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16329 No. 16329 [Edit]
What would you do if you found out you have cancer?

I for one was thinking I'd sell everything I have of any value, take up a few credit cards, then travel the world as a drifter. maybe get myself a small RV to live out of during my travels. I'd go wherever the wind takes me and see the world till my body gives out.
>> No. 16330 [Edit]
It depends on what kind. I hate myself but I know it'd make my family sad, and my sister has cancer right now so I know it would devastate them if both of us had cancer simultaneously. While the prognosis looks... okay, at least for the time being... I'm worried about her constantly because it could get worse at any time. I have issues with the rest of my family, but I love my siblings.

I don't have much to live for but I have enough that I'd want to fight it unless the prognosis is horrible. Plus I'm too terrified of nonexistence to not want to fight it. That's the one thing that has stopped me from killing myself in the past - I'm afraid of the nothing that comes after. I know that this life by and large is meaningless but that doesn't mean that I can't have some semblance of enjoyment while I'm here, and existing is more familiar to this consciousness (me) than nonexistence so I know my choice, even if the path of consciousness means pain that might lead to nonexistence, or pain that leads to an existence full of debt and loneliness.

If I got pancreatic cancer or something, I'd likely just go full-NEET, figure what few possessions are going to who/what organizations, and try to spend as much time with my 2D partner and siblings as I could. I might try to patch things with estranged family members... apologize for all my mistakes to them and others. I'm too much of a chickenshit to do it now but I figure when I'm dying they'd be more likely to hear me.
>> No. 16331 [Edit]
I'm not too familiar on the different types of cancer. If it was something incurable, like brain cancer, I would cut all ties with my family and hike somewhere remote to spend a few weeks with my waifu and then die. When I die I want it to be on my own terms, not on a disease's.
>> No. 16332 [Edit]
I would be relieved that I don't have to kill myself anymore.

Then I would keep doing what I'm doing until I can't do it anymore, because I'm so caught up in being shut-away that I wouldn't know how to do anything else even with death right next to me. I've already accepted I'm going to die in my room.
>> No. 16333 [Edit]
Rejoice. Killing myself is hard for a number of reasons but that would be a reasonable way out. Then I'd proceed to F5 the same sites over and over again and watch some anime/play some games every now and then.
>> No. 16334 [Edit]
Depends. If it was terminal and I was told I only had X months left to lift, I would quit my parttime job and immediately live out the rest of my days as a NEET. If it was something that would be treatable and wouldn't claim me for quite some time, I doubt I would make such a decision right away, but I could always use it as an excuse.

Regardless, I doubt much would change. All I really need in life is my video games, anime, and the few handful of online friends that I have, along with my waifu by my side. I reckon a lot of my time would also consist of self-reflection and trying to be at peace with myself and love my waifu even more.

As a firm believer in an afterlife, I do believe that I will be with her when I eventually pass.
>> No. 16335 [Edit]
My mother died of ovarian cancer last summer. She fought it for almost seven years, but she ended up being a vegetable and then just died.

I don't want to end up like that. I'd blow my brains out if I had something like that.
>> No. 16336 [Edit]
Nothing: living the same as always... unless it's very aggressive, in which case I guess I'd take some care of myself in order to survive for watching the end of the **** anime and the **** manga (I'm giving them about two more years).
>> No. 16338 [Edit]
I'd be relieved. No more pressure from people telling me to live, because "he has cancer leave him alone!" No more worrying about having to kill myself and being too afraid to do it either, because the cancer would do it for me. The disease part wouldn't be too fun but the pros beat out the cons, in all reality.
>> No. 16340 [Edit]
I'd just live how I do now.

I'd keep it secret though if possible. Then I wouldnt have to worry about being cured. I'd die, my parents wouldn't have to clean up too much of a mess afterwards and they wouldn't have to live with guilt that they somehow killed me.
>> No. 16344 [Edit]
> I'd sell everything I have of any value, take up a few credit cards, then travel the world as a drifter. maybe get myself a small RV to live out of during my travels. I'd go wherever the wind takes me and see the world till my body gives out.

That's the same thing people say when you tell them you're depressed. Where would you suddenly get the willpower to do all that shit? I imagine if you're on chemo, simply getting out of bed would be a huge pain.
>> No. 16349 [Edit]
There was a really funny image or pasta floating on 4chan last year about depressed people.
It went something like,
>Dont want to live anymore? Great! you can do anything because you dont care what happens or about anything.

As if you could rationalize yourself out of a medical condition. It must suck to have actual depression and everyone makes it worse by being a dumbass.
>> No. 16356 [Edit]
Relief. So much fucking relief that I don't have to worry about the future any more.

It's why I first fell in love with my waifu, actually. She's terminally ill in canon, and I remember wanting nothing more in the whole world than to just go with her into the darkness.
>> No. 16358 [Edit]
You can't rationalize it for sure. But not so certain about your desire for risk-taking. It might just be higher for truly depressed people who really don't give a shit anymore and have an external party forcing it on them. When all other treatments are exhausted people will go to radical things from overkill drugs to forced fight-or-die scenarios. A truly depressed person may not have the motivation to actively look for help but also shouldn't put up much resistance to being forced into one of these last-ditch schemes.
>> No. 16359 [Edit]
I've seen that, it fails to take into account that they don't want to do anything.
>> No. 16360 [Edit]
I would will the cancer away
>> No. 16368 [Edit]
I would be scared at first, but eventually I would grow to be okay with it and just accept it and die. I don't have any money to cure it, so I'd just have to let it run its course.
>> No. 16369 [Edit]
For some reason, I'm pretty much convinced that I will actually get cancer in the next few years, but it's a terrifying thought (much like most of my thoughts).

I'm not sure what I'd do. If it was pretty much certain that I would die in some time, I think I would quit my studies, hide in my bed and kind of wait for it.
>> No. 16370 [Edit]
Are you a wizard? Or the chosen one to save all the hikis?
>> No. 16371 [Edit]
I think it's just for himself. Some of us will still die sad, pathetic deaths.

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