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No. 20249 [Edit]
Hey guys, do you accept refugees? I used to use wizchan, but that place has gone down the gutter. I don't think I'll ever go back there. I understand if you'd like me to go somewhere else, because I hated when r9kers came to wizchan.
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>> No. 20250 [Edit]
Sure, but be aware for future references we don't much like 3d here. long as you can respect that I'm sure there'd be no problems.
>> No. 20251 [Edit]
You get banned for posting 3D on wizchan. I was the strongest supporter of the creation of that rule over there.
>> No. 20252 [Edit]
Since when does wizchan not like 3D? I thought the whole site was built around guys bitter because they couldn't get a 3dpd to call their own.
>> No. 20255 [Edit]
Nope. Wizardchan tolerated some of that. Wizchan was intended for people who do not desire gfs or any other trash. And when you said 3D, I didn't think you meant all 3D. On wizchan they only ban 3D being used in a sexual manner. Reaction images are still allowed there.
>> No. 20256 [Edit]
A lot of people here use this site as an escape from (all)3d and as such don't really like seeing it here. You could think of it as an escape from reality or a comfort zone if you will.
>> No. 20259 [Edit]
It's also an escape from hilarious memes.
>> No. 20260 [Edit]
That's perfect. I've been here a few times a long while ago. Not enough to fully familiarize myself with the rules. I'm glad I can escape reality here.
>> No. 20261 [Edit]
File 143502488767.png - (14.25KB , 134x110 , 1369317167800.png )
bitch nigger
>> No. 20262 [Edit]

Then you could, you know, read the rules. You'll even find out that what you did is not-so-welcome here (pysche!). We don't really mind 'outsiders' per se, though. Everybody was new at some point in time.
>> No. 20272 [Edit]
The thumbnail made that look like some weird horse faced girl.
>> No. 20284 [Edit]
I thought it was a fish face, myself.

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