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File 138924891832.jpg - (365.74KB , 850x544 , sample_40351890d9453ea28250f4cbbb73507b.jpg )
14104 No. 14104 [Edit]
not sure if I should just scroll down and try to find the thread I should bump, but how much effort do you guys spend on your waifu daily/weekly? I average maybe 3-4 faps (just imagination as material before sleep/nap) a week, although admittedly most of my faps are from imagination and I sometimes fap imagining Madoka or Kyoko because they're just too cute... Anyways besides that it's just plenty of snuggling (with my dakimakura/daydreaming for me, and I've written fanfictions from time to time in this 2 year plus relationship... Since I live in the college dorms I don't really have the confidence to bring out my dakimakura and eat with it haha.
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>> No. 14105 [Edit]
>Since I live in the college dorms I don't really have the confidence to bring out my dakimakura and eat with it haha.

You don't have to; That can be considered attention whoring.
>> No. 14106 [Edit]
File 13892869634.png - (141.27KB , 400x400 , 100.png )
As I stated in the New Years thread, I've been trying to do at least one thing a week with my partner. So far we've read a book, listened to a lot of music, (re)watched some anime, and started a manga. ...I didn't realize it had been that much already, no wonder I've been feeling so close to him the past few days. It's interesting hearing his responses to things, which are sometimes markedly different from my own (mostly things to do with childhood as our upbringings were vastly different).

I recently had been doing a lot of meta/character building stuff but it comes out on its own when I'm doing things with Keisuke. I do still think about his role and such in canon, however. I check for new fanart once or more a day usually although it matters less to me than it used to, now that Keisuke is becoming even more of a distinct entity in my mind, that is my Keisuke so to speak.

We're as anxious to talk about our sex life as I'm sure most of you are to read it.

>> No. 14107 [Edit]
File 13892960513.jpg - (130.37KB , 595x822 , 12c0a22b374fc41bfcee9d1f0effb331c1a13a9f.jpg )
I've been thinking about her a lot more over the past month or so. Before I'd say it was only around 2-3 times a week, but now it's pretty much daily.

In terms of effort, I've been getting back into running on a more regular basis. There was a time where I used to do it every other day, but now I'm going for at least once a week this month, to ease myself back into it, which has been going well so far.

It helps having her with me, it's a big motivator, personally.
>> No. 14108 [Edit]
Lol during the first several months I'd always be thinking of Homura whenever I was bored in class, which was really often... Now I guess I think of other lolis or more random stuff in addition to waifu fantasies. I don't really think that it's healthy for me personally to fixate on any one thought as my mind naturally tends to drift...
>> No. 14109 [Edit]
Ideally? Some time right after waking up, some time in the afternoon while reading/watching something, some time idle chatting during coffee/tea time and then more chattering until the first of us falls asleep in the evening.
But in the last few months I've been waking up too late, blasting the day away doing mostly unproductive stuff and sleeping like a log right away at night, I'd estimate barely dedicating one hour a day for her.
>> No. 14110 [Edit]

For me it's probably 60-90 minutes atm, at my peak it was 2-3 hours as I still played plenty of useless video games, mostly daydreaming and cuddling on the bed.
>> No. 14119 [Edit]
File 138938959563.jpg - (100.14KB , 600x643 , crop.jpg )
24/7. She is always with me, no matter where I am, and such company is what I want. I don't really need any sort of communication. I just enjoy her company and this feeling of knowing she is right next to me is enough to make me happy.

Post edited on 10th Jan 2014, 11:42pm
>> No. 14129 [Edit]

So thinking of your waifu doesn't distract you from school, work, conversations with real people, your hobbies or anything in life? A lot of times when I go into daydreaming mode I'm incapable of doing anything else ahha...

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