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File 142362307751.png - (581.01KB , 924x1002 , yukiho-valentine.png )
17574 No. 17574 [Edit]
So with Valentine's Day coming up this Saturday, what are you going to do for your special someone?

I wound up not celebrating Yukiho's birthday last year due to other plans, so I'm going to make up for it this Saturday. It'll be our first Valentine's day. I don't know what I'm going to make her for dinner though.
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>> No. 17575 [Edit]
File 142362375423.jpg - (105.95KB , 335x338 , 369.jpg )
Not only will it be our first valentines day this Saturday, but tomorrow, the 11th, is actually our one month anniversary, so this week is going to be quite exciting. I have a cake for tomorrow and I plan to make either cookies or brownies for Valentine's Day.
>> No. 17577 [Edit]
File 142363653598.jpg - (108.37KB , 400x524 , fullsketch.jpg )
Privacy is a bit of an issue this year, but I'm going to make some decorations and buy purple flowers for her. Maybe some wine as well. Kind of feel bad about it being so underwhelming, but there isn't much I can do about it.
>> No. 17580 [Edit]
File 142367477673.jpg - (33.20KB , 219x350 , 234155[1].jpg )
Renge likes curry, candy and plum kelp tea. Not really sure where I'd get plum kelp tea, but I can certainly make curry for her.
>> No. 17581 [Edit]
File 142368867411.jpg - (139.17KB , 540x687 , 67.jpg )
I'm going to draw him a valentine and re-watch some of his episodes. Not sure how he feels about sweets because they're so unhealthy and bad for your teeth, so I'm going to try one of his favourite foods instead. Probably tofu, since I've never seen eel being sold where I live.

Just a quiet, relaxing day overall.
>> No. 17582 [Edit]
File 142370238419.jpg - (789.11KB , 1000x1082 , hiso9.jpg )
I have been horribly ill since last week, to the point of needing to drive up to the emergency room so when Valentine's Day comes around we'll just be spending the whole day if not weekend laying around. I've got some trashy horror films lined up but can't afford to buy any sweets. It'll still be nice!

Post edited on 11th Feb 2015, 5:00pm
>> No. 17583 [Edit]
Fortunately Saturday is my day off so I will be going to town, shopping for cake ingredients, baking and spending time by re-reading his series and working on some small projects for him. Unfortunately all of my attempts at getting a gift have failed for various reasons.

Does anybody have any intention of doing something for White Day?
>> No. 17584 [Edit]
I'm not one for celebrations in general. Though I might want to do something for Valentine's Day, if only something small, but I fear being found out by my oldest brother. I'd rather not cause him to cause a scene.
>> No. 17590 [Edit]
There's somebody else on the block here who likes Yukiho huh? Back off bud, she's been mine for longer...

All my figs are at home so I can't do anything truly romantically dedicated. Not sure what else to do.
>> No. 17591 [Edit]
Whatever happened to respecting people who have the same waifu as you do?
>> No. 17592 [Edit]
File 142379331932.png - (215.20KB , 703x500 , 45.png )
No need to be hostile when someone has the same waifu as you, man.
I'd honestly love to meet someone who had Sho as their husbando
>> No. 17593 [Edit]
Please do not be hostile towards others on this board. We would like to keep /mai/ a friendly and supportive place, thanks.
>> No. 17594 [Edit]
File 142383757493.gif - (415.46KB , 221x280 , 1419752208336.gif )
Commissioned a pic of Osaka and I getting hitched Highland style.

I will post here when it is done with the artist's permission.
>> No. 17595 [Edit]
I was being more playful than anything you spergs

Though I don't see how you guys can't get jealous over it, don't you get jealous over other people who are interested in the person you're in a relationship with?

Post edited on 13th Feb 2015, 9:48am
>> No. 17596 [Edit]
File 142385213375.png - (74.76KB , 287x400 , 1413700471095.png )
I've pretty much got everything ready, just gotta plan what I'm gonna write for my waifu.pl page update then I'm set.

I'm working tomorrow, but after that I'll probably spend some time making more screenshots of her from her anime and playing the games she's in.
>> No. 17597 [Edit]
File 142385808924.png - (559.79KB , 800x600 , my ass.png )
Celebrating a little early by replaying his VN and listening to nice music. We'll have a small dinner tomorrow and have some chocolates but we don't really have time for something super fancy this year.
>> No. 17598 [Edit]
Sorry for sperging a little. I initially wasn't sure whether to take your comment as serious or not, but then my defensive side kicked in and said "He's trying to bully you off the board!" But it's cool now.

And yes, I do get rather jealous when someone has the same love interest as I do. I want her to be all mine, but I know I can't have that. I also want to be unique in the community, to be the one guy or one of the few people with the same waifu. But if I wanted to be truly unique, my waifu would have to be some obscure background character or something. And the problem with that is the lack of character spotlight, merchandise, and art. I don't like how my decision can influenced by something trivial like popularity, but I guess that's just how it goes.

In my search for "the one," I've tried to reach a balance between character popularity and merchandise/art/etc. I feel like I have reached that balance with Yukiho. In fact, you're the only other Yukiho guy I've met. That's fine with me.
>> No. 17599 [Edit]
I've been with Yukiho for coming up to 4 years now and I've never met anyone who's had her as a waifu too so you can imagine why I had/have such a kneejerk reaction. In recent times it seems like she's only been getting into the spotlight of imas fans, for a long time nobody really spoke about her or had generals for her (eg on /jp/ or whatever) whereas there were a ton for the other girls.
>> No. 17600 [Edit]
Well, I would have updated my page now if my internet hadn't cut out on me. If it doesn't magically fix itself I'll have to postpone it to after I've gone to bed. Pretty annoying.
>> No. 17611 [Edit]

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