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File 132432929521.jpg - (103.72KB , 742x434 , memo.jpg )
7798 No. 7798 [Edit]
was there already a thread about kamisama no memo…?

i just started watching it, so i may have passed over the previous thread without paying attention to it…
>> No. 7801 [Edit]

Everyone hated the show though, so you probably won't get much good conversation anyway.
>> No. 7802 [Edit]
There was one, apparently moved into Archiveville by now. People were rather critic against the general NEET thing usage, and some clichés going on; I quickly droped the series, so I don't really know.
>> No. 7803 [Edit]
I think it is stupid.
>> No. 7806 [Edit]
Yes, and it was still alive on page 7, took less then a minute to find it.
>> No. 7808 [Edit]
how'd you find that so quick?
there is a thread on fb about the lack of an effective search function...
>> No. 7810 [Edit]

It's not that hard to open ten pages and scroll through them all.
You can do that in 2 minutes.
>> No. 7811 [Edit]
ten tabs?
hey man, show some respect.
i didn't get to be a NEET by putting a lot of effort into stuff.
>> No. 7812 [Edit]

There's hardly ever a new thread on /an/
You could search for a month without any pages changing, and they are just 10, you can do it really fast.
you young'uns rely too much on search engines!
>> No. 7814 [Edit]
Since it's an old thread, I started on page 4, then scrolled down quickly checking each thread, then clicked on the link for page five at the bottom of the page, which automatically takes you to the top of the new page, then just kept scrolling down scanning the threads as I went till I hit it on page 7.
might have taken me up to two minute if I started on page 0.
>> No. 7815 [Edit]
you could just bump the old thread and delete this one if you want to get get back onto the topic of the anime.
>> No. 7816 [Edit]
that's an interesting point I never thought about, some people might not like searching pages becuase they're still used to how ridiculous 4chan is.
on 4chan, if you click on page 1, the threads there would be from page 0 with a bunch of new ones mixed in, if you go to page 2, it's nothing but stuff you just saw on page 1.
It would only be stable once you get past page 6 or so.

I guess a lot of people might be afraid of searching pages for that reason.
>> No. 7817 [Edit]
If I must, I open a new tab for several pages all at the same time so theres less chance of threads leaking onto each page. Also, using one of those easymodo style archives to search helps. They're usually up to date.
>> No. 7818 [Edit]
yeah I used to do the tab per page thing also.

There's really no need for that here though, since /an/ gets maybe one new thread every three days, if that.
>> No. 7825 [Edit]
I'd really like to know if they actually consulted with any security professionals for the anime.
Look, you can't hack on a mac.
You just can't.
>> No. 7832 [Edit]

Am I reading this right?

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