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File 135035511822.jpg - (276.11KB , 640x480 , shiori window.jpg )
17718 No. 17718 [Edit]
What anime, or video games world, would you live in if you had the chose? You are also aloud to take the place of the main character and steal his role, or you could be your own person there. I would choose the world of Kanon. The town Kanon takes place in, is a Utopia. It is both geographically, and metaphorically isolated from the problems with the world. I would never have to worry about the problems from the outside world, and I would actually be able to live a carefree happy life style there, (like Yuichi did for the most part). I also find snow to be one of the most beautiful phenomenons the world has to offer, so the climate also wins in my favor. And yes, I would steal Yuichi's role.
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>> No. 17721 [Edit]
inb4 everyone picks the world their waifu is from.
>> No. 17724 [Edit]
Well that's a given. I know people will pick the worlds where their Waifu is from, but I'm sure there are some other reason they like that world. Maybe they also find it more interesting, or innocent. Or maybe its just a fun carefree world. I want people to list reasons other then their waifu being there. Also, if a topic like this was already made, then I would really appreciate a link so I could read the responses there.
>> No. 17725 [Edit]
I'd pick the pokemon world because it should be relatively easy to train a pokemon by treating them like pets and not being dicks to them. That way I won't be the massive failure that I am in this world and will be able to fight people with my friends for money so I won't have to eat out of a garbage can and worry if I'll be stabbed by some other bums for eating out of their trash can.

People will still spit at me and mock me, but at least I'll have friends and making money won't be so complicated.
>> No. 17743 [Edit]
Gensokyo because it's cool and has my waifu in it and is separated form the outside world except for the occasional crap that wanders in. There is also a lot of beautiful landscapes without any stinky cities ruining it.
I'd want to be an youkai though, so I wouldn't steal Reimu's role, not that I want too anyway.
>> No. 17807 [Edit]
One with airships, tunnels, perma-rain, flying fortresses, land ironclads, huge factories, massive underground tunnels, that sort of thing.
>> No. 17809 [Edit]
File 135061871687.jpg - (208.49KB , 540x874 , 18092340.jpg )
If the dream world counts, then that. If it HAS to be a game/anime world, and I can take her with me, then the world of Dark Chronicle/Dark Cloud 2.
Palm Brinks, the valley, Gundorada Workshop, the Moon Research Labs, it's such a beautiful world.
If I can't take her with me, then her world. Assuming it takes place in the present, after the events of the game, I would live in her room, in her situation to become even closer to her.
>> No. 17812 [Edit]
Pokemon, I guess. An adventurous RPG world minus any actual conflict or danger.

But I'm also leaning toward OP's view, something like a Key setting where everyone and everything is sort of sadly beautiful, and the cycles of love and death proceed at a slow, soothing, meditative pace so you can savour it all. That must be a lovely existence.
>> No. 17818 [Edit]
File 135063579178.jpg - (63.69KB , 613x600 , a5e0a3d69c2ad57ddb5916503676c01e_jpeg.jpg )
I-it's not like I'm glad that you picked the same place as me or anything, baka!
>> No. 17891 [Edit]
A pretty interesting topic which I guess most of us have have already pondered in one way or another, sometimes without even realizing it. Because what else are you doing when you're thiking 'well, hanging out with those would be great, wouldn't it?' if not this?

But judging this by the characters you could interact with if you lived in a 2D world is a little boring, let's try going by settings instead:

• Kaiba - the first thing that I thought of when I saw this thread. This one is a little problematic as Kaiba is somewhat dystopian - the rich can do whatever they feel like doing while the poor wallow in misery. At first I thought I wouldn't like to live a happy life it it meant tons of people would have to live miserable lives as a result but isn't it the same now? I don't think I can say I'm happy now but I certainly do live a somewhat careless life. People starve all over the world and I throw out some food I bought but didn't manage to it sometimes. And in the end it doesn't bother me all that much.
• Slayers/Gintama - someone (from /so/) mentioned that hanging out with Gin and Co. in Gintama universe is his dream. Sounds okay but I'd rather form a party and travel through some fantasy settings with my friends. Searching for treasures is optional, it's a McGuffin either way.
• Natsume/Mushishi/Kino no Tabi - traveling, woo! Talking with spirits and whatnot sounds good, not like I can get along with actual human beings, might as well try to get along with them instead.
• Sunred - world conquest, woo!
• Arakawa - haning out with a bunch of weirdos and rejects. I guess I could do the same IRL and it does sound pretty appealing at times.
• Dennou Coil, Eve no Jikan, Chobbits - cool sci-fi gadgets and the like. Most of us sure could use an android companion, right?
• Rune Factory - maunal labor/farming on an isolated island in a middle of nowhere in a nice community with cute girls. Sounds okay to me.
• Marimite - or any other catholic all-girls school where I could seduce cute girls. Of course first of all I'd have to turn into a 2D beauty...
• Kaiji - do or die scenario. For someone who seriously contemplates suicide either way it sounds okay (at least throwing your life away due to a gamble sounds better than just hanging yourself).
>> No. 17893 [Edit]
File 13509971171.jpg - (178.26KB , 866x487 , 1350310292107.jpg )

Not me.

This will sound pretty bland, but I'd pick Pokemon. Seriously.
>> No. 17901 [Edit]
As others have said, Pokemon is the first one that jumped to mind. Aside from what >>17721 said, anyway.

After thinking about it a bit more, though, I'm not so sure the world of Pokemon would be the best. Or maybe I'm just bringing Pokemon into our world with my thoughts on it(in that terrible terrible things could happen), and it could be a nice place.

I've seen many desirable worlds over the years, it's pretty hard to narrow things down without ruining them in my mind with the "what if"s.
>> No. 17930 [Edit]
I wouldn't mind living in the world of aria. seems nice and peaceful enough.
>> No. 17939 [Edit]
Pokemon. I'd park myself just outside the only road out of Pallet town and destroy the little girls who just started training. And then when they couldn't pay the money, I would make them pay. Using their bodies.

Also, I'd train a Gardevoir, and fuck her.
>> No. 17945 [Edit]
Pokemon. I'd train a Poison-type team and go around the world like...gambling and shit. My Muk and I would be pulling heists, too. It'd be the best life ever.

Alternatively, to go against the grain, I'd say I would want to live in the world of Horizon. Such a cool place.
>> No. 18058 [Edit]
That's a hard question, eeh.
Dog Days perhaps?
>> No. 18059 [Edit]

This...I would love to live in the world of Aria.
>> No. 26257 [Edit]
I.. may have to agree with you op

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