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14418 No. 14418 [Edit]
Where would you be in life if you hadn't met your waifu? Would you be better or worse off? Would you be in a relationship with a 3DPD or with another waifu?

I've never handled getting crushes well and it was all so damn pointless. Before I met my waifu I didn't have as many ways to express my vulnerabilities or feel like my natural self was any good; I always felt locked in the confines of proper social conventions and such. My sexuality was also more random and unstable. I didn't think I was capable of loving anyone or making anyone happy.

On the other hand, I've had to deal with feelings of inadequacy and guilt and I might've gotten better grades and that stuff had I no waifu. But I would've definitely experienced less in life as I don't think I would've gotten a 3DPD, and in the end I think that's what matters to me the most.
>> No. 14440 [Edit]
It's hard to say. However, if given the chance to redo things, I wouldn't change anything.
>> No. 14446 [Edit]
I think if I hadn't met her at the time I did, I would just meet her the very next second. My life wouldn't progress until I've met her.
>> No. 14480 [Edit]
I am sure we've had this thread before. I just could find it from catalog or archive..

But yeah, if I hadn't met her, no doubt I would be six feet under.
>> No. 14483 [Edit]
I'd probably have killed myself by now.

I don't know if I'd find another waifu, but I'm sure I wouldn't be with a real person. I'm too seclusive and I get uncomfortable when real people get close to me.

I was too much of a robot before meeting my waifu. But because of her, I learned to just do the things that I want and enjoy life. I guess falling in love with my waifu got me to start loving myself too.
>> No. 14892 [Edit]
I would be very depressed all the time not enjoy things I do for hobbies. Cause she helps not be depressed and gets me out of my shell. So I would not be in good shape without her.

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