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File 132815380416.jpg - (57.44KB , 500x375 , ymk10.jpg )
8770 No. 8770 [Edit]
What are your experiences with being bullied?

I used to be disabled and I used to get beat up all the time just because I couldn't run away. Once during lunch a couple bullies threw me into a dumpster, and I couldn't climb out because I couldn't stand properly to reach the opening. There were lots of people around, but when I shouted for help, they just laughed at me.

The exact same day, I heard a group of girls talking about some book Oprah recommended on bullying. "I don't know how anyone can simply not have friends! Why do people let these things happen? If I ever meet a friendless person who's being bullied, I'll stand up for them!" The girls all nodded in agreement. It was surreal.

My worst moment was when mobbed while I was in the toilet. A lebanese gang of like 10 people blocked the doors so I couldn't escape and beat me to within an inch of my life. All I could do was just try to block and dodge as many hits as I could. They all got off scot free because there was no way I could've remembered all of their faces and the school didn't want to just blanket punish a group of people.

Personally I believe the best way to stop getting bullied is to simply show that you are strong. Bullies sense weakness and jump on you like a pack of wolves. Telling the teachers won't work and ignoring them won't work. Punching some of them in the face will probably get you beaten up again but if you manage to cause enough damage to enough people they'll probably lay off you because the risk to reward ratio has become too poor. You'll probably get punished by the shool, but then again the system is a lobotomised piece of shit and you'll probably get off with a suspension, which means little in the wider scheme of things.Theres a chance they'll step up their game in retaliation, but that takes someone more dedicated and most of them are just paper tigers. Also, having some friends by your side often helps. One day a huge friendly Turkish guy transferred to my school and I started hanging out with him. The lebanese guys pretty much stopped harassing me after that.

I wish I could have had this knowledge back when I was in school. If I knew, I could've at least had the satisfaction of bringing at least a little justice to those bastards. I don't think you can truly stop bullying. People will always prey on someone weaker than them and the best you can do is try to pass it on to someone else.

Post edited on 1st Feb 2012, 7:39pm
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>> No. 8771 [Edit]
I was bullied in 9th grade for a bit. Kid thought he was hot shit by picking on me all the time. He challenged to a fight and I beat him up afterschool. Then everyone thought I was uncool and felt real sorry for him, it probably made him cooler. The only people who thought I was awesome after that were the band geeks and other rejects. Both sides of the fence were shit people, so I ignored them both. I didn't get bullied after that though.

After that most everyone else avoided me, they probably thought I was going to shoot up the school. All I wanted was friends.
>> No. 8772 [Edit]
File 132815694785.png - (242.73KB , 471x353 , masa.png )
When I was in 2nd-3rd grade I used to get in fights with the school bully all the time, I was just a really fucking angry kid.

Later in high school no one dared touch me because they thought I was really good in a fight, when in reality I hadn't fought anyone since 3rd grade.
>> No. 8773 [Edit]
That was horrible, all that happened to me in school was the usual name calling and occasionally making fun of me. I was a quiet, awkward guy with severe acne, so.

Fitting image.
>> No. 8774 [Edit]
Almost the same here. Even when every bully around had some martial arts skills they wouldn't pick fights with me because I always was a big angry child and thus had an upper hand at fights in previous years.
>> No. 8775 [Edit]
I can't say I've really ever been targeted, myself. Sure, I had the occasional piece of fruit or sandwich thrown at me, but it was only ever by one of those groups that only did that to whoever happened to walk past them. Or maybe they did target me. They were the "cool" kids, I used to hang out with them before moving on to a (slightly) more intelligent group. Maybe they were mad that I realized I was better than them. Ah, school would've been so much more fun if retaliation didn't result in punishment. I wasn't about to risk my education over a few neanderthals.

It was usually groups that I was in that got targeted, rather than me as an individual. Any physical activities involving balls and my head somehow became a ball magnet. I always had a hard head though, so it never bothered me too much.

That reminds me, I WAS targeted once in middle-school. One really ugly, shovel-faced piece of shit got up in my face trying to intimidate me. I headbutted him in the teeth and he just started crying.

I think the reason I was never really targeted was because of the way I looked. I was always told I looked like a serial-killer, even by Chinese exchange students.

