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File 133785332493.png - (57.69KB , 442x553 , e3.png )
6691 No. 6691 [Edit]
Making a E3 thread all rumors,news,floor action and aftermath etc can be posted here.


E3 official:

Monday, June 4


Will be streamed on xbox paylive and SpikeTV.

Tuesday, June 5

Nintendo :

My guess nothing except for Call Of Duty and Wii U.

Post edited on 24th May 2012, 4:16am
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>> No. 6692 [Edit]
I hope for some GIANT ENEMY CRAB from Sony. Otherwise it looks bad and I don't mean the good kind of bad, I mean the boring kind of bad.
>> No. 6695 [Edit]
My predictions:

Sony will do something related to a new console/big IP, but the announcement will be ridiculously bad and it will be a new meme to make fun of it.
Microsoft will be boring Kinect shit, not even worth joking about.
Nintendo will steal the show. I'm interested to see if they will start to talk more about Japanese games considering the success of Xenoblade and Last Story, hopefully a Fire Emblem Awakening US release date.

Pretty similar to every other E3, I guess.
>> No. 6697 [Edit]
My guess is pretty much this.
>> No. 6698 [Edit]
I'm not expecting a lot from Nintendo.

Crazy bet: Microsoft will have realized that motion controls are played out and Kinect will be a minor part of their program.
>> No. 6699 [Edit]
I only look forward to E3 now to see the groan worthy dumb crap the companies decide to do. I think it was last year they were showing off some sort of heart monitor attachment for the wii, what
>> No. 6700 [Edit]
File 133788078845.jpg - (115.23KB , 610x599 , JY96e.jpg )
"I wanna see better graphics covered more than anything! On my 7 year old hardware!!"
>> No. 6701 [Edit]
As always, I expect Nintendo fanboys to expect big awesome things from E3, while calling the other guys shit and/or making fun of them as they convince themselves they're not acting like the retarded fanboys they are.
>> No. 6702 [Edit]
Screw the fucking graphics. I want fun games. I just want something fun to waste my life on or waste a couple of hours of my worthless god damned life.

Don't expect too much from jews.

Don't you start shit!
>> No. 6703 [Edit]
I think the word you're looking for is 'continue'
>> No. 6704 [Edit]
I had no idea console fanboys even still existed. I guess I don't get out on the internet much. Regardless, please don't act like children about consumer products. Let's just take in the humor of what the video games industry has become and MAYBE be surprised if something looks cool

Post edited on 24th May 2012, 11:16am
>> No. 6705 [Edit]
File 133788423157.png - (70.05KB , 450x325 , 1223294251314.png )

This. Let's be civil. Please. For a place that can take it easy /tc/ is really bad at discussing anything related to consoles, somebody always has to push it into console war direction.

I hope you'll have fun playing games on your system of choice.
>> No. 6715 [Edit]
>no Gradius fans?
>> No. 6729 [Edit]
File 133831456037.jpg - (191.50KB , 1920x1191 , v1iQ9.jpg )
Hitman nooooo
>> No. 6731 [Edit]
haha, so much for that series.
>> No. 6732 [Edit]

This looks horrible.
>> No. 6733 [Edit]
It's weird how every single bit of new info about Absolution is worse than the last. It's like they're doing this on purpose
>> No. 6736 [Edit]
Hitman Absolution - Attack of the Saints Trailer

Nuns in leather?
>> No. 6737 [Edit]
It's latex, man.
>> No. 6739 [Edit]
I'm so mad I think my rage has rolled over and now I am indifferent. Is this what being a grownup is like
>> No. 6741 [Edit]
why does a secret assassin organization dress in flashy outfits and use a rocket launcher in broad daylight. why do they make it a point to show 47 getting rid of his conspicuous barcode tattoo, and then show one of the members with a giant SECRET ORGANIZATION tattoo on her arm. why am i still alive
>> No. 6742 [Edit]
becuase 13 year old boys think it's kool.
>> No. 6743 [Edit]
Sega E3 lineup:
Aliens: Colonial Marines
The Cave
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
Jet Set Radio
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
>> No. 6745 [Edit]

>Is this what being a grownup is like

This isn exactly what being a grownup is all about.
>> No. 6746 [Edit]
Did you mean to type is or isn't, now I'm confused!
>> No. 6747 [Edit]
File 133849410788.jpg - (29.16KB , 525x700 , gxn.jpg )

Microsoft will show very little outside of Kinect. They will show Halo 4 to assure us all they haven't forgotten how to do something that doesn't require you to flail around like an idiot. Halo 4 will have Kinect support. If we're lucky they'll do something stupider than last year, like flood the theater waist deep with water and release tiger sharks.

Sony will get up on stage an promptly forget why it's there. Maybe Jack will be drunk again. They will show primarily Vita things, few of which will be worth getting excited about. The Last of Us will get another trailer. The Last Guardian will not be present at all.

