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File 134901668391.png - (600.91KB , 610x709 , Shin-Sekai-Yori[1].png )
11481 No. 11481 [Edit]
Anyone else following it? What did you guys think?

I thought the first episode was decent,and it piqued my interest. I'm looking forward to the main five kids finding out about the history of their world, and seeing what they do.
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>> No. 11482 [Edit]
I think first episode was pretty boring, but I am interested in.
>> No. 11484 [Edit]
Indifferent magical school setting, stupid rituals, possibly bad background story.
As I started thinking that it could be a little interesting, the ending of the episode made me cringe. They better fix the mess they just made real soon.

Post edited on 30th Sep 2012, 8:59am
>> No. 11492 [Edit]
The first episode was kind of boring, but the story is interesting enough to keep watching.
>> No. 11495 [Edit]
I liked it. It's really interesting. Definitely wasn't disappointed. The character designs are kind of neat, too. And I love the creepy atmosphere it takes on sometimes. But it doesn't get caught too heavily in the "grimndark" bullshit that Tohno-chan as a whole seems to hate.
>> No. 11497 [Edit]
>the "grimndark" bullshit that Tohno-chan as a whole seems to hate.
what are you talking about, Tohno-chan as a whole loves that stuff, it's just some autistic fuck who samefags that doesn't.
>> No. 11498 [Edit]

It was the other way around for me.
I found the first half to be boring as hell, yet it picked my interest by the end.
>> No. 11499 [Edit]
Same for me.Yet the very end was what was not what I wanted. We'll see what happened in the next episode I guess.
>> No. 11500 [Edit]

>what are you talking about, Tohno-chan as a whole loves that stuff, it's just some autistic fuck who samefags that doesn't.

You do realize you're talking about Tohno, right?
>> No. 11501 [Edit]

You weren't supposed to bring it up!
>> No. 11507 [Edit]
I agree with what everyone else is saying. Everything is very nice, but first ep was very slow. Hopefully it picks up the pace, seems to have potential.
>> No. 11508 [Edit]
You do realize you're talking to Tohno, right?
>> No. 11525 [Edit]

I was considering that possibility, yes.
>> No. 11627 [Edit]
The second episode was nice. The talking animals seem interesting.

The main theme with the guitars is fun, too.
>> No. 12047 [Edit]
File 135075909621.jpg - (62.72KB , 1280x720 , 1350736977490.jpg )
After massive infodump, looks like shit's about to hit the fan
>> No. 12048 [Edit]
Episode four was fantastic.
>> No. 12228 [Edit]
Episode 5's pacing felt all over the place, but I liked the gradual decline in restraint they showed in the boy. The pig men things remind me of early moblin designs from Zelda games.
>> No. 12309 [Edit]
I was about to just discard the notion of posting, but /an/ needs some posts anyway. This is going to get rambling.

It's really good so far. I love the character designs, and the palette/animation style they chose is really quite gorgeous. Have you guys watched the ED all the way through yet? Holy shit. It's beautiful. There are some scenes in the recent episodes that I'd honestly like to have posters of. The style is hard to pinpoint, but it's really, really nice. Kind of reminds me of that Lupin III series (that centered on Fujiko...) that was going on earlier this year, just not as...artsy.

And the story is really kind of enthralling. It's keeping me interested, and that's...hard as fuck to do, no matter who the hell you are. I like how it shifts between light and heavy.

Finally getting some back-story on their world was interesting. I was honestly wishing that that archive or whatever would keep talking for the entire episode. It ended up shifting completely from "rather placid show" to "whoaaa what's going on here". I was thinking about dropping it before episode 4, but I'm glad I didn't, and I'm glad I caught up with it. It's interesting.

The pig-people are a really weird addition, but...why not? It's an anime, haha. Not high literature. If an anime can't have pig-people, then I seriously don't want to watch anime anymore. That's actually rather extreme. But you hopefully get the point. I'm somewhat disappointed that they're focusing on them right now, but...it's not going to be for the entire series. If it is, then, I'm at a loss. It's 25 eps, so if they focus on the queerats for 20 more episodes, I don't know what on earth the point of this show is, and it's a waste of time. But they're not going to. Hopefully.

But uh. Yeah. It's honestly a good show. You guys should try and keep up with it. Your schedules aren't busy. You're NEETs.

Not sure how it compares to the novel, though. That could be something else entirely.
>> No. 12311 [Edit]
I love the ed too, the song especially. I think the awesomeness of the ed actually kept me watching the show, as the first episode didn't really suck me in, but I'm loving it now. The series has a unique atmosphere to me that I can't quite pinpoint, kind of like there's been an slow ebb of melancholy present at every moment.
>> No. 12500 [Edit]
Episode eight was probably the gayest episode of anything I've ever seen.
>> No. 12501 [Edit]
File 135318300781.png - (828.35KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.png )
I hope this was the last one.
>> No. 12502 [Edit]
This show hasn't been any good and latest episode was really eww.. So I decided to drop this.
>> No. 12527 [Edit]
File 135347488849.jpg - (20.60KB , 704x400 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Is it just that I didn't notice before, or has the animation taken a sharp turn for the worse this episode? Especially the scene from the pic >>12501 posted. The animation just seemed, I don't know, off, and that scene in general might be one of the most awkward moments I've sat through in anime. Which is saying a fucking lot.
That aside, I still like the series and am interested to see what happens with Shun getting sent away.
>> No. 12595 [Edit]
Why didn't Maria go with Saki at the end of episode 9 but instead let her go alone?
>> No. 12597 [Edit]
Why didn't the queerats guarding the locked down area notice the loud kids? They're trackers, they should not miss untrained kids prancing around the perimeter.

