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File 131625325095.jpg - (96.54KB , 500x200 , 784.jpg )
4732 No. 4732 [Edit]

Thoughts on this anyone?
>> No. 4733 [Edit]
Well then, I'll just pirate the games I want.
>> No. 4734 [Edit]
the article doesnt say no more japanese games in the west
infact none of the information in it is particularly new for anyone who knows anything about japanese entertainment, we know what moe is and we know that japs are xenophiles
>> No. 4735 [Edit]
>> No. 4736 [Edit]
Moe is the new kawaii?
Every single Japanese person is a salaryman (that works overtime)?
Experienced western gamers can't appreciate cute or silly Japanese games?
All Western games are bad and none of them were ever successful in Japan and vice versa?

I think not.

In fact, I think there might be a misunderstanding of what Western gamers really want. Sure the casual market will still eat those Call of Duty games, which will create a kind of cacophony that hides the real gamers under it. More refined gamers know where the fun is at and most can't import Japanese games because they simply don't know Japanese. I know there are a lot of Westerners that appreciate nip games, far far more than the Western publishers think there are. Pretty much everyone here on Tohno-chan is a person like that, to give an example.
>> No. 4737 [Edit]
>What franchise has been as successful as Pokémon?
>What moe characters have had the cultural impact of those of Sailor Moon
He can't be serious. Does he really not see how moé both of those are?
>> No. 4738 [Edit]
How does a market that doesn't appeal to America become a failing market? Does the US not working to produce games the Japanese to enjoy make it a failing market then?

I don't know, the article had plenty of misinformation. I could swear this writer is one of those guys on /v/ who swears by western games only. For some reason, anti-Japanese sentiment as really grown on plenty of websites recently.
>> No. 4739 [Edit]
the west is terrible and video games are dying, nothing I didn't know already
>> No. 4740 [Edit]
this article is odd, I have been given the impression of that the older Japanese population is also failing the domestic market With a smaller younger niched audience.

The western audience are tired with endless grinding JRPGs and have been demanding more "fun" "creative" "FPS"(derp)and "social experiences". I love japanese original IPs and platformers, but sqaureenix is one of the that has been making these succcesful games with androgynous characters a big stamp "all Japanese games are like this" for newcomers

People want games like their porn quick and satisfactory.

Post edited on 17th Sep 2011, 12:26pm
>> No. 4741 [Edit]
America only cares about America and American things, anything else pisses them off.
>> No. 4743 [Edit]
PSP games, PSP games everywhere (that won't sell shit in the west).

Fuck, there's like only a handful of worthwhile Japanese PS3/360 games out there. Way less than last gen, most Japan only as well. Plenty of awesome PSP games though.

>> No. 4746 [Edit]
The lack of quirky Japanese games has been noticeable.

This may be why I don't play too many games anymore. The "my console is better than yours! Nu-huh! Fuck you! No fuck you!" bullshit didn't help any.

Honestly gamers are as annoying, possibly more so, that sports fans now.

Add to that the focus on online games these days, and I say forget it. Live in the olden days for me.
Skyward Sword, and Skyrim are all I am going to buy this year.
>> No. 4747 [Edit]
I only care about skyrim for the mods, specifically mods that make the MC into a cute 2D-looking girl (which is why I'll wait a month or so for the Christmas steam sale to get it, lots of mods by then).

The only way for me to play a western game, a major western game, is to make it more Japanese. Funny.

Post edited on 18th Sep 2011, 4:26pm
>> No. 4750 [Edit]
>For some reason, anti-Japanese sentiment as really grown on plenty of websites recently.

Huh, where? You sure you aren't just being paranoid?
>> No. 4751 [Edit]
I still browse 4chan every now and again, and you literally cannot make a thread on a Japanese game that isn't Demon Souls or something pandering to the US, without getting "weeaboo shit".
>> No. 4758 [Edit]
Just filter the word weeaboo and any misspellings of it. Most people just hate on Japanese stuff because it's considered weird by the general consensus.

And they only like Demon's Souls because it's hard, low on story and doesn't have an anime art style. If it was the same game, but with a slightly more anime-ish art style (not super moe), they wouldn't praise it.
>> No. 4759 [Edit]
I love you guys, but... I'm sorry to say, but some of you are really blind, let's start with this, please read it carefully, especially the part about actually making games in Japan:

Also Yu Suzuki recently left Sega, a dude that worked YEARS at this company and has started now a new indie studio.

