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No. 14231 [Edit]
Have you ever found something inexplicably or even uninentionally meaningful? In this thread we share it and explain what we think about them. Maybe we could even make a game of spoilering our interpretation for it, so people can watch whatever the media is and form their own opinion first before seeing someone else's.

For example, this song really stuck with me for some reason. I imagine the lyrics are about a girl regretting some things which she did or have happened to her in the past, which make impossible for her unable to experience true love as powerfully as if it were one's first time going through it. She simply accepts that shes been tainted and hopes that she can indulge herself by pretending that its her first time. The really crass and modern nature of the song suggests that all this superficiality has seeped into her personality to the extent that shes no longer capable of expressing herself in a more reserved and polite manner even though she'd like to. Its all a bit melancholy.
>> No. 14234 [Edit]
I'm too lazy to name any specific examples but it happens a lot to me. Misinterpreting poetry/lyrics is really easy but you can find something inspiring/meaningful anywhere you look, really. It's just about projecting your thoughts onto your environment.

In the end what you deem meaningful comes from within more often than not. That was supposed to sound kinda cool but it sounds pathethic now that I wrote it down.
>> No. 14923 [Edit]
Serial Experiments Lain.

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