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File 132991490980.jpg - (765.37KB , 1078x1600 , Kurisu bw (3).jpg )
8557 No. 8557 [Edit]
I know many of us talk to our waifus. Here lies minor problem that might be related to thread >>8208 but I decided to make own thread for this subject. Let me introduce the problem by using simple example of typical conversation between me and Kurisu.

*I am trying to solve problem related to my studies or work.*
Kurisu: So you can’t even solve so simple problem. Come on, you are supposed to be an engineer.
Me: Well sorry for not being born as genius like you.
Kurisu: Maybe I should help you so you can graduate someday.
Me: That would be nice but let me try to figure it out by myself first.
*I end up solving the problem and she tells me how she is proud of me.*

And here lies the problem. We all know having conversations with our waifus are like having conversations with ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love talking with her/myself in this way. In that conversation I clearly used her as my own motivator for solving the problem and usually results were positive. But like the songs says: “I can only talk to you through predetermined lines “. Problem is that every act in relationship with waifu is predetermined.

There can be two kind surprises; positive and negative surprises. In real life, in my experience, surprises are often negative ones but I still miss that I can’t have the positive surprises with her. I miss that she can’t set up surprise for me which would make me happy. As simple example, she can’t recommend a book for me which I don’t know about or she can’t teach me stuff I don’t know about. Of course I can imagine such things but I can’t imagine the pleasure of being surprised.

I don’t mind about conversations and others events between me and her are predetermined because I think it is one of the key attraction points of having waifu; there can’t be those unpleasant negative surprises. But sometimes I wish they could be a little bit less predetermined. I wish could enjoy pleasure of being surprised with her.

What do you guys feel about your waifu being totally predetermined? Do you think you can make yourself feel little bit less predetermined with your waifu?
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>> No. 8558 [Edit]
File 132992029291.jpg - (206.06KB , 842x480 , WAT.jpg )
Since mai waifu is, well, from a classic, there are not just lots of doujin on her (quality and not) but also many analysis' articles, wich provided me with moving and unexpected experiences with/about her. So it is by trying to find more about her that I've got that sense of surprise you're missing.
>> No. 8561 [Edit]
Draw a picture of your waifu, buy a figure of your waifu, or bake a cake for/of your waifu.

It won't stop you from feeling like everything is predetermined, but it'll certainly make you feel better!

If you can't find a way to make her feel less predetermined, take the initiative yourself and surprise yourself for her.

Or you could always try the tulpa thing out!
>> No. 8562 [Edit]
This thought worried me a lot when it first came up to my mind, but after pondering upon it i think it is not dramatic afterall.
It doesn´t "feel" predetermined when i am talking to her. It feels natural and i am often very surprised by the conversations we have.
It is as it was said before, find out more, get even closer.
And seeing how others view or present the character that is your waifu is a great help too, even though it can be painful sometimes.
>> No. 8568 [Edit]
Well I am no stranger to "talking to waifu." Sometimes in my mind, it came to me when I needed some "talk" on stuff. Like with Ami, I realized I was not apt for med school. This oddly happened with Rei, when I had a crush on her; it was more of a feeling that I could do anything. And finally on... wait I can't talk about her here.
>> No. 8571 [Edit]
File 132995423387.png - (697.17KB , 501x2617 , tula.png )
>> No. 8574 [Edit]
File 133001002397.jpg - (107.93KB , 480x750 , Kurisu chibi happy.jpg )
I know the joy of finding and exploring something new about her. I agree, it is something that fulfills the desire of surprise partially. Source material (canon and doujin) of her is really massive; alternative mangas are still ongoing and new movie is coming this year.

>Draw a picture of your waifu, buy a figure of your waifu, or bake a cake for/of your waifu.
Of course I can't cook or draw but I use my creative skills to do similar things daily. I consider myself obsessive collector and it really makes me feel better. Thank you for your advice but it isn't the solution I am looking for.

