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File 132718793949.jpg - (75.67KB , 358x500 , rats.jpg )
12485 No. 12485 [Edit]
I feel like this may have been my fault
I'm fairly certain that I watched Fruits Basket during the time frame in question and I know I didn't get it via torrent…

Please accept my apology
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>> No. 12486 [Edit]
why do you do this
>> No. 12487 [Edit]
megaupload was shut down because the guy was on the verge of launching an online record label that promised to give 90% of the sales to the artists. the record labels here didnt like that one bit, so they mobilized the troops

Post edited on 21st Jan 2012, 3:41pm
>> No. 12488 [Edit]
really sucks about the site going down, they were one of the better file hosts out there.
Not good, but better than most of the other ones out there.
why couldn't the fbi take down rapidshit or one of the other hundred file hosts that have captcha shit and crappy file size limits?
Not like they don't have copyrighted content on them too.
>> No. 12489 [Edit]
>why couldn't the fbi take down rapidshit or one of the other hundred file hosts

>> No. 12490 [Edit]
More on that, please. My Google-fu isn't strong enough to show me the path.
>> No. 12491 [Edit]
>> No. 12492 [Edit]
Tohru would never say that.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2012, 5:23pm
>> No. 12493 [Edit]
Hell, I see now. Thank you for the link.
>> No. 12495 [Edit]
2nd. What a low move.
>> No. 12496 [Edit]
what about using a website to profit from sharing copyrighted material? that seems like a pretty low move to me.

>a site that will soon allow artists to sell their creations directly to consumers while allowing artists to keep 90 percent of earnings
ok fine, sounds great. but its totally different from what the main megaupload site was.
>> No. 12497 [Edit]
they simply targeted his other site to shut that one down with it, since being bankrupt and in prison would make running the site a little hard.

It's not like people never use dirty laundry or dark pasts to crush their opponents.
Politicians do it all the time.
>> No. 12507 [Edit]
Seems other file hosts are panicking about this, and getting a lot stricter, deleting files/accounts like crazy, shutting down various features, and a few are even blocking the united states from accessing their sites such as Uploaded.to.
>> No. 12513 [Edit]
The internet is ending. It may be a slow death, but even if these bills in Congress get tabled, it will happen sooner or later. Once the studios and record labels negotiate a solution with the online sellers and the major sites, one that the majority of normal people are happy with, they'll pull out the knife and carve all the other parts right off, probably through new legislation. The normals won't care, naturally, since they'll be too busy friending people and playing that really really really gay site I use to talk to my normalfag friends ongames and drooling on their shirts to notice. And of course, all without realizing (or caring about?) the fact that Facebook, Google+ et al. are part of the project to document all human relationships and interactions, and eventually everything it is to be human, in a place where it can easily be searched and monitored by interested parties.

And naturally, nobody will care about those people on the fringes, like us. We'll be the ones to lose out in the end, like always. So all this Wikipedia Google blackout SOPA fuckery in the end does not matter a damn.
>> No. 12514 [Edit]
I'm too lazy to go read some articles about their twisted logic but in a same-y situatuion they let rapidshit off the hook, saying the service can't be responsible for the content uploaded by the users. Then again they ruled TPB guilty just a few months later under the same charges. There are probably some backdoor deals I'd rather not know about there.

Well, the net might be going to shit (altough obviously it's a process that didn't start recently) but by the time it'd be so bad it won't be bearable anymore I suspect I'll be dead already.

Fucking Ford Drivers, it's always the same thing with them. First something starts off as something only nerds and the like care about and Ford Drivers laugh at them pointing out what a waste of time it is, then it gets mainstream-ed, Ford Drivers get interested and it turns shit.
>> No. 12526 [Edit]
i've long thought that someone should make something like a web browser, but have it be massively difficult to configure and use and to write content for. Something with enforced exclusivity for technophiles and recreate something akin to the internet of the mid 1990s. Maybe an IBM 5100 emulator could do the trick…
>> No. 12856 [Edit]
File 132822516585.png - (482B , 60x15 , cat_anime.png )
Tokyo Toshokan was down for about an hour last night.
Scared the crap out of me.
I wonder if we're living in a dangerous and unfriendly new world or if megashit was just a unique case and all other avenues are still safe…

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