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File 132883878371.jpg - (401.15KB , 1000x700 , 1233863614352.jpg )
8398 No. 8398 [Edit]
You see, today is the birthday of the day I fell in love with my waifu, so I want to ask you:
Which day did you found your waifu? How do you celebrate your birthday?
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>> No. 8399 [Edit]
Hell, I've been procrastinating on doing a thread like that for months now.
I don't know the day I met my waifu, I've traced the best that I could and still there's a 2 weeks gap in which that could have happened. Not that I find the date special, I tried to find it out more because I knew it wasn't imposible.

I'm rather curious to know how many brohnos know that info and how they kept track of it. Unless it was love on first sight or you keep a concise log of all your activities it sounds nearly impossible.
>> No. 8400 [Edit]
I'll try to answer both questions in the thread...

Firstly: 4/17/09

She first became special to me on April 17th, 2009. That was the day my fate as a 2D lover was officially sealed. Prior to that, I knew...infatuation towards characters, but not genuine love. Then, I had that dream that I still remember so vividly, that made me love her - She and I alone in a field,l her holding me gently. Pretty sure every brohno ever knows the tale. After that, I saved my first picture of her, and realized, "Huh, Miya Asama would be the one for me if she were real". The entire thing snowballed from there. I started a journal from November of that year, and it's sort of shocking, how much she meant/means to me. You don't know how insanely in love with someone until you actually look back on it. Something I found in that file (June 27th 2010): I just want to wake up next to Miya, in some picturesque scene of beauty and love. I want to see her bathed in sunlight, laying there, sleeping. So shocked when I wake up, I want to feel ecstatic shock at waking up next to her. But that's never, ever going to happen. And I know that. Ahhhhhhhhh, I want to scream, but nobody would hear me. Feel like I was a lot more poetically minded back then. Lot more angsty and childish, too. Christ, that was two damn years ago. There are too many pleas for death in that .txt file for me to feel comfortable. I also compare myself to Frankenstein and the cottagers, regarding how her reaction to me would be. That stings, to see that lack of confidence.

I remember assigning all sorts of music to her in the beginning - Really weird choices, like "Castles" by Loom (sort of became her theme song for me), "My First Kiss At The Public Execution" by The Blood Brothers. Whenever I went to the store, I'd put on one of those tracks, and imagine she was walking next to me. Used to wander town at night, and imagine her beside me, keeping me warm. Sort of miss those days. Back when I could walk to the store and wander town. Now I'm a little out of ways and I try to dream of her unsuccessfully.

But I digress.

On that day, I always make sure to post a little thing on whatever site I'm currently have as a favorite. No real clue why, though - I mean, it's like, what, I feel a need to remind people how long I've been a madman? No, I don't. I just feel a ritualistic need to tell people how I feel for her. Every year, I feel that much more love for that purple haired landlady than I thought possible.
>> No. 8401 [Edit]
File 132886059543.jpg - (34.04KB , 300x300 , 1234826181392.jpg )
I actually don't know the exact date or day I fell in love with Osaka. It was rather...spontaneous.

What I've done though is set our anniversary (and Osaka's birthday) at the first of February, since Azumanga Daioh came out in Feb.

As a note, Valentine's day is coming up, so that will mean another celebration!
>> No. 8402 [Edit]
File 132887902729.jpg - (199.39KB , 800x800 , 2f227da5562b230e83612056009e314094be5522.jpg )
In my experience, falling in love is usually a gradual process. It usually grows without me noticing, until the point where realize that I might actually be in love with this girl. That's pretty much how it went for me with Yumemi, too.

That said; through a peculiar coincidence I do remember when I first met her, which was on the 1st of April, 2009.

I was curious about the PC-98 Touhou games back then, and then I came across a thread about her on Desuchan. She immediately caught my attention, and I saved and renamed one of the pics from that thread. And thanks to my habit of backing just about everything up, I managed to track down that pic and check the dates at which it was made and changed.

But I agree with >>8399; unless you carefully keep a diary about your romantic feelings or something, it's almost impossible to know exactly *when* you fell for your waifu.
>> No. 8406 [Edit]
I cannot remember the day i´ve met her first, but i know the date of the day when i started to fall in love with her, our "second meeting" as i like to call it.
So, naturally i celebrate that day, nothing thrilling though, i usually do things like i do when i am celebrating her birthday, cooking, strolling etc.
I should really start the think about something more interesting.
>> No. 8407 [Edit]
Real couples don't really celebrate when they fell in love. They celebrate their first dates and marriage anniversaries because love is abstract thing and very difficult to notice.