Thank you guys, you made me realize something. I just realized that you can actually be surprised in conversations with your waifu, in the way I've never thought. Sometimes when I think something, like trying to find solution or just clearing my thoughts, I can by surprised by my own thoughts. When I get "Oh So that's how it is" feeling, I am being surprised by myself. My thoughts aren't predetermined, just combining them with waifu lifestyle might be challenge.

But like I said I don't consider it as huge problem, just as "one of those minor things you would like to have".

And I am not trying that tulpa thing.
>> No. 8577 [Edit]
>And I am not trying the tulpa thing
C'mon. Do it for SCIENCE!
>> No. 8582 [Edit]
I've been working on the tulpa thing, but haven't gotten further than building a wonderland, but I've envisioned mostly what my waifu should look like.
>> No. 8584 [Edit]
I don't think trying it will have any scientific value.
>> No. 8585 [Edit]
Not with THAT attitude.
>> No. 8586 [Edit]
Proving/disproving a concept, adding your test experience to the collective pool of knowledge. It's the essence of science!
>> No. 8587 [Edit]
File 13301331078.png - (3.36KB , 645x29 , science.png )
>> No. 8602 [Edit]

The exact sciences are not the only sciences out there, bro.

I actually agree with not bothering with the tulpa thing - I just balk at anything that reeks of the notion that the humanities et al would not be legitimate sciences.
>> No. 8605 [Edit]
Well, they're not... and if that keeps worrying you, as if being "scientific" would be the ultimate proof a theory's legitimacy, then it might not be me who holds an outdated view/definition of science...

But who cares.
>> No. 8860 [Edit]
This is the biggest problem regarding love for 2D characters, I feel. Rather, it's an issue for those who prefer to apply their waifu to the real-world - The folks who simply 'observe her from a distance' are exempt from this.

While fantasizing about conversation with her, it's difficult to say the difficult things - It's a denial of all of your negative traits (and rightfully so), and that's detrimental to loving somebody. They are entitled to their opinion. Of course, your waifu isn't real (obligatory ;_; face), but the notion of her being real is what you operate on when you imagine talking to her. And from there, the problem mushrooms - You think for her, essentially. Ergo, you are her, and she is you. She transforms from what she is to what you want her to be. She goes from waifu to a small fragment of your thought processes.

I simply don't like it because it makes my love for her feel like a sham. It makes me feel as if I'm only using her as a crutch, rather than loving her. The lack of material regarding her personality aside from the bare essentials, which I'm thankful for, I just wish I had the key points, y'know? But I digress.

The point being, it's an immense problem, with no solution in sight short of virtual reality. Biggest drawback of having a waifu, I'd say - 'Predetermined lines'.
>> No. 8861 [Edit]
I have had the same experiences.

Even so, part of the problem is how we're approaching it. Every character in a work, whether it be a novel, a play, an anime series or a VN are written by one person (or a team, maybe.) And the author of those characters gives them their voices. Good writers can lend unique voices to every one of their characters, and if the work becomes popular, those characters become almost like real people to its fans.

I haven't tried it, but the tulpa thing might really help in this regard. Even if the supernatural part of it is bullshit, the process of thinking about your waifu as separate from yourself might improve how we think about her.
>> No. 8864 [Edit]
I don't think the predetermination is a big problem. Yes, the waifu is your creation, and you provide her conciousness. I think there are two players in mind, *you* and *It*. *It* is the one who provides any uncontrolled phenomenas of your mind. And so, both of you are controlling waifu - at the beginning it's mostly *you*, and *It* making just some random surprises. But time passes, the mind gets used to waifu. *It*s role is increasing, and *it* controls most of the conversation. Surprises now reversing - *It* makes you realize from time to time that it's you who controls every piece of her mind, like *it* is pushing her off from itself. I call it "repersonalization", now I'm in this stage, and I think we can just ignore it and take as "corrupted parts" of conversation, which we are able to rewind and make again.

Actually, this is my, like, pragmatic point of view.

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