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File 142337373976.jpg - (122.17KB , 1400x989 , Top10-Anime-2014-10.jpg )
26191 No. 26191 [Edit]
if there were actual girls on tohno-chan, what would you say to them?
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>> No. 26193 [Edit]
>> No. 26194 [Edit]
nothing in particular to be honest.

l must admit that l find it hard to believe for a girl to lurk around such places but you never know.
>> No. 26195 [Edit]
How did you cross the dimensional divide?
>> No. 26196 [Edit]
I don't think pure 2d girls would be browsing a site like tc
>> No. 26197 [Edit]
Well where would 'actual girls' come from then? Not like there's any in the 3D world.
>> No. 26198 [Edit]
good point...
>> No. 26201 [Edit]

Tomoko Kuroki might.
>> No. 26206 [Edit]
3D trash doesn't belong here, so those stupid bitch pigs can fuck off.

2D wouldn't touch this site because they're too pure for this.

I honestly don't know if Tomoko counts as pure. She's just come here and shit on us if she were to feel like it. In fact, she's probably say something like: "Hey, why don't you loser have 3DPDs? I'm a girl, y'know?" Then she'll get banned and when she sees the screen she'll probably yell something like: "That's why you losers are going to die alone!" along with maybe "Damn otaku trash deserve all of the sadness and pain they feel!". Since that's the kind of girl she is.
>> No. 26207 [Edit]

If I lived in the 2D world I'd want Tomoko to make fun of me.
>> No. 26208 [Edit]
I'd just like to say: DAT ASS.

Isn't this a /fb/ thread? You could have said girls on imageboards in general.

As for the topic; as long as the kind of content they use isn't catered to they'll likely never stay. Closest thing to that is probably /so/.
As far as it goes I'd support banning them on the spot like the underaged.
The only reason someone would even bother to mention their gender is to troll anyways.
>> No. 26210 [Edit]
Hey guys I'm a guy, give me attention plz?
>> No. 26213 [Edit]
How fucked up are you to come here willingly? It's like a voluntary prison.
>> No. 26226 [Edit]
File 142351826994.png - (54.64KB , 452x102 , hosaka.png )
that could hold true for anyone regardless of gender
also posting from a page with MY banner up at the top.
>> No. 26227 [Edit]
I sometimes see banners I've made, but see no reason to comment about it in the posts I make.
>> No. 26228 [Edit]
You just did
>> No. 26229 [Edit]
got me there
>> No. 26238 [Edit]
You got it all wrong, she would pretty much act like regular here.
>> No. 26239 [Edit]
>act like regular here.
Damn grammar error. I'm too tired for this shit.
>> No. 26244 [Edit]
Men often have a bigger standard deviation when studying male/female relations. Meaning you have more brilliant men, and more utterly retarded men. Women come out average at a much higher rate. For a woman to be as useless as us would be a lot rarer.
>> No. 26248 [Edit]
thats nice, but you didn't reply about my epic banner
>> No. 26249 [Edit]
Your banner is pretty shit.

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