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File 133584893352.jpg - (29.91KB , 704x400 , whatis.jpg )
9111 No. 9111 [Edit]
There's been something I've been thinking about for a long time and I think this would be the right place to ask. (If not, sorry, I'll leave.)

How is a person with a 2D complex different from a furry? They both seem to involve animated/fictional characters, some kind of spiritual connection, they both have conventions about their respected topic (2Dcons have anime conventions, furries have furry conventions), and they both seem to have strong artistic abilities. The only small difference is that furries like animal 2D whereas most 2Dcons like human 2D.
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>> No. 9112 [Edit]

also, real 2Dcons don't go to anime conventions, just social normals and people who go just to have sex with the slutty cosplayers.

Post edited on 30th Apr 2012, 10:38pm
>> No. 9113 [Edit]
>The only small difference is that furries like animal 2D whereas most 2Dcons like human 2D

That's not really a small difference
>> No. 9114 [Edit]
>2Dcons have anime conventions

Not all who go to anime conventions are 2Dcons. If they are, then 2D love has reached mainstream acceptance. Alas, it did not yet.
>> No. 9115 [Edit]
>The only small difference is that furries like animal 2D whereas most 2Dcons like human 2D.

That's not really true, though. Wether it's 2D or 3D generally doesn't matter for furries, and some furry varieties are hardcore 3D aficionados. Case in point; fursuiters and those people who literally want to become more like animals (like Dennis "the human tiger" Avner).

That, and what >>9113 said. The difference between liking anthropomorphic animal people (regardless of wether they are 2D or 3D) and 2D representations of humans is pretty significant. Like the difference between liking shapely voluptuous boobs and liking flat hairy manly chests.
>> No. 9116 [Edit]
The fursona... and the constant portrait of it in god awful pseudo-ero (it's just WAY too vulgar; I can't stand it)...

That said: I still think (or hope) that the popluation of /mai/ is likely exceptional and not the general portrait of a weaboo with a waifu; so, maybe, there exists some place out there where furries are taking the concept to a whole new level. Honestly, I have no idea I don't really care.
>> No. 9117 [Edit]
>2Dcons have anime conventions
Why would a 2D lover go somewhere with nothing but 3DPD cosplay? That kind of defeats the purpose.

Post edited on 1st May 2012, 12:34am
>> No. 9118 [Edit]
File 133587503012.jpg - (10.30KB , 391x325 , 1334173239007.jpg )
No one at a convention actually cares about 2D, or even most anime to be honest. Those types of people watch two or three of the more popular shows just so they can keep up on conversations, or to watch the character and wear a costume of it. The rest is the same as any other normie thing, and devolves into flailing their crafted peacock feather suits in hopes of attracting a mate that hour in a public bathroom.

I think of it like the guys who would take sowing or cooking classes in school, just because they're full of girls. They're not actually interested in the subject, just the getting to fuck something that moves. In the case of furries and congoers, it tags along with whatever fetish they have, like animals or dressing up.

As 2D love in the average tohno-chan case doesn't involve 3D, you can't compare it to actually furry.
For just anything 2D, I don't really care, whatever gets your socks off. I like my neko Arc too. I wouldn't consider anything wrong with it myself, since it's not really bestiality, just like loli isn't pedo.

that's a good analogy I think... I'm sure not every furry is actually into 3D animals, just 2D ones, the same for loli and real kids.
>> No. 9119 [Edit]
Furries are homos.
>> No. 9132 [Edit]
>and they both seem to have strong artistic abilities
I've no idea where you're getting this.
A strong creative drive, perhaps, but the abilities are questionable.

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