You can't deny that there is something going on in the japanese gaming industry. I have reached a point in my life where I only care for Cave shmups, my Disgea fix and Visual Novels (and a little Puzzle Game/ Mahjong here and there). Cave is turning more and more into a handheld company and Visual Novels are pretty much the only thing I'm keeping myself up-to-date now. There is ZERO announcements for new shmups for consoles or arcades in 2012 so far and even on 2ch there is a huge thread about the dead of the STG genre.

So yeah, while I welcome the fact that the industry is going to make more VN and eroge in the future and the fact that they HAVE to listen what the fans says instead of dictating them what the *casual* gamer wants and raping their favourite franchise (the new Syndicate will be a FPS, wtf), the shmuper in my heart is a little sad about this direction.

Now that the 360 is officially dead in Japan I accepted the fact to play the shit out of my 360 collection until it dies or me starting to get bored by them and transfer to emulate my shmups via mame and demul(hopefully) and completely abandon modern gaming. Apart from fapping and VN, shmups are one of the few things that distract me from the great black void that stares me in the face every waking hour.

>I know there are a lot of Westerners that appreciate nip games, far far more than the Western publishers think there are. Pretty much everyone here on Tohno-chan is a person like that, to give an example.

Really dude, really?

OK, I'm looking at the first site of /vg/ and aside from this thread I see:

- a PSVita thread
- a ranting about Xbox360 thread
- a Minecraft thread
- a Saint's Row 2 thread
- a Skyrim thread
- a Final Fantasy 14 thread
- a Dwarf Fortress thread
- a Dead Island thread
- a Gamestop thread
- a Deus Ex: HR thread

The PSVita and the FF14 are the only *japanese* vidya threads, on a so-called dedicated-to-japanese-stuff site. No offense, but when it already looks like this HERE, how do you imagine does it looks in the majority of peoples minds?

Post edited on 19th Sep 2011, 11:30am
>> No. 4767 [Edit]
In my opinion, the west is missing out on a lot of games. Not all eastern games are moe JRPGs and such. There are plenty of good games like Hungry Ghosts and Shadow Tower Abyss that we never got.
>> No. 4768 [Edit]
But it's true, read the comments on the link in OP's post.
There are plenty of ignorant people giving Japanese games crap for all being 'porn games with faggot kids with big hair and over sized swords'.
The irony nearly kills me when people that buy madden games or who might be looking forward to call of duty 16, are saying Japanese games are repetitious.
>> No. 4769 [Edit]
If you read the threads around here, you'd be surprised by how much people are begging the gaming gods for loli mods.
and like, have you seen the screen caps in the Minecraft thread of stuff people have made on this site's Minecraft server?

Post edited on 20th Sep 2011, 12:03am
>> No. 4770 [Edit]
the most popular distinctively japanese games are jrpgs, which are more at home with the gaia entry-level weeaboo crowd than people on TC. other japanese games like shooters and fighters are more niche and don't neccessarily overlap with anime watchers. I think its a folly to assume people here would have an interest in all things japanese. Gamers who like shooters or fighters wont neccessarily like anime and anime watchers wont neccessarily like japanese games, or any games at all. Seeing tohno-chan is basically an /a/ split it isn't surprising that anime is the most popular thing here
>> No. 4772 [Edit]

>You can't deny that there is something going on in the japanese gaming industry.

I can. Nothing is going on in the Japanese gaming industry. See, I denied it just now.

The thing is that's exactly the problem. Japanese games haven't evolved the least bit over the course of last ~15 years. For the better or the worse the games are more or less the same as they were on SNES/PS except the graphics are better. I'll take that over the general direction the Western devs are seemingly taking (as in going backwards - simplifying everything and making games easier doesn't sound like fun to me) but when I'm playing Japanese games I often can't shake the 'hey, I think I played this one already' feeling.

>on a so-called dedicated-to-japanese-stuff site

First time I heard about it.


>In my opinion, the East is missing out on a lot of games. Not all Western games are brown'n'bloom FPSs and such. There are plenty of good games like [x]* and Shadow [y]* that they never got.

* sorry, I'm not following stuff like that but I bet there were quite a few great games that never made it to Japan
>> No. 4774 [Edit]
yeah but this isn't about other country's game industrys cutting off japan.

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