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File 136069965222.png - (89.86KB , 500x500 , fragezeichenmädchen argentinien.png )
20589 No. 20589 [Edit]
Do you read or write fanfiction? Your thoughts on it? Anything you really enjoyed or are currently reading?

On a related note, I found a really terrible one based on summary alone. I'm afraid to actually read it.

"Sex. Love. Centaur hookers. Thestral raccoons. SCVs. Monocles of destruction. Hermione. Jim Raynor. Zerglings. Hogwarts students vs. zerglings. The Hyperion. And a love that transcends dimensions. This story has everything you want . . . and more."
>> No. 20590 [Edit]
I absolutely love Peter Chimera's work, but I can't find it in myself to read real fanfiction.
>> No. 20592 [Edit]
No, I don't. Most of those stories are really shitty and I don't like wasting time on pointless things.
>> No. 20593 [Edit]
Some are good enough to put under "guilty pleasure" or make you think "if only the author used that talent for original work" at least. Better than certain published authors as well, hell some published authors have admitted to writing fanfics under pseudonyms as practice or for leisure.

Besides, haven't you ever wanted more of a certain story or series after it already ended? Or wanted something about it fixed? Fanfic fills that hole for me. As long as you avoid certain irredeemably tainted fandoms like Sonic or Naruto you'll have skipped at least two-thirds of the trash out there.

Post edited on 12th Feb 2013, 1:06pm
>> No. 20594 [Edit]
I mean, there are hidden gems out there like an inspired Welcome to the NHK/Black Lagoon crossover or a serious take on the Ghostbusters encountering Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo.
>> No. 20596 [Edit]
I have more fun with this:

>> No. 20597 [Edit]
the only fanfiction I've enjoyed is Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. but it becomes less and less about Harry Potter as the story continues.
>> No. 20598 [Edit]
I gave up on that thing after the first few chapters. The rationality in the title is merely code for the author's autism.
>> No. 20601 [Edit]
I wrote one once. About excel saga.

Considered writing about my own grail war, but I think everyone who's a fate fan does that anyway.

I don't read them, because there's a fair amount of crap to sift through. And I'm lazy. As for writing, the pressure to get the characters right is just too much for the most part. And to make something bad is an insult to the original creators.
>> No. 20602 [Edit]
Don't like them. When I want to read shitty fanwank stories, I read doujinshi because they have pretty images and aren't as stupid at least
>> No. 20604 [Edit]
>> No. 20627 [Edit]
Yumi looks terrible with bleached hair and those contacts.

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