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File 139828128741.png - (154.23KB , 767x700 , it's fixed love.png )
19142 No. 19142 [Edit]
Since /a/ is down why don't we a civilised discussion about anime here ?
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>> No. 19144 [Edit]
File 139828145990.jpg - (21.56KB , 328x400 , tatsuya.jpg )
Why is Mahouka AOTS?

Tatsuya is an upstanding, hard-working and disciplined healthy young man.

He reads books on how he could improve his CAD in his spare time when he's not at school.
He is knowledgeable and inquisitive, always putting his duties before anything else.

He has a strong sense of aesthetics, making him a true connoisseur and gentleman.
He is also very blessed with natural handsomeness and a sharp mind which only contributes to his sheer perfection.

Nevertheless, he does not once display signs of arrogance or neglectfulness and prefers modesty and organization instead.

Though he might lack in skill regarding traditional magic, he makes up for that with his amazing personality and thoughtfulness.

His classmates surely must be thankful to have such an upstanding, hard-working and disciplined healthy young like Tatsuya among them, a perfect role model to look up to and appreciate.

What an upstanding, hard-working and disciplined healthy young man Tatsuya is. We all should aspire to become such upstanding, hard-working and disciplined healthy young men like Tatsuya.
>> No. 19146 [Edit]
I expected animals
>> No. 19147 [Edit]
Oh come on stop shitposting
>> No. 19149 [Edit]
They are a bunch of horsefuckers.
>> No. 19151 [Edit]
Fuck your shit bitch nigga.
>> No. 19152 [Edit]
Maybe you need a bit more love?
>> No. 19154 [Edit]
It's just something to differentiate from /a/ and prevent possible confusion.
>> No. 19156 [Edit]
/a/ joins and post quality jumps off a cliff - What a surprise

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