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File 141570779948.jpg - (25.21KB , 350x197 , 1333959617221.jpg )
19021 No. 19021 [Edit]
Should we discourage those who express their intentions to commit suicide on this site, or leave them alone? What should we do?
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>> No. 19022 [Edit]
Do whatever you feel is right. You are free individual with your own thought processes.
>> No. 19133 [Edit]
I am already dead. Reality is just an illusion. Nothing actually exists. It's all just imaginary hallucinations. Nothing matters. At least fractals are pretty cool.
420 one love puff puff pass legalize it mane
>> No. 19275 [Edit]
It is their Life. Most of us are drive into a corner by a society that looks down on them and tells as we should function according to their plans. And as we fail to do so because we are what we are, we get depressed. So if someone things that the best way to deal with this is to kill himself, he should have all the right to do so.
>> No. 19286 [Edit]
File 141933496087.jpg - (11.68KB , 230x233 , 52630-43316.jpg )
Yeah sure, we should discourage them, because we are the state's property after all, just like fucking normies.

>> No. 19317 [Edit]
That's the worst idea I have ever heard.
>> No. 19319 [Edit]
I wish I were dead.
>> No. 19323 [Edit]
I say encourage it. I want to die but people guilt me into staying alive. It is a horrible feeling.

Maybe if someone had supported me in something as ironic as this I wouldn't need to kill myself because someone who actually gave a shit about me lives today.

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