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No. 17435 [Edit]
So my one year anniversary is approaching with my waifu, and yet, I don't really feel anything. It seems like i've kinda lost all the previous feelings i've had for her, and yet, there's still some lingering affection for her still. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else, and if so, what ended up happening?
>> No. 17436 [Edit]
Nobody can 'stay' in love forever, that's a fact, we can't help falling in love nor when those feelings will start fading away.

However that doesn't mean that you would abandon your signifacnt other, there are more things beyond love, such as devotion, gratitude and respect for her, think about how much she changed your life and the things you did after you found her, if you can still be loyal to her after considering all of this then you'll understand.
>> No. 17440 [Edit]
I'm going through the same thing. While I don't feel a burning desire and love for her anymore, I still feel deep affection for her. It's normal, and you should not force yourself to "reclaim" that time you had, the honey moon phase. I would say this is where you truly begin to fall in love with someone, being to able love them for who they are, unswayed by the hormones that run rampant through the first year or so of falling in love with someone.

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