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File 131026889383.gif - (37.32KB , 450x800 , Snoopy SWR.gif )
9934 No. 9934 [Edit]
Why won't any Touhou games play with Wine for me? I just get a black screen.
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>> No. 9935 [Edit]

Try this, it worked for me (kinda)
>> No. 9936 [Edit]
Thanks, but that didn't work at all.
>> No. 9937 [Edit]
I assume you're using a Linux distro? Either way, open up the terminal and type "wine" (without quotes) then drag the program you wish to use into the terminal, removing quotes if necessary. Press enter and either it'll work or you will get to read output that will allow you to figure out what's wrong. Copy down exactly what the output says. I would then turn towards Google for help solving the issue (I use my OS and error message together to quickly find a fix that is almost guaranteed to work). If you have Ubuntu, I wouldn't be too worried. The community is amazing.

I am having trouble installing the Touhou games myself. Everything is in mojibake. I've pretty much given up (largely due to laziness) and will just install them on Windows 7. Dual booting Windows with Linux is a godsend. Most of the games work, but overall the games are a bit tricky to run.

If Google fails you, come back here and post all that you know. I will try my best to help you.
>> No. 9938 [Edit]
File 131140093748.png - (16.92KB , 484x145 , SWR error.png )
I have a Mac.

Here's a picture of the error; the Terminal is fucking retarded and won't let me copy it for some reason. All the stuff about the audio likely isn't the problem, because it even said that when it worked. As far as I know, it worked fine until I upgraded to a newer version of Wine, but when I downgraded back, it still didn't work.
>> No. 9939 [Edit]
Okay, hipster, (I'm jealous)I looked around, and one guy said he got everything working relatively nicely by installing the latest XQuartz and running wine from the command line with "env DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/X11/lib" preceding the command (wine /path/to/thXX.exe). It also apparently helps to open X11 beforehand.

If you don't have it already, you might want to download d3dx9_36.dll and place it in the same folder as your game as well. Supposedly Wine no longer needs this done, but it's best to cover all bases. I am currently fighting this problem on Ubuntu with Mountain of Faith and will get back to you once I find a solution.

If you and me are in one of the worse situations, we'll have to get a new graphics card. Apparently my Intel card isn't exactly loved, and I'm starting to see why.

On an unrelated note, how is Mac treating you? I'm thinking about getting one, but I'm worried it won't be able to run my visual novels and Touhou games. I tried making a Hackintosh to see how Winebottler worked but failed (the thing was limping along-- went into kernel panic when I tried to see what Front Row was).
>> No. 9940 [Edit]
Or there might be no way to get it to work. Sadly, Wine is a hit or miss thing.
>> No. 9941 [Edit]
This is why I don't use Linux. Freedom means the freedom to fuck up.
>> No. 9942 [Edit]
File 131146350489.png - (16.62KB , 484x130 , Screen shot 2011-07-23 at 5_06_10 PM.png )
Nope, that didn't work, either. I just get a slightly different error message. I don't think anything is going to work, thanks.

I love my Mac; it sucks for games, but I've never been much of a gamer anyway. If you buy a MacBook, though, you're probably going to need a SSD. Apple's hard drives fry in like two years.
>> No. 9943 [Edit]
The problem with Linux is hardly more control over your system. The problem lies in that it is not a popular system, so few people think to design with it in mind (plus side to that is there is even less malware for it than there is for Mac). Even then, I only suffer from one or two minor incompatibility problems (Ubuntu is infamous for printer problems). The Linux community is amazingly reliable and vast. But it certainly isn't for people who have never even thought to work with the command line.

Damn, really? I was wanting a Macbook Pro. I was expecting more for $1200+... Ah, well. I can cross that bridge when I get to it. It'll be worth it to legally play around with every OS out there. And Windows tends to run better on a Mac as well, ironically.

