapsho.jpg )
Watch some Batsu Games, if you watch them all then it's another 20 hours wasted
>> No. 19866 [Edit]
Take a bath
>> No. 19867 [Edit]
Play with legos
>> No. 19870 [Edit]
Watch this:
>> No. 19873 [Edit]
The internet does bore me for the most part now too. I mostly find myself going over the things over and over again. I have some things to keep updated on and some places on the internet I find entertaining for a while but when it's so cold outside it's not enough. I go for walks often and do some yard work for the hell of it when it is warm enough. Just let my feet take me on a mini adventure as the sun feels good on me. Being very cold sensitive also does not help when you live in an ice box of a house where the heating doesn't work well but on the other hand artificial heating feels really weird. Right now the ground is also still covered in snow, I hate snow. Snow gets in the way of and ruins everything and it's so ugly.
>> No. 19875 [Edit]

I seriously love Gaki no Tsukai. I wish I could just watch the entire show rather than excerpts like Batsu Games and Kiki Series. Matsumoto is like, the funniest person I've ever seen ever. I wonder when the next Batsu Game is... Best one is the hotel one, especially when the DVD singers and Tanaka.
>> No. 19883 [Edit]
Stash some books for the next time.

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