I feel pretty bad for you OP, those kinds of kids really piss me off. I would've helped you out if I could, but I can't say I would've befriended you, because I don't really know anything about you.
>> No. 8776 [Edit]
File 132816413397.png - (298.94KB , 850x850 , d49b2e6b0a5d5c3fd3b17f781e644f62.png )
I was a bully and I was also bullied. I only remember it vaguely. When I was very young, for all of elementary school, I was teased pretty heavily. I became very withdrawn because of this. I was quite introverted and the other children sensed that I was "different" somehow, or maybe just more exploitable, and they took full advantage of this. As a result I have had difficulty connecting with people throughout my entire childhood, and I guess this probably carries over into my adulthood.

In fifth grade I remember being beat up after school several times a week. I didn't fight back or react much at all until I got home, at which point remember feeling really hurt that someone hated me enough to physically harm me. I now understand that this kid had mental issues, came from a shitty home, and had something to prove; I just happened to be the tallest person in my grade so he picked fights with me.

I recall an instance where I was staying at a friend's place, I think I was in seventh or eighth grade and I would have been about 13 years old, and he invited two others over. One of the people he invited was... unfortunate, as far as appearances go, and furthermore, he had several annoying mannerisms. The appearances were genetic. I tried to basically get along with him but eventually his mannerisms and personality just got on my nerves. He said something mildly derisive to me, I don't even remember what, but in "retaliation" I told him that his entire family was disgusting. He barely said anything for the rest of the day. I later learned that he (understandably) hated my guts. When we were both in high school, about three years later (he was a bit younger than me), I apologized sincerely, and he forgave me. We would occasionally talk during classes we had together.

Then in ninth grade (14 or 15 years old) I would psychologically abuse one of my "friends" until he became physically violent. I remember one instance of me teasing him, I don't recall about what, but we were outside during lunch period one day, and I tormented him to the point that he he threw the CD player and headphones he was trying to listen to across the school yard and tried to choke me. He was really weak though so I ended up just laughing at him, which made all of my other friends, three others were present, start laughing. He let out this... feral, I guess, yell, started crying, which just made us laugh even harder. He then ran into the school. I don't know where he went for the rest of the lunch period.

I regret doing treating him the way I did and I always treated him with respect after I realized just how monstrous my actions were. One day in eleventh grade he just stopped coming to school. I learned he transferred to an alternative learning center. Last I heard, he stabbed or threatened to stab someone for verbal abuse or something and was sent to jail, and is currently on probation.

I really did do my best to make it up to the people I hurt, but that doesn't undo my actions. If I could do it all over again...
>> No. 8779 [Edit]
File 132816805023.jpg - (145.93KB , 800x1173 , kokou-no-hito-2183833.jpg )
I've never been bullied physically, as I'm a pretty big guy, but people used to take advantage of me all the time.

Like my first three years of high school-
I tried to hang out with this group of people, I thought that we were friends I had never had actual friends before but they would humiliate me, taunt me, make fun of me in front of everyone, and just use me for their own amusement. I didn't do anything, I thought thats what friends were supposed to be like.
>> No. 8781 [Edit]
File 132817105123.jpg - (233.41KB , 1000x750 , 22196686.jpg )
I had no friends at all and I was quiet so I was an obvious target. No physicality, Just things like girls pretending to be nice to me while laughing behind my back, people throwing stuff at me in class. They did these things because they knew I wouldn't do anything about it, and I had no one to help me.

Then I transferred to a good school where none of this happened. Though a few people came up to me and were friendly, I was incapable of opening myself up to them.

After that I shut myself in my room all day and started spending unhealthy amount of time on the internet.
>> No. 8789 [Edit]
I had people throwing things at me in class, until I decided to fill my entire palm with spit and tossed it across the room right into the person's face. Then I ruined his expensive cloths and stuck gum in his hair. He just had a temper tantrum like a 5 year old. I had a lot of other bullying experiences too but after playing hard ball every single on them regretted it. It was a lot of fun playing war in school.
>> No. 8790 [Edit]
I lost my cool after being thrown things at when I was in second year of high school. I threw my chair as strong as I could towards the guy, but I was blind by rage and ended up hitting a girl who was between us instead. I was suspend and changed schools a week later.
>> No. 8791 [Edit]
I've been bullied a lot during my life, though it's been more mental/psychological than it has been physical (granted, there's been a lot of physical as well, but not much full-on fighting or anything really). I was (and still am, really) a big fat four-eyed nerd, which of course made me an easy target for people. I'm sure it's been a big contributing faster for the spite I feel for people and the world today.

