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File 128910071094.jpg - (61.03KB , 336x500 , dh.jpg )
2 No. 2 [Edit]
I found this to be very overrated and boring at times.
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>> No. 3 [Edit]
You know, I really don't like the word "overrated" being used to describe something because you never know just how much praise someone heard from others about a particular work.

But in any case, I do agree with you that it was a little boring at times. I remember being put off by the boring dialogue, compounded only by some grammatical mistakes that the scanlation group made.

I think a more enjoyable post-apocalyptic manga is Drifting Classroom by Umezu. It's more ridiculous than Dragon Head but it's strangely much more entertaining. Perhaps it's because the main characters are children. You should give it a try.
>> No. 95 [Edit]
File 128954009513.jpg - (156.87KB , 400x599 , 04.jpg )
fuck year drifting classroom

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