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File 136126364348.jpg - (1.16MB , 2048x1360 , Sea_angel.jpg )
13150 No. 13150 [Edit]
How do you make friends on steam, /so/?
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>> No. 13151 [Edit]
File 136126438696.jpg - (96.16KB , 1280x960 , 1222384965635.jpg )
in dota2:

mention being interested in trading stuffs when the game starts, as being friended is a requirement to doing any trades.

in a game where you don't feed, compliment a teamate (who doesn't fucking suck) and ask if they are up to queue in a premade and send a friend request.

friend everybody on-line in the t-c steam group.
>> No. 13153 [Edit]
I have like 4 friends and haven't done anything with any of them or chatted with them in over a year
>> No. 13154 [Edit]
My friends on Steam mostly came from somewhere else. But there are a couple I added from chatting with them in a Steam group or game. No one ever speaks to me on steam much anymore.
>> No. 13155 [Edit]
I have 4 friends that I added from back over at 4chan's /v/. Except for one guy who doesn't log on very often we talk daily.
I wouldn't recommend going there trying to make steam friends now, though. That won't go well at all. I don't play online games at all so it was the only choice I had if I wanted to make some.
I assume the people you see with 100+ long friend lists have these people added just for trading or they collect friends. Quality over quantity.

>friend everybody on-line in the t-c steam group.
Sure, if you want to be friends with the same kinds of people who frequent the IRC.
>> No. 13156 [Edit]
File 136131417616.jpg - (37.68KB , 656x369 , AMR-WS.jpg )
Sorry, all my Steam games are single player. ;_;
>> No. 13158 [Edit]
I don't know. I have no friends on Steam.

How did you like that Alice game? I played a bit of American McGee's Alice back in the day and considered getting the one in your image, but the gameplay looks really repetitive and boring. What do you think?
>> No. 13160 [Edit]
So does OP want to post his ID or have their IDs or anything?

Not him, but it's great in everything except for gameplay. The combat is fun and pretty for awhile, but the game really drags on. Areas went on for longer than I felt they should, you get sick of them about 60% of the way through each one. Except for the town segments. I really liked those, they were too short.
>> No. 13163 [Edit]
File 136136848150.jpg - (392.96KB , 850x425 , sample_21f24b6540e44d42008c29056ab698f0.jpg )
Hard for me to say. American McGee seriously tailored this game to my interests. Half the time I rushed through levels just so I could get a new chapter. New chapter = new costume.Great to back Alice into a wall, move the camera around a little and jerk off. Game wasn't horribly broken or anything. Good way to waste a week.. Maybe more if you play 'one handed'.

If you can pick it up on sale (under 5$) its probably worth it.

Like >>13160
The 'in town' Alice was the hottest. Wish there were more of those too.

Meanwhile, To get back on topic.

OP, The only multi-player game on my wishlist is Skullgirls. I would add you as a friend if it ever gets released. Although it might not be as fun as other games because I don't think it will have a Co-OP.

>> No. 13164 [Edit]
I think I might be able to play multiplayer games and have fun if I could just get over my shyness of using voicechat. I have a mic and stuff, but whenever I think I can muster up the courage to talk to people, I just end up getting stage fright and continue to play the game with just making occasional remarks in the text chat. I have Portal 2, Left4Dead 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2, all of which I could play multiplayer in with people here, but I don't think I'd ever be much fun to play with if I can't bring myself to say anything ;~;

Maybe I will end up getting it next time it goes on sale, then. I think it was only $2.50 at one point during the winter sale.
>> No. 13165 [Edit]
I might try out the whole playing with tc thing again if it's exclusively via the site itself. It didn't turn out so well on the irc channel.
>> No. 13166 [Edit]
That doesn't sound unwise.
>> No. 13167 [Edit]
File 136138028440.jpg - (366.25KB , 1268x1980 , dresspromo_wrabbit-noscale.jpg )
I agree with all you: the repetitive combat arenas on quests tend to suck. But the root subject (Lewis Carroll), oniric visuals and general nihilistic mood are so endearing (for my taste) that the original game remains as one of my favourites ever.

I'm slowly going through Madnes Returns right now. I'm fucking loving it, way better than the first one. The only thing I miss it's been able to throw the vorpal blade to distant enemies: that used to feel so damned good.

I got it by torrent (Skidrow patch) and, safe from a having to emulate the Xbox controller with DS3 Tool each time I play, it works just fine.

>The 'in town' Alice was the hottest
Hell yeah. However, the rabbit one is also very charming.
>> No. 13168 [Edit]
Indeed. Given a choice I'll take quirky social antics and general shyness any day over the foulness you hazard crossing over there.

Sorry about the underhand bashing on the irc channel. It's not very sightly, I know - when I was really just meaning to communicate my potential will to comply by the purpose of this thread.
>> No. 13190 [Edit]
I am poor so I can only play f2p on steam, and the only game I play is TF2.
I have 4 friends I think, from a thread on /v/ a few weeks ago when I started playing, I offered s good bunch of weapons and crates for that item that makes you premium, and someone just gave it to me, and other one just handed me like 10 spy stranges.