From as far back as I can remember during my earliest days in elementary school, all up until eighth grade, I can remember being harassed by my peers, and as we got older it became more sexual with a few of the male students feigning homosexual interest in me or trying to "feel" me or just talking to me incredibly condescendingly.

I wasn't even safe away from school; oh, no, the whole neighborhood where I was growing up liked to pick on me, and the inbred adults didn't give a damn or even laughed along with their offspring. I seem to remember it toning down a bit when my parents called the police one day, but of course my mother would remind me for years later to "remember what that police officer told you: obey your parents" instead of caring about how traumatizing the whole ordeal was for me. Yes, mom and dad, they're all "jealous" of my intelligence, whatever you guys say.

At least I realized soon enough I could avoid the neighborhood harassment by staying locked away in my room with our second TV, an ancient computer system and our old Atari. My brother who later moved out had an NES as well, and one Christmas my parents got me a Genesis. So I suppose most of my time outside of school and homework was spent watching TV, playing video games, and learning to program in BASIC.

High school was a little better, as I went to a different one from most of my redneck town, and we later moved into my high school's town where we live today. I didn't really make many friends, but being ignored by everyone was preferable to my previous situation.

University was more of the same, staying away from people and largely being ignored, save for a couple of asshole roommates I had before dad helped me apply for my own apartment. I just grew more withdrawn during that time, preferring to stay online browsing forums or on an MMO, eventually stopped attending classes and came back home to take classes at the local community college a few years. I ended up making a couple friends I still talk to sometimes (though one of them is rather normal-fag and an asshole at times), but one of the IT staff I would see around there sometimes liked to give me shit about my baldness that I am now experiencing.

Fuck other people, seriously.
>> No. 8801 [Edit]
I'm so sorry OP, I wish I could have been your friend, that sounds horrible.
When I was in 5th grade, a group of kids used to throw me in this little fenced in place and keep me prisoner, if I tried to get away they would hunt me down and drag me back, I remember people used to tell me to stick up for myself, but I enjoyed it, and actually put myself in the situation for them to bully me often. I figured even being thrown against a fence was better then nothing.

When I went to highschool, I was pretty big (six feet, two hundred pounds, somewhat muscular) and too shy to draw attention to myself, so other then the occasional verbal harassment on my school bus, everyone left me alone.
>> No. 8832 [Edit]
I was bullied for most of my school years. From being punched by some kid just because I wouldn't let him skip me in the lunch line to being sexually harassed by some kid in the locker room.

I've tried to defend myself and have managed to fend off a few of them.
>> No. 8845 [Edit]
File 132861203677.jpg - (118.18KB , 700x1000 , lunch.jpg )
>> No. 8877 [Edit]
For things like this is that I hate being outside.
If I happen to walk in the city, with my mother or sister for example, I always look around and wait for someone to appear and attack/hurt/mock/rob us.
It can't be helped. Everyone in the street is dangerous, a threat.
>> No. 8902 [Edit]
Was never bullied, I was a bully

Now don't get me wrong, for all I know I should have been a bully victim given that I was antisocial and unconfident. Just never really happened. I tended to be an outsider whenever I met a new group of peers (new class etc.) but I was never outright bullied and eventually made friends/contacts.

As for bullying, I did it both in elementary school and in high school. In elementary school the guy was a typical bully victim and was mostly picked on by me and my two friends. He was also quite stupid and bad at school.

In high school I honestly think the guy deserved it. Well, maybe not, don't think you ever really deserve the bullying he for example got, but let's just say he brought it upon himself. It wasn't just me or my class, he pretty much made "enemies" with fucking everyone. Hyperactive, overly aggressive, always spurting bullshit, no concept of when to shut the fuck up, got butthurt because of ridiculously simple things. In that sense he was pretty much the opposite extreme of what you'd call a typical bully victim. He DID fight back, hell, he even got into fights with people, or better said, beat them up. Didn't exactly help him stop getting bullied, heh.

