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File 137717707538.png - (12.54KB , 836x238 , why 3d is pd.png )
13199 No. 13199 [Edit]
How do you deal with the fact that a large portion of 2D is based on 3D people's personalities?

I believe 3D females are hated because of their personalities, right? Apart from characters that are very culturally alien to the human world (like angels, aliens, fairies etc.), most anime characters have traits that are also found largely in humans. What makes them more desirable? That their personality constitutes only the good qualities of human personalities?
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>> No. 13201 [Edit]
I deal with it by judging every wo(man) as an individual, be it 3D or 2D.
>> No. 13202 [Edit]
File 137719853656.jpg - (91.37KB , 500x390 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I don't deal with it because they aren't. Not unless you like shitty anime like orimo where every girl is a cunt who acts like a 3DPD. I'd say most 2D have impossibly perfect personalities tailor made for various otaku preferences. yandere & cooldere are 2D personality types you're hard pressed to find in 3D. Tsundere maybe depending on what your definition of tsundere is.

Just ask yourself how often you see lying cheating manipulative slutty ugly gold digging women in anime, compared to completely perfect nice and cute girls who are sweet as sugar and are always pleasant to be around.

Also see image, spoiler for 3dpd

Post edited on 22nd Aug 2013, 3:59pm
>> No. 13203 [Edit]
>I believe 3D females are hated because of their personalities, right?

Everyone is different, but for me that's not the only reason. After marathoning various anime every day I felt less and less attracted to 3D just because of the way they look.
I can't explain why, but I don't look at girls I encounter in real life in a sexual way anymore. (As if I were asexual)
>> No. 13204 [Edit]
The personalities of anime characters and real people are actually quite different as a whole. You have to remember that the personalities of most 2D girls are developed based on the ideas of male creators, and as such are not in any way based on real 3D females. This is why you'll see personality traits that are incredibly rare among real females (ie: quietness, honesty, bravery, humility, selflessness) fairly commonly in anime characters, along with traits that are just rare in modern human beings period (kindness, reliability, fidelity, unwavering determination, etc).

>That their personality constitutes only the good qualities of human personalities?
This isn't always true either, though. Most characters have some personality 'flaws' or downsides that, to some, make them more appealing or charming. In that sense I suppose they're not much different from how a normal person would view a 3D mate.

There's also the point of the relationship itself- some people just don't find the "dating game" to be worth the amount of effort and stress it requires of males in western culture, especially if they find 2D to be more appealing in the first place. I'm sure many here would agree that 2D love is much more pure than 3D love can get, simply by nature.

This is always a good practice too. It'll also make the differences between 2D and 3D more clear.
>> No. 13206 [Edit]
File 137720312494.jpg - (80.01KB , 615x336 , SJ.jpg )
>What makes them more desirable? That their personality constitutes only the good qualities of human personalities?
Rather, that they are a set of qualities we can build, contemplate and handle (i.e. a thing), instead of some panting, shitting and aging beast whose inner world we can never ever reach, let alone possess (i.e. a human).
>> No. 13207 [Edit]
>It'll also make the differences between 2D and 3D more clear.

While this is indeed true, it has also taught me that because of the countless exceptions, I know less than I think I do, even though I find myself in social situations relatively often. 2D is far more predictable since most characters rely on the pre-defined archetypes.
>> No. 13208 [Edit]
>the fact that a large portion of 2D is based on 3D people's personalities?
It really isn't.
>How do you deal with the fact
Evidently unlike most of you, I have no issue with real girls, in fact all of my real friends are girls. This isn't to say that I like all real girls, I dislike most of them. Most are disgusting. But then, there are more pleasant real girls than boys, at least in my experience.
Most fictional characters are bland things. It's a rare one that approaches the chaotic fire of true humanity.
It's just that I'm in love with Asuka, and she by some unfortunate turn of mad gods happens to not exist.
>> No. 13209 [Edit]
File 137720675274.jpg - (40.65KB , 500x354 , tumblr_mc8ardxuXF1r8uyogo1_500.jpg )

The thing is, a large number of females I know are quiet, honest, kind, selfless etc. and very few are what would be called slutty, gold-digging or whatever (Maybe an unconscious way that I have of staying away from unlikeable people). Which is why I never understood why 3D was hated as a whole. I guess it also depends on where you live.

I just dislike 3D because it's far from perfect; even a decent person has some bad human qualities. And relationships with real people depend on too many factors (chiefly, that the other party has to love you as well) for it to actually be a pleasant thing. Passage of time affects it pretty badly as >>13206 mentioned.

I can't quite make a meaningful bond with an anime character because the human qualities project themselves onto the unfilled areas of a character's persona. For example, whether she will like me or not: assuming she is, after all, a Japanese high school girl, I go ahead and decide that she would not because I'm too culturally alien (I was also contemplating about this in here: >>12240). And so the waifu concept crumbles before me.
>> No. 13210 [Edit]
I'd have to disagree there. 2D personalities seem a lot more varied to me, and they theoretically always will be more varied than their 3D counterparts. Fictional characters created by human imagination are not bound by the simple instincts and desires that drive 3D people. There are some characters that fall into archetypes, sure, but the same can easily be said of 3D people that fall into stereotypes. After being forced to socialize for many years myself, I would say that the overwhelming majority of 3Ds are very similar at their core. They might have different tastes in music or even different hobbies, but their personality traits are nigh identical to the next person's.
>> No. 13211 [Edit]
>The thing is, a large number of females I know are quiet, honest, kind, selfless etc.
Calling bullshit or heavily biased perception- most people period don't have those traits (especially American females). What country do you live in?