I'd add you, but I woulnd't ever chat with you. Too awkward to chat with anyone.
>> No. 13193 [Edit]
I may as well post my steam ID in case anybody needs a friend.


I don't play any online games, though. Mostly singleplayer stuff. Coop would work, but it's likely your/my ping would be awful in a kind of server/arena scenario. I've been working my way through the Fire Emblem series lately with a bit of Killer 7 every now and then, and I'm just getting into movies. Haven't watched anime for awhile, think I need a break from it.
>> No. 13204 [Edit]
File 136167137225.png - (199.03KB , 800x790 , cccbe609f9eb5a06f41dd53afbe4e21ba855e7cf.png )
How much tf2 do you play? Maybe we can play together, or something.
>> No. 13205 [Edit]
I want more steam friends, but I would never talk to them or play games with them. Most of my games are single player and I don't like talking to strangers.
>> No. 13245 [Edit]
fuck it ill post my steam id. Note I only play sins of a solar empire reallly

my steam username is warsie34
>> No. 13247 [Edit]

Googling that name leads me to so much terrible garbage that I feel like I need a shower. Holy shit man

You're like everything I hate about internet people poured into one person

Post edited on 27th Feb 2013, 2:18pm
>> No. 13251 [Edit]
well add my STEAM then, NOT the myriad trolling I do on other forums.
>> No. 13254 [Edit]
So all these accounts dating back to at least 2008 are just you PRETENDING to be an obnoxious idiot? You are really committed to trolling
>> No. 13258 [Edit]
epic win bro XDDDDDDDDDDDD
>> No. 13259 [Edit]
It shall be. Yayifications motherfuckers.
>> No. 13261 [Edit]

Dis me.
>> No. 13262 [Edit]
There are so many things wrong with this I'm not even going to start.

I sometimes wonder how such terrible people get so many "friends" but then I remember that they're also terrible people. Hahaha.
>> No. 13263 [Edit]
You realize that every instance of the words "meme", or "reddit", are jokes, right?

I also only have one true friend on there.
>> No. 13264 [Edit]
Irony is just so fresh and funny, don't you think so?
>> No. 13265 [Edit]
So post-ironic. Hashtag. Instagrimed.
>> No. 13266 [Edit]
I think the word you're looking for is "sarcasm."
>> No. 13267 [Edit]
If you want a long term talking buddy, add me. Steam doesn't list my account if you search for it so unfortunately, I have to add you. Just send your profile to my mail.
>> No. 13268 [Edit]
I play every day. But I won't add you.
>> No. 13269 [Edit]
File 136203841096.jpg - (198.45KB , 650x750 , 12aa736166e15380ed0825040c7679ac2c5e01b0.jpg )
How do I know you're not going to publicly ridicule me for trying to make a friend on the internet?
>> No. 13270 [Edit]
; _;
>> No. 13274 [Edit]
Because I love you guys and what this site has done for me.

If you want reassurance, send me a mail.
>> No. 13281 [Edit]
Not him, but I would like to see your profile before I contact you in any way. I would like to know what I'm getting into.
>> No. 13282 [Edit]
File 13621246536.jpg - (16.36KB , 500x61 , my profile.jpg )
I'm not some super secret person. It just feels too public here. If you want to know about me then send me a mail.
>> No. 13283 [Edit]
Do you play any games?
>> No. 13286 [Edit]
Sometimes. If someone asks me to, maybe. It's unlikely we can play anything though, because of timezones and taste in games.
>> No. 13309 [Edit]
File 13622838006.jpg - (302.81KB , 568x800 , MisstichedAlice.jpg )
Just got through with Alice Madness Returns. Best part are these jack in the boxes in the dollhouse level you wind. Move the camera off to the side and perfect angle her ass moving up and down.
holy shit.
>> No. 13313 [Edit]
Am I the only one here who thinks that version of Alice looks ugly as shit?
>> No. 13317 [Edit]
I rarely play games but I'm online quite a bit.
>> No. 13357 [Edit]
Dunno: it's just personal taste, in the end. Say, what female character design you find specially pretty?
>> No. 13366 [Edit]
I thought she was cute, most of the time. Especially in the town segments and the red dress worn in the level with the Queen of Hearts.
>> No. 13369 [Edit]
File 136280000250.png - (649.64KB , 849x546 , 8ff21c2984dd3438ee80a59fbfbe489a.png )
>Queen of Hearts

OMG! yes! please.
>> No. 13371 [Edit]
File 136280107239.jpg - (543.01KB , 778x1500 , 8682ea1064b6006cc65838b8eb36659c.jpg )
Pretty much every other version of Alice, but mainly the Japanese versions. you know, with blond hair blue eyes and non of that stylized emo stuff.

>> No. 13372 [Edit]
File 136280115180.jpg - (140.50KB , 768x1024 , Series3 Alice01.jpg )
I prefer the SMT Alice, whose design seems to be based more on the original Alice in Wonderland illustrations. But that's just me. Nothing wrong with a reimagining now and then (unless you're Tim Burton and you're making all the characters ugly on purpose.)
>> No. 13380 [Edit]
I don't play much, or talk much but I could try if someone's willing. I've a lot of games, but most not installed.

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