As for why I did it, well, I'm very much into schadenfreude and enjoy watching people I don't like in misery. I honestly don't have to bully myself, just watching is enough to satisfy me. Yes, I'm a horrible Kotomine Kirei.
>> No. 8903 [Edit]
That sounds truly terrible. My situation wasn't nearly as bad, but...

I was bullied from 3rd grade all the way until the point where I dropped out of high school. Similar to >>8791, I was overweight, wore glasses, and was generally very physically unattractive. Also similar is the fact that my entire neighborhood came after me if I left the house alone (a kid throwing a brick that fucked up my back is one incident that stands out). Most of the 'hard' physical violence was outside of school grounds- in school it was more constant harassment and exile, with minor physical bullying such as being pushed into lockers.

The picture here (>>8845) actually reminded me of my lunch periods in middle and high school- the cafeteria was largely unsupervised, and I figured out pretty fast that eating there was a horrible idea with most of the school despising me. I brought my own lunch and typically found an abandoned classroom to eat in, or with my counselor (who was thankfully nice) if they were free. They also bailed me out if I got in trouble for being in the aforementioned abandoned classes.

All in all, I'm sure the experiences went a long ways towards developing the hatred and distrust of people that I have today. Not that I was the most trusting person to begin with.
>> No. 8905 [Edit]
An asshole pretended to be a good friend to me, but was actually blowing me off the entire time.
It's impossible to detect intent from text that is read. Now I know how it feels for the autistic crowd.
>> No. 8956 [Edit]
Maybe you're just paranoid?
>> No. 8958 [Edit]
File 132952883456.jpg - (220.34KB , 932x932 , 3b699650cae0a7addfd31d7719fa3c95.jpg )
I was being paranoid and stupid I guess. I'm waiting for them to return so I can say sorry. I hope they return.

Post edited on 17th Feb 2012, 5:41pm
>> No. 8997 [Edit]
the more I look at your pic the sadder I get
>> No. 9244 [Edit]
File 133152540596.jpg - (15.11KB , 153x173 , 1325100860872.jpg )
Still waiting...
>> No. 9252 [Edit]
I was always taught to just ignore them, that giving them attention was what they wanted, that they were just jealous of me. Lol.

It was never very physical, just humiliating and emotionally hurtful. I was always the one sitting alone, so it made sense that I'd be targeted. I never fought back because I was too scared of being hurt. I got spat on and threatened, had paper balls thrown on me, got teased and had the whole class laughing at me, excluded from everything. I think a lot of it was to see how far they could degrade me - when they stole my ipod they didn't just take it, but threw it back and forth in front of me and laughed about it in my face, called me a pussy etc.

The thing that hurt the most is how nobody ever helped. I'd raise my hand to answer a question in a lesson and someone would yell out "shut the fuck up anon" to the laughter of the class. The teacher would give them a token warning but the ones who led my bullying were popular and fun and good looking and I was ugly and boring and had no friends. It was pretty obvious that my teachers liked them more than me, so they'd turn a blind eye rather than chastising the popular kids who they were friends with. Everything that they couldn't pretend not to see was 'dealt with' via a casual "hey settle down" and then back to ignoring it all.

I'm a very bitter person because of this. It especially upsets me when I see those anti-bullying campaigns featuring good looking kids, or celebrities "fighting against bullying". Everyone likes to think they wouldn't stand for bullying, but to them it isn't bullying when it's funny and the one being bullied is a 'creep' or a weirdo.
>> No. 9254 [Edit]
It's a celebrity cause now. People parrot it without knowing what the hell they're talking about, and probably most of them never got it the way some of us did. Hell, ask anyone, and they'll probably tell you something like "oh yeah, I was made fun of in high school. Everyone was!" Yeah, probably everyone was "made fun of" at least once. That's pretty harmless, and it's totally different.

I somehow didn't get it too badly back then, probably because I was such a loner that nobody bothered with me. I always managed to escape potential situations and was left alone with my books. I suppose the cool kids found it easier to ignore me. I am thankful for that. But a few others weren't so lucky.