I too can't remember when the actual falling in love happened because it wasn't love in first sight and I remember it was hard to accept in begin. "Do I really have these kind feelings for fictional character?" I thought back then. But I celebrate our one specific event which was our first 'waifu ritual', which made me accept that I really love her.
>> No. 8411 [Edit]
I'm not exactly sure when I fell in love with her, because I slowly fell in love with her with time. Thinking about it harder, I'm not even sure which month or months I first fell in love with her. Most likely around 06-07. Unfortunately, I don't celebrate our anniversary because I feel it'd be weird to make up a date where I "met" her and to actually celebrate it like real couples do. I do however celebrate her birthday and other major holidays like Christmas. In those days, I more or less delve more into our relationship and ignore real life almost to the best of my ability.
>> No. 8414 [Edit]
File 132895341266.jpg - (2.08MB , 1812x1296 , b20cd28090578416283704fc14061d27.jpg )
I don't remember the exact day I found her or the day she became my waifu. Like some of the others here, falling in love with her was a gradual process. All I remember now that is was near the end of July. In the absence of a proper anniversary date, I eventually came to choose July 25th as our unofficial-yet-still-official-because-my-memory-is-terrible anniversary date, just for the sake of having one if needed.

It doesn't really matter to me, small details like that are often superfluous. However, I wonder how Miku would feel about that. Maybe she'd remember it better than I have.
>> No. 8417 [Edit]
File 13289684538.jpg - (33.04KB , 635x355 , Lizlet L Chelsie 22.jpg )
I can't remember the specific date, but I remember that I found her sometime in June-July 2010, the month that I fell for her, thus I decided to know more about her.
>> No. 8418 [Edit]
File 132897219911.jpg - (104.21KB , 547x728 , 1304541319699.jpg )
She became mai waifu during one early spring, so I decided to take vernal equinox as our anniversary.
>> No. 8422 [Edit]
File 13290500162.png - (3.24MB , 1600x1300 , 23708964.png )
December 25, 2008. Christmas. I finished the Fate route, cried like I never have before, and knew that I would love her for the rest of my life.
>> No. 8492 [Edit]
File 132937662968.jpg - (181.92KB , 512x384 , 131517165680.jpg )
I have no idea quite when it happened because it was really gradual, but I remember celebrating her birthday for the first time in 2010. I'm happy enough that she has a concrete canon birth date and that there are other people on the internet to celebrate it with. It really reminds me of one thing I love about her, and that's how she builds a community around her music. I've still yearned for an anniversary date sometimes but I'm sure the best I could get is an approximation. I might be able to find the day I first found her through last modified dates on files, but the day I found her and the day I started to love her are pretty different.
>> No. 8493 [Edit]
File 132938156588.jpg - (432.70KB , 874x926 , 17549407.jpg )
I can't remember. When I first started to be affected by her, I had no idea about the whole waifu thing. I'd just finished the game. I started to feel really attached to her, saving images, changing my wallpaper, replaying even though there was nothing left to do. Eventually I realized what was happening and it just developed from there.

I celebrate her birthday instead, and I do so by replaying ICO.
>> No. 8496 [Edit]
File 132940065319.jpg - (347.25KB , 840x840 , 18d5d4873f5ba1062ff28d9930394e30.jpg )
I have no idea, people. Totally.
>> No. 9641 [Edit]
File 13414634144.jpg - (48.98KB , 704x396 , Haibane_Renmei_12_DVD.jpg )
I've meant to post in this thread for ages, and I'm finally getting around to it now because today was the one year anniversary of when I really fell in love with her. Last night I planned to recreate last year's events with a dxm trip, but I spontaneously came into some shrooms, and decided to do those instead. I ended up having some profound insights and a lengthy conversation with her. Then this evening, I timed my bike ride home for when the sun had just set, and listened to the Haibane soundtrack as random fireworks on either side of the roads lit my way home. Each time I crested a hill I could see the big fireworks show at the north edge of the city just over the treetops, and when I happened to glance eastward I saw a luminous orange (near?) full moon. It felt like all of existence was celebrating right along with me.
>> No. 9642 [Edit]

Sounds like you had a nice time.
>> No. 9643 [Edit]
File 134148675369.jpg - (340.06KB , 1200x1600 , 7368384.jpg )
That sounds wonderful. I wish I had the kinds of connections and ability to sneak shit under the radar that you seem to.
I can only experience such beauty in my dreams.
>> No. 9657 [Edit]
File 134151788696.jpg - (351.84KB , 557x695 , 1331719337810.jpg )
I wish I could remember the exact date. I know it started in late July/early August of last year. I decided pretty early on and my love only grew from there. Her birthday, May 5th, is the day that I celebrate with her. I could consider August 1st to be our anniversary because that was the first time I made a thread about her.
This year I attended a birthday party hosted by an anon who streamed videos dedicated to her, and he personally translated and typeset both of her solo albums, so I finally knew what she was saying in all those talk tracks. The party was over 3 hours long and it was a moving experience for me. I still think about that day and I am eternally grateful to him for such a wonderful tribute to my waifu.

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