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File 145081516611.jpg - (93.39KB , 648x512 , 25.jpg )
19298 No. 19298 [Edit]
So I've been having a bit of a problem for a while now.

It started a few years ago (give or take) when I noticed danbooru changed Tohno Minagi's name to 'Toono Minagi'.
I looked around and found a single small thread on their forums related to it that claimed the change was due to new standards in romanization.
I briefly spoke to a somewhat dismissive mod who's stance on the matter was essentially "we don't give a fuck what the offical name is, we'll call them whatever we want." That's not an exact quot, but it basically sums up the situation.
Obviously there wasn't much I could do about this (but if I had the means to do so I'd totally DDoS them to hell and back till they fix it.)

A while latter Gelbooru changed the name too. Unlike on danbooru I was able to go over every single image and manually change them back. Some time passed and I found it was changed back again, so I manually edited every image again. Last I checked they renamed some but left some alone.

Then less than a year ago (I think) I found out that MAL changed her name too.
I've tried submitting edits to her page countless times now and they've always been ignored apparently. Last night I noticed for the first time they had a space for leaving a reason behind the edit and so I did with some other information on her I noticed was missing. This morning I found they added in the extra info I added (but reformatted it) yet didn't change the name issue. Bellow is the exact message I sent with the edit.

"The character's name is 'Tohno', not 'Toono'.


Some believe that the name should be 'Toono' but this is a matter of opinion, not fact.
The offical name of the character is spelled 'Tohno' as decided by the creators and copyright holders of the character.

Here you can find a few examples of officially licensed merchandise which bare the spelling 'tohno'

Also, I've added the character's birthday to the biography section (which is today by the way). As well as Blood type."

I've received no messages or comments from anyone on the site regarding why they decide to ignore the name issue.
I should probably also point out this change also effects the characters from the popular tsukihime series as well, and I can't help but think many of it's fans have also been bothered by this change.

Needless to say this has been an extremely frustrating problem and it doesn't seem like there's much I can do about it.
If anyone here has any advice on how to fix this situation or can offer any help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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>> No. 19299 [Edit]
Using "too" instead of "toh" is now the fashionable way to transliterate とう, so a lot of other "oh"s have also changed. They change her name so they can have all names transliterated in the same manner.

You could tell them the "oh" to "oo" rule should apply only to おう and transliterating おお as 'oh' makes sense since it emphasizes the difference in original spelling.
>> No. 19302 [Edit]
The thing is it's the creators/copyright holders of the characters who decide what a character's name is and how to spell it, no one else. If they decide to spell the character's name with numbers in it that's for them to decide.
If someone has an issue with the way in which Key Visual Arts decide to spell the name of their characters they should take it up with them, and not take it upon themselves to change details about the character to suit their own personal preferences.
The only reason they're able to get away with this is because few people are gonna call them on this shit. It's like deciding you don't like the way Sony is spelt so you change it to sonie, People would tell you how stupid that is in a heart beat. Not that it's something anyone with half a brain would do because it's retarded and 'most' people are self aware enough to understand they have absolutely no say at all in the matter. You might as well list fan fiction as being cannon while you're at it.

I'd love to blow this up if that's what it takes to fix the problem. Type moon fans would be more likely to do something about this than the key crowd I would think. and yeah boycotting the services would mean nothing.
>> No. 19303 [Edit]
My waifu's name ends with "o" on Japanese sites and on merch, but every Western source changes it to "ou"

It's just one of those things I guess, I don't know why people have such a problem leaving something the way the creators decided to spell it in English.
>> No. 19304 [Edit]
ugly romanizations piss me off too. just be glad you don't like korean culture, if you don't know hangul the romanizations are pretty much worthless. except for words like "kimchi" and "ramyun"
>> No. 19306 [Edit]
But in this case the ugly romanization is nihon-shiki, not hepburn.
>> No. 19313 [Edit]
That romanisation also pisses me off. Its an 'oh' sound, it should be romanised as oh or ou, not oo. oo in the english langauge never makes an oh sound, its always an oo as in cook.
>> No. 19314 [Edit]
That's because english phonology is a mess and thus should not be used as a standard to romanize other languages. In every other western language "oo" makes sense.
>> No. 19315 [Edit]
File 145097395471.png - (210.58KB , 290x540 , sketches_by_nursury0-d3kxj5c(noise_scale)(x2_0)(le.png )
The only naming issues I've had with the Boorus is when characters don't have separate tags.

Kagura isn't an uncommon name, there are even others like her that have Kagura as a surname and no first name, like Kagura from Gintama. It's a little annoying seeing characters that aren't her just because things aren't tagged properly.

I know I can easily get around this by searching "azumanga_daioh" as well as her name, but it does mean that sometimes the number shown for the amount of pictures she has is inaccurate.

Best of luck on your renaming quest, Tohno.

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