I didn't avoid it every day though. I like to think, however, that facing this made us better people for it. At the very least, I've learned how to deal with shitheads and to not let people walk all over me, and now when I do my business at least people respect me, if they don't like me.
>> No. 9256 [Edit]
I was a loner that mostly kept to myself, I got a bit of crap in my earlier years, but not that much as I went on and stopped giving a shit about school and grades and didn't show up as much.
I cut class and school all the time, and didn't do any assigned work when I was there.
I literally was sent to the detention room on a daily base during my last year of high school for refusing to do the class work.
might have given me a bit of rebellious image, I dunno, I certainly didn't get any shit from anyone that year.

during middelschool I got a lot of shit from a group of Hispanic kids that would harass me a lot, poke me and throw things at me from behind, picking on when not in class, even followed me home and robbed me blind once, no joke.
I was something of a pussy, looked like one and acted like one.
My memory isn't so good, but I think it died down when I got sick of it and fought back, I wasn't strong by any means, and couldn't fight worth a shit, but I think it was impotent to send the message that I wasn't going to just take it.

I think I got into a ton of fights after that in middle school, I don't remember them well, but I remember seeing the school counselor by weekly and getting suspended a lot.
I remember once I got my ass handed to me so badly I couldn't move, felt paralyzed but I guess it was the shock of it, had to get taken away in a golf cart to the nurse's office.
I guess it helped I had little regard for my own well being.
but what really got people to leave me alone was one day in the middle of class when some punk had been tossing his trash at me for the whole class, I bet the little bastard thought it was so damn funny throwing his junk at me, until I threw my chair at him and knocked his ass own, I'd have kept going if the teacher didn't forcibly subdue me, I guess that event seemed to really stick with the people around me, since people talked about it for some time after.

Had some problems when I changed schools and started high school, but those mostly went away when a gangbanger wannabe tough kid who transferred in decided to make me part of his crew for whatever reason.
It really only involved sitting near the guy at lunch, and we never even really talked.
He started gather other tuff kids into the group and I felt like more and more like the third wheel I was, but by the time we parted ways, I had already started skipping school as I talked about earlier, so that was that I guess.

I think it's disgusting that the only way to escape bully's, is to be one yourself, or at least be a violent alpha jackass.
if a kid ever asked me for advice on dealing with bullys, no way in hell I'd tell him to ignore them, I'd tell him to take a sock filled with rocks to school and beat the living shit out of those assholes, maybe fuck them up badly enough to where they can't pick on anyone else ever again.
>> No. 9385 [Edit]
I never got bullied hard, but I still feel I've experienced it. I do understand if people who've gotten the worst of it feel that I'm not entitled to such a feeling. This is part reason why I've never talked much about bullying in general - I don't know what right I have on any given stance on the matter, and you can only communicate so much as a neutral.

My issue was first and foremost that I had 'friends' who would be friendly one day and nasty the other. It was confusing. If you have stable relations, say being enemies with certain people, you're allowed to enact your role as an enemy, i.e. with your guard up and your stone face on. I was good with roles, I've never had any problems playing roles, but in the first 9 years of my school life I never felt I had the luxary to pick one with confidence in any given situation. That is if you're not brave enough to force a default role upon yourself in the social life. That's what I've been able to in the later years - the role of my choice is of course that of a reculse. If you can't help being reculsive you'll probably end up receiving most of the downsides of being one, that is why I imagine my statement might come off as ridiculous to some or most. My experience is that if you're reculsive by choice and with confidence, you'll become untouchable. The ones usually concieved to be the powerful ones are the alphas. My perception is this: alphas are like kings - they rule with a country, but what happens if they were to lose their country, or even just some of it? Bad things start to happen, and they'll be the last persons able to adjust to a simpler life. The premise of my hypothesis on the power of a reculse is that you're not only confident in your social skills, but also have the social status to back it up if need be. Social status gives you a form of natural advantage that trumps whatever attacks social abilities alone won't avert. This basically involves social capital, human capital and physical capital. This makes my strategy unpractical, as most people with social status and high social mobility to boot will take advantage of it in a more traditional manner. The next best thing is charisma and elitism. Charisma to level up relations and elitism to get the 'right' relations.

