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File 132646430950.jpg - (18.76KB , 453x299 , chinese.jpg )
12294 No. 12294 [Edit]
Are you guys familiar with Chinese pictograms, and how their shapes represent common things found in daily life? Because I just found something interesting while reading my textbook and wanted to share it with you. I realized that the character for "thin" (which not surprisingly looks like a skinny person with a bad back) is also used in the character for "illness". This isn't a coincidence. It was common sense to associate being morbidly thin with disease. It still is. This makes me depressed because I'm nearly 1,80m tall and I weight only 51kg. My family thinks I'm sick. Does anyone else feel the same...? Maybe I'm actually ill and something is preventing me from gaining weight?

And yes I know I fucked up the stroke order, I don't care
>> No. 12295 [Edit]
I think you're worrying too much but what's your diet and exercise like? What have you so far done in actually trying to gain weight?
>> No. 12297 [Edit]
I am not sure what you are wanting us to tell you but with that height I would try to talk to a doctor or excercise more with a different diet than ramen nudels.
>> No. 12319 [Edit]
Hi Tohno.

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