Nintendo will show us all how well the Wii U plays the games that we've already played on other systems. Maybe throw out a bone in the form of a new Metroid or some other IP they've run into the ground.
>> No. 6748 [Edit]
What funny things happened at last year's E3? I can't really remember because the last few years have kind of melded together for me
>> No. 6750 [Edit]

Is. Is. It was supposed to be is.
>> No. 6754 [Edit]
Rehashes and spaghetti: part deux
>> No. 6756 [Edit]


More like lesbillion.
>> No. 6757 [Edit]
File 13387634974.png - (80.25KB , 575x351 , zuaG1.png )
The non-tablet wii u controller is basically an xbox controller with the buttons and right stick swapped
>> No. 6758 [Edit]

To be fair the Xbox 360 controller is basically a gamecube controller with a better looking design.
>> No. 6760 [Edit]
Oh wow they actually made a controller that might make some games playable.

Congrats nintendo!
>> No. 6762 [Edit]
File 133880145684.png - (394.71KB , 1038x682 , 1338791134947.png )
I hope I can continue to use my red wii controller PRO because that seems to be sucky at playing retro/platformer games.
>> No. 6763 [Edit]
video-chat with old men in the Miiverse"
>> No. 6764 [Edit]

What the fuck? How do you go from the near perfect Wavebird to that retarded left analog placement and retarded symetrical button placement? The best thing about Wavebird was the asymetrical button placement.


That's exactly what I mean.

Honestly, my dream controller would be Wavebird with 360's triggers.
>> No. 6765 [Edit]
Old men...are the future!
>> No. 6766 [Edit]
File 133883475016.jpg - (71.10KB , 475x356 , 1338829465197.jpg )

>> No. 6767 [Edit]
Yep, my thoughts exactly on most of Microsoft's conference.
>> No. 6768 [Edit]
Sums things up pretty well
>> No. 6769 [Edit]
I like symmetry, but not so much people who bitch about it.
Just buy one of the many third party controllers that will come out for the piece of crap system if you don't like the default controller and shut the hell up about it already.
>> No. 6770 [Edit]
File 133883567661.png - (10.88KB , 306x443 , QHmF7.png )
>> No. 6774 [Edit]
Wow... I feel kind of bad about oversleeping and missing how bad it was now.
>> No. 6775 [Edit]
I'm fairly sure that poll is a result of typical 4channer vote spamming/script kiddying but yeah it was really bad
>> No. 6776 [Edit]
File 133883803111.png - (229.25KB , 461x375 , Skärmbild från 2012-06-04 21:24:05.png )
I enjoyed CryMetroid:Battle Of The Spacepirates trailer.
>> No. 6777 [Edit]
File 133883865093.png - (46.12KB , 256x303 , questions.png )
Videogames all look the same to me now. The only ones that look different from the others are the sports games
>> No. 6778 [Edit]
EA's conference was pretty bad. Lots of shitbookgames and sports.

The new Sim City game they're working on might be cool though, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
>> No. 6779 [Edit]
Dead Space is a co-op cover shooter now for some reason
>> No. 6780 [Edit]
Whenever I see hardcore brown military shooters now all I think about is how the oreimo PSP game was the number 5 top seller in the world a few weeks ago and I have a good laugh
>> No. 6781 [Edit]
and mario party was number 4
>> No. 6782 [Edit]
>> No. 6783 [Edit]
That was the coolest game of the show so far, but only because I could probably identify it if you showed me screenshots of it. Everything else has been generic FPS up and down. Still not gonna play it though because ubisoft
>> No. 6784 [Edit]
Too bad it's a generic third person shooter.
>> No. 6785 [Edit]
File 133886450132.jpg - (140.38KB , 730x883 , playstation battle.jpg )
>> No. 6786 [Edit]
I heard Sam has a different voice in the new splinter cell because Michael Ironside didn't like what he was seeing and opted out.
>> No. 6787 [Edit]
It's changed now but I can confirm that this was totally real
>> No. 6788 [Edit]
quicktime shootinghacking was a turnoff for me but the vision of everybody as a walking stasiprofile was neat. Still no "Agent" from Rockstar this year either.

Too bad Devil May Cry look like shit.

>My name is Dante.
>But you can call me Dante the demon killer.
>> No. 6789 [Edit]
Oh god.
And I thought Dante was annoying in DMC3...
But no, this is worse. This is much, much worse.

Post edited on 5th Jun 2012, 8:54am
>> No. 6791 [Edit]
>> No. 6792 [Edit]
File 13389188774.jpg - (257.48KB , 965x539 , reggie face.jpg )
>> No. 6793 [Edit]

DMC 5 featuring TF2 scout.
>> No. 6794 [Edit]

Technically Nintendo was talking about games. Minigames.