I do feel that it's important to stress that bullying is not a social phenomenon exclusive to students. It's just as bad if not worse in the adult life. Those of you who in retrospect feels empowered by your experiences as a victim: do not grief in the belief that your experiences are invalid from this point on. Rejoice in that you'll never be the natural victim twice lest you disgrace your past self and the troubles it endured.
>> No. 9391 [Edit]
>I never got bullied hard, but I still feel I've experienced it

Didn't read past there. Go fuck yourself.
>> No. 9394 [Edit]
I could tell you about what I wrote past that very line, how I indeed understand your sentiment, but what's the point? You've already made your choice, and I am bound by my morals to respect that.

I never talk about this, and I thought maybeI'd be allowed to do so here; maybe, or maybe not. Now that I look at what I wrote I realize I didn't actually write about my experiences. I'm a coward still.

It's the shame, isn't it?
>> No. 9409 [Edit]
Having thought it over, I realize I shouldn't use the term 'bullied', it's so heavily stigmitized in every respect. From victims to bullies to neutrals - it's painful no matter what context. It's just one of those words. Should I be so inclined to ever communicate about my bad experiences in school, I'll just stick to 'harassed'. Pulling out the B-word just isn't worth it. Not even here.
>> No. 9414 [Edit]
I was one of the few Irish looking kids at school, a bit of a taller version of that famous Nascar Dupont driver.

This really diminutive worm of a black use to constantly run in to me or pull me by my backpack strings to try to start something. Other than that the street shits at uni would tease me.

I consider myself kinda lucky but I still think the way things are going I'm going to get killed one of these days by the unlikables of modern American society while just minding my own business.
>> No. 9438 [Edit]
File 133337868679.jpg - (65.49KB , 720x500 , 1333167768794539.jpg )
I was bullied mostly on ethnic basis, i was in school in Russia. Difference in looks between me and Russian kids were black eyes and hair, skin is pale white. Kids simply ignored me, in best cause. It was like everyone was playing tag, but when i tried to join in, i was told to fuck off. Only physical harm that i have from bullies is curved coccyx - some seven or eight kids grabbed me by hands and legs, swung my body and threw it in girls toilet. I landed on butt and i was lucky it didn't break my bones.

I tried to resist them, but when more and more kids joined to hold me, i started to panic. I yelled for help but there was nobody to help me, though it was just break between classes, school was full. What was most hard is that i did my best to act okay, not to cry. School years destroyed my personality for sure. Hysterical fear to be rejected by society has it roots back then in childhood, and as you see, escapism finds it's sublimation in such place as imageboard, more than it - anime imageboard.
>> No. 9458 [Edit]
whoa....what ethnicity were you?
>> No. 9459 [Edit]
>>I think it's disgusting that the only way to escape bully's, is to be one yourself, or at least be a violent alpha jackass.

I wouldn't consider "fucking up someone who started shit with you" to be a violent alpha jackass, just someone who responded to attacks enough....
>> No. 9460 [Edit]
As someone once said, people who think high school was fun, are usually the ones that made it hell for everyone else.
>> No. 9467 [Edit]

That might be true. What's worse is something that we talked about time and time again in various threads on /so/ - after a couple of years these people will act as if nothing happened. 'Come on, we were just joking, no need to be upset.' This is exactly why I would never ever go to any reunion of any of kind.
>> No. 9487 [Edit]
Nothing much worse than verbal abuse for me, for a few years. I kind of deserved it though because I was obnoxious. It stopped in middle school after I beat the shit out of one kid after school.
>> No. 9505 [Edit]
Well there were fun parts from my high school experience (i.e. playing Halo on LAN in the computer room every day in Senior year and part of Junior Year, pulling some sbsurd shit in debate team, hang out with some people I knew in the computer room to play RTS games, sneaking out to get pizza and shit - but I would not say all of HS was fun. Far from it. As an example, I fukking hated waking up at 5:30 am for class
>> No. 9506 [Edit]
And no, I did not make HS "hell for anything else".

