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File 132796064049.jpg - (56.18KB , 550x716 , Misaka.jpg )
8735 No. 8735 [Edit]
Anyone have any experience taking 5htp or any over the counter stuff
Any success?
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>> No. 8738 [Edit]
I never tried any over the counter stuff, I should soon but don't really know much about what I should get. I mean when it comes to drugs besides what I can get my brain to release itself I got endless amount of caffeine, 2 of the most powerful energy drinks in the world close by (Spike and Redline Xtreme), and some relaxation teas that I can make extremely strong cups of. I'm pretty satisfied with what I got but would like to try some over the counter stuff.
>> No. 8995 [Edit]
File 132969206417.png - (368.51KB , 560x620 , 1307849438466.png )
You won't get high on 5-htp, if that's what you're looking for. Extacy users take it to minimize the hangover and restore their serotonin levels the day after they used extacy.

If you're looking for a good time, look into kratom and kava (root powder, not an extract). Both are widely available online.
>> No. 8996 [Edit]
Anymore info you can give us on this kratom or kava here? Like is it legal everywhere to buy, where to buy, how it feels, how to use it, ect.
>> No. 8998 [Edit]
>Anyone have any experience taking 5htp
I'm not even 100% sure what 5htp is, my man. After a quick google and Wikipedia search, I now understand it.

>or any over the counter stuff
I happen to be an expert on this subject. Drug-related rambling ahead.

When it comes to OTC highs, propylhexedrine [Benzedrex] reigns supreme. It's not a hallucinogen, but a stimulant - Basically meaning, it motivates you and gives you a killer buzz (drugs in this category include Vyvanse, Adderall, Ritalin (I would estimate at least a good 3rd of /tc/'s userbase has been prescribed these at one point) methamphetamine, cocaine, etc. with some drugs overlapping, like ecstasy, which can be considered a "psychedelic stimulant"). Some hate it, some love it. I am in the latter category, myself - The high is strong enough to effect me even when I get a nasty tolerance, and it's cheaper than most every street drug you can purchase. Back in school, I had to utilize these at least three times a week for "motivation". Nowadays, I'm not as mentally-dependent on them, and can use them for a nice high and/or creative wellspring. It's an extremely addictive high, though, despite the terrible taste and smell (enough to put a lesser man off of it). These can be purchased at Walgreens for just above 6 bucks, or Stop & Shop for just below 6 bucks. It has a cousin product, levometamfetamine [Vick's Vapor Inhalers, or whatever], a.k.a. l-methamphetamine, that is basically meth, just with some kind of isomer that prevents it from being meth. While it's about a dollar cheaper, it's not as potent as propylhexedrine. Best shell out the extra 100 pennies.

Other things you can find over the counter include DPH (except, you know, don't do DPH, it's beyond bad), DXM (I can't personally vouch for it, but I hear good things - There's a brohno or two who uses it quite a bit), and various "nootropics" (strictly in health-fanatic stores, the places you could buy 5htp, I imagine). Nootropics fascinate me, although personally, I've never tried them. These are the drugs for the modern age - They're supposed to work by boosting cognitive abilities and such. I think if any member of /tc/ (other than me, that is) was inclined to indulge in drugs, they would make fast friends with nootropics, although their recreational value is essentially nil.

Other than those, the chemically-inclined NEET can attempt to get a prescription, which is time-consuming, or one could order research chemicals online, which is the cheapest, albeit most dangerous route. I hear nothing but excellent things for self-purchases RC's, though - Despite the "prepackaged" (i.e. those "bath salts", "potpourri" and "incense" packs you can buy at a gas station) highs resulting in horrifying consequences - I think it's an issue of the consumer and the producer having a problem with moderation, but I digress. Research chemicals are the active ingredients in those "legal highs". Now, most of the time, those are shitty RC's that are bought for quantity over quality.

Oh, and due to the rambling nature of this post, I feel that it's important to mention that I am not high on propylhexedrine or any related drug right now.

Remember, safety first, all that stuff.

Kratom's legality, I imagine, is like salvia's - Legal in some states, not-so-legal in others. It's not quite an RC, but it's still a drug.

From Wikipedia: "Kratom is a controlled substance in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bhutan, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden (Mitragynin)as of writing."

So if you don't live any place listed above, you should be all good to get your nod on with Kratom.

Post edited on 19th Feb 2012, 5:11pm
>> No. 9002 [Edit]
I guess I should have been more specifics with my post and now that I look at it it is misleading. I was actually talking about over the counter stuff to treat depression and anxiety.
>> No. 9006 [Edit]
Nah, it's fine. I jumped the shark and all.

Anyway, if you're looking for something to sort of...cushion your depression, the nootropics I mentioned might be for you. They're sort of like supplements, just for your mind. I've never personally taken them, but there aren't really any negative reviews online, other than a mention I read about a combination of Vyvanse and piracetam slowly frying the brain (which is extremely positive in comparison to the "ice cream scoop" myth that is attached to almost every drug ever). I'd say give them a trial, if it wouldn't be that big of a deal - It's either going to stay the same or get better, y'know? I think you can order them online, or find them in health-food stores. Look for the brand name "Nootropyl".

Other than that, you can't really get genuine antidepressants and all, without a prescription usually.
>> No. 9009 [Edit]
>use them for a nice high and/or creative wellspring.
So, would you say that it enhances your creativity, or just motivates you to pursue creative activities?
>I jumped the shark and all.
I hate to be a pedant, but that phrase has a rather different meaning.
>> No. 9010 [Edit]
>So, would you say that it enhances your creativity, or just motivates you to pursue creative activities?
The latter more than the former, for sure. I'll just obsessively write for pages upon pages. I have about 50 pages in total from my propylhexedrine days. Try and get that out of me sober, and it's just...not happening.

>I hate to be a pedant, but that phrase has a rather different meaning.
My apologies.

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