This year has been awful. As expected I guess. Microsoft was the worst, no doubt about it. Nintendo was slightly better than Sony but this means nothing because Sony was horseshit.
>> No. 6796 [Edit]
One of the games is literally subtitled "Warfighter". It's like we are in a TV show's parody of video games
>> No. 6798 [Edit]
yeah. you never played GRAW? its a great franchise
>> No. 6799 [Edit]
I'm sorry.

Post edited on 5th Jun 2012, 8:14pm
>> No. 6801 [Edit]
>> No. 6802 [Edit]
File 133900918578.jpg - (181.34KB , 656x338 , yoshi.jpg )
>> No. 6803 [Edit]
I thought that I might've been one of the few people to see that baby yoshi with Down's syndrome.

I wonder if the puzzle panel will have Down's syndrome baby yoshi in it
>> No. 6804 [Edit]
He doesn't have downs syndrome, the blue toad has simply brought him to ahegao
>> No. 6805 [Edit]
everybody knows blue yoshis ejaculate bubbles from their mouths
>> No. 6806 [Edit]
How lewd~

It's very odd!
>> No. 6807 [Edit]
To be honest, that game looks like something that they copy and pasted from some movie.
>> No. 6810 [Edit]
File 13390908117.gif - (1.87MB , 350x263 , MdVm3.gif )
>> No. 8295 [Edit]
File 136922281787.jpg - (137.96KB , 400x329 , 070629smash4.jpg )
Predictions of E3 2013 ?

Sony brings the biggest guns but is overshadowed by Nintendos reveal of Super Smash Wii U
>> No. 8296 [Edit]


Even though it exceeds the boundaries of my imagination I get a feeling that Sony will actually manage to produce a conference even worse than M$'s newest masterpiece. Hopefully they'll talk about shitbookor something.
M$ will be busy talking about their newest TV shows.
Nintendo won't show jack's shit for 55 straight minutes, they will announce some two-three rehashes right at the end and that'll be it.
So excited.
>> No. 8297 [Edit]
As long as sony doesn't announce some sort of used game blocker for their system there's no way they can do worse than M$.
>> No. 8298 [Edit]
I predict it will be shit, like it is every year
>> No. 8299 [Edit]
Ninty will do their boring speech, then blow away everybody with awesome games.

IDC about the others.
>> No. 8337 [Edit]
E3 streaming schedule
>> No. 8338 [Edit]
The ``Xbone” will be $499 US dollars.
>> No. 8339 [Edit]
Same price as the 20bg version of the PS3 when it lunched. I wonder if we're going to see the same type of bitching and complaining about the price or if we'll see hypocrites eat it up even though this one really does has no games but rather focuses on letting you watch tv.
>> No. 8340 [Edit]
Sony took a big shit on Microsoft.
>> No. 8342 [Edit]

It's cool how saying "we wont take away your basic consumer rights" is all it takes to win
>> No. 8343 [Edit]
>> No. 8344 [Edit]
I still have a huge ps2, ds, and psp game backlog...
>> No. 8346 [Edit]

Four hundred and ninety nine US dollars.
I'll be shocked if they'll actually manage to compete against Sony after all the shit they've done lately.
>> No. 8349 [Edit]
RIP Xbox 15 November 2001 to 11 June 2013

Microsoft, changing your usage policy won't save you now.
>> No. 8353 [Edit]
File 137097972725.jpg - (12.66KB , 460x276 , WiiFit460x276.jpg )
what the hell? my wiifitfu joins smash bros
>> No. 8357 [Edit]

Not sure whether that's retarded or awesome. Probably a bit of both.
>> No. 8358 [Edit]
File 137098349871.png - (644.68KB , 853x479 , Barbara.png )
I was confused initially as well, and as of now I'm still not sure of how I should feel.

I think that Ninty showed some good stuff, though.
>> No. 8360 [Edit]
File 137099356165.jpg - (7.86KB , 317x159 , images.jpg )
Fairy's now a type.
>> No. 8361 [Edit]
That had been speculated for a while now.

"Super effective against dragon" is the part that makes that new type interesting.
>> No. 8362 [Edit]
damn, I should have bought stock in Sony back in December when their shares tanked and everyone was saying that the entire company was doomed.
>> No. 8364 [Edit]
I just realized the possible genius behind Sony's actions here. This is all speculation, but I bet Sony released their plans for a used game sharing prevention system knowing microsoft would follow suit if they thought sony was going to do it also. Sony also probably knew Microsoft was going to want to release their system and specs first since the head start will give them a large advantage. All they had to do was wait and see if Microsoft would put restrictions on used games and announce they wouldn't. Microsoft now releasing sony's bait and switch tried to change their stance as >>8349 pointed out but it's too late now.

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