I can understand that. Actually one of my bullies apologized for taking my bookbag and running with it a lot. He came out to me out of nowhere (it was in community college) and he just mentioned it and apologized for it. I forgot about that honestly, there were more annoying people than him and he was I only had things like people playing "keep away" with my Star Wars hat - there were assholes who I wanted to fuck up for destroying my property though, they were more annoying. But I had people back me up if it got to that....
>> No. 9571 [Edit]

>I can understand that. Actually one of my bullies apologized for taking my bookbag and running with it a lot. He came out to me out of nowhere (it was in community college) and he just mentioned it and apologized for it. I forgot about that honestly, there were more annoying people than him and he was I only had things like people playing "keep away" with my Star Wars hat - there were assholes who I wanted to fuck up for destroying my property though, they were more annoying. But I had people back me up if it got to that....

That's completely different. A guy playing a dumb joke on somebody is nowhere near close to people who were verbally and physically abusing someone on daily basis for three years.
>> No. 9578 [Edit]
Yeah. I never like to say "man up with it" to people whod ealt with bullies or people or whatever, buth because the "man up" part pisses me off to the point that i will tell people "i'm trans" the next time someone says that if it keeps up, and because people get different hits and respond differently
>> No. 9627 [Edit]
I don't remember anything from elementary school. I got picked on a lot in middle school, though, but nothing physical. Everyone left me alone in high school and I had no problems in college for the few months I attended. I'm glad I never got into fights
>> No. 9721 [Edit]
> the "man up" part pisses me off to the point that i will tell people "i'm trans"
It's a figure of speech.
>> No. 9782 [Edit]
I experienced both sides.
When I was around 13-14, I used to pick on and beat this nerd kid who I didn't liked. I got into fights and talked shit to everyone, all the time, but since the kid was rather puny, and a "nice guy" too, it was just a one-sided beating instead of a fight.

Then, when I entered high school, I think I started to get depressed and turned from an angry bastard into a really apathetic and melancholic dude. This made me an easy target to the local cool kids. But I got it easier than most. Since I looked to type who would pull a Columbine at any moment, they weren't as aggressive with me as they were with the other losers.
Of course, back then I hated it and it made my depression get even worse, but now that I think about it, it was a fair payback for me being an asshole before, and as cliche as it sounds, the whole experience made me stronger.
>> No. 9786 [Edit]
I remember once in High School, after our class had watched a PSA on gay-bullying, several of my classmates had sparked a discussion about "how bullying does not happen here." They began listing off individuals who had been congenial, popular kids who later came out of the closet as examples of their tolerance. Right behind them, however, was a lesbian girl who was ostracized for that exact reason, besides being fat and generally coarse. She was also eaves-dropping on the conversation, and I saw as her normally apathetic face contorted into lines of fury, leading her to softly remark "I am gay." This was not a secret, but the pack of girls responded as if they had never been more sensually offended by an entity in their lives. The girls immeadiately attempted to lambast her on reasons why they did not like her, but they were unable to form a single solid quality which averted them, and they simply pushed her down and walked away, laughing while they did. They could not even fathom a reason for their animosity besides animosity itself, and yet they joyfully promoted it minutes after the PSA. I attempted to help the girl up, but it was evident she did not want any help. I never saw her again. Surreal is right.
>> No. 9787 [Edit]
I think the whole "gay bullying" thing is mostly an excuse for the media to plaster the faces of super models and seemingly popular people all over the "anti-bullying" posters, while claiming they're the victims. If any actually stupid, or ugly, or strange people where placed in an anti-bullying add they'd probably be the bullies.
Back when I was in highschool I was actually beaten for not being politically correct enough. People don't care about bullying, they just want to stroke their own egos.
>> No. 9798 [Edit]
For me it was combination of being gay and not giving a fuck. It's amazing, to see how much hate you get for just being open about yourself to people. I just found it funny to make everyone mad after a while. You don't even have to try, just be yourself and be an ass to everyone who is an ass to you. No one liked me in that school anyways so what did I have to lose?
>> No. 9812 [Edit]
Exactly, I never tried to be nice to the people who treated me like shit, which made them hate me.
Ironically though, they then complained about me being a bully, because I returned their hatred with my own. Its as if when they bully as a group, it doesn't count. But when one person does it in return, they suddenly have an easy villain.
>> No. 9827 [Edit]
>Back when I was in highschool I was actually beaten for not being politically correct enough. People don't care about bullying, they just want to stroke their own egos.