Why didn't the barrier at the forest detect the kids passing like the barrier on the river?

Why are the storage room's walls low enough to float over using Cantus while the door is sturdy and sealed?

Why did the kids think they'd gotten away with their crimes? There was a kill order on them. If there's a kill order on your person, chances are good your name is prety high on the wanted list.

Why is the locked down area so poorly guarded? Why are there no guards or barriers on the road that leads to the area? How can Shou's closest friends go unmonitored, untreated for karma demon corruption, and sneak around at night and near the closed area without any trouble?
>> No. 12600 [Edit]
Seemed more like it was Saki who ditched her. She wanted to go alone.
>> No. 12686 [Edit]
File 135433742447.jpg - (93.27KB , 1280x720 , [UTW]_Shinsekai_Yori_-_10_[h264-720p][085780D8]_mk.jpg )
Saki sure looked pretty in 10.
>> No. 13550 [Edit]
Fuck those queerats, I'm tired of their bullshit. I don't know how this show is going to keep on going when almost all the important characters are dead or gone. Besides, Satoru is canon gay or bi? I have the idea that he's gay because of his feeling towards Shun. They seemed way stronger than the ones he has for Saki.
>> No. 13552 [Edit]
Because of the genetic manipulation done in order to create a society similar to that of bonobos, homosexuality and heterosexuality don't really exist for PKers. It's just in their bones to fuck anyone and everyone, especially when under stress.
>> No. 13560 [Edit]
Manga is very different from the anime.

I would like to read the novel.
>> No. 13607 [Edit]
File 135892284420.jpg - (69.83KB , 1280x720 , [UTW]shin_sekai_yori-10.jpg )
>I don't know how this show is going to keep on going when almost all the important characters are dead or gone
The series has hardly been formulaic, so I don't really see any reason to worry about this. I'm just hoping for a great ending. For some reason, I'd mistakenly thought that this was an original work all this time, so I'm relieved to learn here that it's an adaptation, as all of the A-1 originals that I've seen had rather disappointing endings.

Even if it happens to end shittily, I've loved the series so far. The ED amazes me, and I'll never forget episode 10, I don't think I've ever seen an intimate goodbye rendered with such surreal beauty before.
>> No. 13609 [Edit]

Yeah, the ED is fantastic.
>> No. 13701 [Edit]
I can't wait for the next episode.
>> No. 13746 [Edit]
So much depressing foreshadowing. I don't like where this is headed.
>> No. 13803 [Edit]
File 135985843685.jpg - (29.05KB , 704x400 , [UTW]_Shinsekai_Yori_-_17.jpg )
I don't know, I'm kind of excited. There have been like 3 different plotlines in this series and none of them were really resolved, and I'm hoping it all comes to a dramatic head here pretty soon. So Maria and Mamoru are returning to wreak some sort of havoc, and maybe have been working with the queerats? Maybe?
I've been wondering what's up with Kiroumaru, and why he looks completely different from the other queerats. Granted, the queerats have very heterogeneous appearances, but he's way less ugly and mole-rat-like than the rest.

I've come to love the series' art style and character designs, they're different, but I can't quite think of how to describe them. It's like what I would imagine happening if you plucked an artist from the 80's or 90's, briefly saturated them with the tropes of today's style, and had them create something on the spot, if that makes any sense.
I've also come to think that Saki is one of the prettiest anime characters ever. She has this unassuming sort of beauty that takes an entire season's worth of episodes to appreciate.
>> No. 13924 [Edit]
They're back..
>> No. 14083 [Edit]
Fucking Yokomaru.
>> No. 14214 [Edit]
I really didn't see the end of episode 21 coming; there have been plenty of surprises already but that one really shocked me.

I know the series isn't over yet and that a lot could still happen, but how many stories have portrayed an oppressed group rebelling for freedom and equality so completely unsympathetically? I have this knee-jerk reaction to try to find some merit in what the queerats are doing, but it's just not happening. I want to think that there's a message buried in this series about modern socialism and equality being flawed, but I'm not sure where to start with that yet.

I also keep wondering when they're going to explain what happened with Maria and Mamoru. And I can't shake the feeling that Shun will show up again, having mastered his cantus somehow, and defeat the queerats.
>> No. 14218 [Edit]

>what happened with Maria and Mamoru

I think they're dead.
>> No. 14264 [Edit]
File 136224094281.jpg - (392.39KB , 1600x1280 , 1362240041413.jpg )
>> No. 14396 [Edit]
Final episode next week, I'm ready!
>> No. 14414 [Edit]
It's 25 episodes, not 24.
>> No. 14492 [Edit]

You should have bumped the thread, I thought there was a second season coming!
>> No. 14604 [Edit]
Good ending.

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