Post edited on 22nd Aug 2013, 2:43pm
>> No. 13212 [Edit]
Europe here and I can confirm that people do not just suck in America. In the case of people who are quiet they are usually just shy or keep to themselves, the one trait mentioned so far that may actually exist (but is far from being cute in real life)

Honesty is usually fake and the rare ones that are truly honest are only following socially acceptable morals amongst other similar reasons, kindness once again has to do with social guidelines and other times empathy, but most the time people are just being polite and wanting to avoid trouble. Selflessness is pretty much non existent in this world since most acts of selflessness are in fact done for oneself in a roundaboutway, helping random people in the world to make one feel better about oneself and have a clear conscious, and to have purpose, or in the case in for example saving a family member this is once again caused by the fear of losing them and not seeing them. Making friends is to cure loneliness and because YOU like the other person. You have, very rarely, people so loyal they would even die for a friend or whoever the case subject is, but these kinds of people are a rare breed even if you have tons of people claiming they are like this (honesty amiright). We are simply selfish beings. I don't like thinking about these things though and have been forced into a corner to take a 'it can't be helped' stance on the last bit otherwise I would go insane from despising myself and humanity.

2D is simply better in every way imaginable, girls are cute, innocent, fragile, nice and give you a warm feeling. Since they are drawings there are no nasty things humans are made up of like diseases, smell, things like pimples, girls fucking up their bodies with things like tattoos or having sex all the time, real women have given into the horrible shit of reality and therefore hardened their personalities up, where as with (good) 2D they are truly naive pure and innocent. They are drawn to be ideal so there are ideal bodies and personalities for every preference. Falling in love with 2D could or more less be described as falling in love with ideal women. And even if out of thousands of women I were to meet a girl who somehow manages to pass one of those things, (i.e let's say she is genuinely kind somehow) she is going to not fit one of the other things. In other words I have extremely high standards and I am picky. Not to mention I'm already in love with Miyako and nothing will change that.

Post edited on 22nd Aug 2013, 3:38pm
>> No. 13213 [Edit]
Yes, they are hated because of their personalities.
>> No. 13214 [Edit]
>Fictional characters created by human imagination are not bound by the simple instincts and desires that drive 3D people.

I would agree for the most part, but would like to point out that 2D characters are bound by some degree to the author's desire to move units. I guess my only point here being that 2D characters aren't as varied as they could be.
This seems absurd to argue, though, as all but the most social people will meet a far smaller number of 3D people than the amount of 2D characters we take in. So big surprise when it seems to us like there is more variety in 2D characters.

For OP's question, it's never been an issue for me. Although I do love my fair share of pandering series with cute, pure girls, many of my favorites are seinen/josei titles with flawed characters and messy drama. My waifu is a flawed and very human character herself. I think this may be because while I've had just as much interpersonal trauma as the average person here, I always blamed myself for it, so my aversion to 3D isn't a simple knee-jerk hatred. I do find sluttiness and overt sexuality disgusting, and this is probably a big reason that I prefer anime and manga; it seems like there are way fewer slutty anime and manga characters than in western fiction. And fewer, of course, than in 3D.
>> No. 13215 [Edit]
Who is your waifu?
>> No. 13217 [Edit]
Reki from Haibane Renmei.
>> No. 13221 [Edit]
While 2D is certainly "based" on 3D, there is a fundamental difference that solidifies my preference deeply. Sorry if this is not directly related but I think it's worth saying.

2D love is very predictable. Some may find it a drawback, but I find it the opposite. The great thing about having a waifu is that, while you may have to find answers about the character you love yourself, there are pretty much only two options for your waifu's development, and both are fairly predictable. One is that she will never change from the perception that you fell in love with, and the other is that she will change with you. In either case, she is likely to stay close to your ideal - unless YOU change drastically in ways that you don't expect, which brings me to my point.

3D change in unpredictable ways. I mean sure there are going to be things that are "predictable" because humans are that way, but at the end of the day, you are not the 3D that you are dating, nor can you look into their head and understand their inner mechanisms. People can respond to the same situation in many different ways, and grow similarly. Sure, while there are patterns that you can observe and guess how a person will grow based on their past, they are ultimately in control of their future and how they grow as a person.

To be blunt, waifu are fictional, or at the very least you have found her through a work of fiction. Once her story is ended, you have two options: continue her story for her, or admire her story over and over again. Either way, you are the one in control of her growth, and there's a sense of stability in that that you won't get with a 3D relationship (unless said relationship is extremely unhealthy).

Of course there are other perks, like 2D looking much better than 3D, and having many traits that I admire, but the main draw for me is the predictability.

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