This is really the main form of "bullying" in the workplace. Some person says a slightly off color comment? CALL THE PC POLICE. This has literally happened in Britain for people who made so-called "racist comments"
>> No. 9828 [Edit]
>This has literally happened in Britain for people who made so-called "racist comments"

Yeah some guy got sent to jail for calling a sick soccer player a nigger on twitter.
>> No. 9844 [Edit]
Wow. I looked this up and couldn't believe it was true. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. Although I'm pretty out of touch with current affairs in the world, I'd gathered Britain was heading in a weird quasi-Orwellian direction, but holy shit I didn't know it had gotten this bad.
>> No. 9890 [Edit]
The worst thing about manning up is that they expect you to
a)Put up with it and don't complain
b)Deal with it yourself, I can't help you.
c) Pretend it didn't happen.
>> No. 9941 [Edit]
I deleted both sides of the argument from the point it started. I am not showing favoritism and am not bullying. furthermore, the argument was getting very ugly and something needed to be done.
>> No. 9942 [Edit]
File 133590635315.jpg - (96.78KB , 1000x1000 , c4fd3100802f3da64542f7ec45f06a41.jpg )
but you deleted my long bully story experiences, and I wasn't even responding to anyone. How is that not being a bully.
>> No. 9943 [Edit]
if long bullies are harassing you, run between their legs to escape
>> No. 9944 [Edit]
Sorry about that, I sort of just started at a point and deleted everything past it.
>> No. 9945 [Edit]
File 133590724892.png - (223.93KB , 1000x920 , 10ea2cbf379412a9c4849ea365f7d31b[1].png )
sorry for overreacting and making the thread messy with this..
>> No. 9946 [Edit]
You didn't delete the beginning which prompted the response, eithe. The 'calling a dead black soccer player a 'nigger' being "so-called racist comments"
>> No. 9947 [Edit]
that's what the guy said though
>> No. 9948 [Edit]
Can't say I ever was bullied. I just disliked most people, so I had a total of 3 or 4 friends.
>> No. 9950 [Edit]
I think he was implying that wasn't racist, given the line he quoted was "so-called racist (as if calling a black person a nigger is not 'really' racist)
>> No. 9965 [Edit]
I don't think the original poster knew the complete story, and was probably just quoting something he heard online. The other person backed it up with full details. No one said that calling a dead black person a nigger isn't racist.
Please, lets try not to argue. Especially in a thread about bullying.
>> No. 9967 [Edit]
Okay then
>> No. 10147 [Edit]
I've been far too nervous to post on here before, but here I go.

Much of my experience with bullying was in middle and lower secondary school. In primary it was alright because I was 'weird' and that was funny and entertaining and nice to be around back then or something like that.

I wasn't exactly friendless throughout school but it seemed to be some sort of social faux-pas to stand up for anyone outside of the immediate peer group; so my few friends, if you could even call them that, did absolutely nothing about it at all. In hindsight they were probably friends with me out of pity. I started to act pretty dumb as that's how I perceived all the 'cool' people acting back then, but it just backfired on me and everything became a whole lot worse.

Most of the stuff was verbal, and it often happened in class. The teachers would just turn a blind eye to it and tell me I brought it upon myself because I'm weird. Well, forgive me for having an ASD, depression, and severe social anxiety. I did get beaten up a few times, but I started to fight back eventually. It was always me getting into trouble as the school treated me condescendingly like I had severe mental retardation, but it was satisfying to smack someone in the stomach after all the shit I stood and took.

Worst of all this was a private school that catered to people with mild learning disabilities, but it seemed to end up taking anti-social kids that other schools didn't want.

Whew, that was a little easier than I expected once I got started.
>> No. 10220 [Edit]
Don't be nervous to let it all out, like any of us have anything to laugh at in other peoples lives. For me bullying wasn't mentally damaging as I just thought all of the bullies were stupid normals with egos the size of a house but it's when it got more annoying that I really snapped. Like throwing shit at me or taking my stuff. I never really had anyone I could call a friend really, some people I would say hi to or just talk to a little bit but that was it. I didn't even know what I did to attract them. I just keep to myself and all of a sudden out of nowhere I'm having insults and objects alike being thrown at me from across the room and other people talking down to me like I'm retarded or something and I didn't even say a single word to them. Most people that tried to be my "friend" were only doing it out of pity too and I don't think they realized how much that makes being lonely hurt so much more.

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