Actually, it looks like we made progress. Now it's only complaining about a time out and no DirectSound. Does Wine complain about no DirectSound when you try to run other games as well? If not, then I guess you really can't play. Speaking of which, which Touhou are you trying to play? The most recent ones can't be played-- I believe that's what I read.
>> No. 9944 [Edit]
I have IN and SWR. The only other Windows game I have is IWBTG, which runs perfectly fine, though that does also bring up the DirectSound thing.
>> No. 9945 [Edit]
Ah... then it looks like you'll either have to get a virtual machine, CrossOver, Parallels Desktop, or use BootCamp if you want to play.
>> No. 9946 [Edit]
Oh well. Thanks for your help.
>> No. 9947 [Edit]
I never got Touhou games to run nicely in Wine. Some run at 30 FPS and others run at full speed but exhibit this goofy, unplayable "skipping" behavior where the game has to pause every second for a second. I've tried using Windows' own DLL with no change. I've asked others for assistance, but apparently it "just works" for most other people... So I suspect it's because of my video card just being crap. I say that because the only game that ever ran well in Wine for me was something called Eversion.

For reference, I've tried about half of the Windows Touhou games in Wine, but I focus on working with SA and PoFV when trying to beat Wine into working.

You can prevent a lot of mojibake problems by doing the LANG="ja_JP.UTF-8" thing mentioned here.
However, you also have to run the game itself with that LANG setting.
>> No. 9948 [Edit]
Like I said, for a while they ran perfectly fine, but then suddenly just stopped.
>> No. 9949 [Edit]
Oh, that bit of info got lost in the mass of text I was digesting. My bad.
>> No. 9950 [Edit]
File 131331508788.png - (818.45KB , 1280x800 , Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 5_37_42 AM.png )
I suggest using a wrapper for running Touhou, hopefully this screenshot of Touhou 13 and my wrapper and info.plist settings give you some idea. I'd also make sure you have ALL the directx dlls up through d3dx9_43.dll, which is what you need to run Touhou 13, in your system32 folder in the c_drive. You also need the CXZ game engines, idk if they are mac specific of if they work for linux too.

Average fps is ~50 for everything after MoF, ~60 for everything before except EoSD which is 60 windowed but 100-300fps fullscreen.
>> No. 9951 [Edit]
In retrospect it will just be easier to put up the link to the mac version of touhou 13 I uploaded and let you guys play around with it and figure it out
>> No. 9952 [Edit]
Thanks a bunch, but I have no idea how to play the other games.
>> No. 9953 [Edit]
When I tried using Wineskin Winery and Wine Bottler, X11/XQuartz went crazy on me. It kept crashing and relaunching. I had to uninstall the thing. Using Leopard 10.5.8. I was trying to get MoF to work.

I couldn't get it to work. The game acted like it was going to start, then closed itself. Never even saw a window pop up.
>> No. 9954 [Edit]
Every Touhou game except for the fighting games works fine for me on Leopard. How did you install wine? If you installed it directly from source, try installing it using macports. Once it is installed, just use
# port install wine
to install wine.
If you did install it via macports, if you haven't already I would suggest following their instructions
to cleanly uninstall macports, and then try to install it again.
>> No. 9955 [Edit]
I did install it with Macports. Other programs work fine, but Touhou doesn't.

What's the problem with the fighting games? I want to play SWR the most.
>> No. 9956 [Edit]
Neither of the translations work (it complains about being unable to hook into the executable). SWR gives me a similar error to what you are getting. IaMP seems playable without the translation.
To be honest though I haven't bothered trying to get them to work. I got all of the games awhile ago from a torrent and have just been working through the shooting games.

If you can't get it to work on OSX and you don't want to pay for Windows, Touhou works fine in wine on my Linux partition. Just make sure you use vendor supplied drivers for your GPU. That seems like an absurd workaround just to play Touhou though...
>> No. 9957 [Edit]
XCode is no longer available for Snow Leopard. Would you happen to know of a safe place I can download an older version so that I may install MacPorts?
>> No. 9958 [Edit]
It annoys me that Apple doesn't just supply gcc and make without their $100 IDE.
Anyways, I have Leopard on my computer and Xcode was included in one of the install cds. If you don't have that, I would suggest just downloading a well seeded torrent and hoping for the best. Or using Bootcamp as someone else suggested. It is incredibly simple to install, Apple even provides the drivers for you.
>> No. 9959 [Edit]
Apple seems to be doing a lot to drive me back to Linux, I'll tell you that. I found a relatively well-seeded torrent for the 3.2.5 version of Xcode. I'll post the link in case someone else finds themselves in my situation. /torrent/6057720/
>> No. 9960 [Edit]
I just use XQuartz.

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