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File 135065132881.jpg - (257.70KB , 800x450 , 1325562576213.jpg )
10692 No. 10692 [Edit]
If your waifu suddenly existed, what things will be easier for you? Inversely, what things will become harder for you? And the existence of your beloved woman, what does that imply in the greater scale of things?
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>> No. 10693 [Edit]
File 135065415626.jpg - (104.95KB , 500x606 , quelaan.jpg )
Nothing would be easier.

I'd have to care for a sickly half-spider chaos witch.

But I would be happy <3
>> No. 10694 [Edit]
My apartment may be a bit tidier, and I'd like the moral support she'd offer, I guess.

It's be hard to explain who she is or where she came from, and I think it'd be hard for me to convince her that I was a nice guy or one she should go out with or whatever in the first place.

I guess the existence of mai waifu would imply that Gensokyo or Japanese mythology or fictional worlds had some truth to them... that is, if she wasn't made in a test tube or operated on tons or something, because she has wings and shit.
>> No. 10695 [Edit]
Not a good a idea. It would be pretty hard to make an ancient japanese mythological demon with wolf ears and tail fit in this world.

Obviously, I'd like to have her around, but I think it wouldn't be good for her.

Post edited on 19th Oct 2012, 9:58am
>> No. 10696 [Edit]
First things first: I'd have to find her and win her over. How about that ?

Letting go of my current life would be a lot easier if I knew she was out there somewhere.
And if things do work out, I guess my decisions will have to make her happy (as well), instead of deciding on my own and for my self. That should become harder.
>> No. 10697 [Edit]
File 135067206653.png - (1.73MB , 1600x1200 , Finnel_wallpaper_by_MaxiNoUsagi.png )
Well, since she has multiple personae, I'd have to make sure to act in her best interest, or the bomb maniac or the kiredere assassin would appear to punish me for the misdeed. But that's how it should be, right? That we live to make them happy.
>> No. 10698 [Edit]
>If your waifu suddenly existed

No thanks.
>> No. 10699 [Edit]
File 135068440572.jpg - (24.04KB , 400x400 , 6790277.jpg )
She already exists, just not in this world. She's the reason I picked up lucid dreaming, and the moments of success have risen above all the disappointment, especially as they happen more often.

You. I like you. All of my humanity, take it!
>> No. 10704 [Edit]
>She already exists, just not in this world

Yeah. That's why bringing her to mine isn't the best option
>> No. 10706 [Edit]
File 135068659963.jpg - (132.93KB , 600x569 , 2552844.jpg )
Agreed. Why make her suffer by dragging her into this shitty world?
>> No. 10712 [Edit]
I love her as she exists in my mind. Although I wouldn't mind her existing for maybe just a minute just so I can tell her I love her and maybe hear those feelings directed towards me, I sure would hate if she existed in real life. If she as a character just existed, that is to say, the girl that isn't my waifu but the source character from which she is based off of.... well, I would probably kill myself instantly due to the unimaginable barriers between us. If my waifu-- the girl who I love in my mind, existed, it wouldn't be as bad because I'm assuming she'll already be living with me, and that my love is reciprocated unconditionally. I would be able to provide for her, but it just wouldn't be the same.. unless I can change the world to how perfect it is in my mind, having her exist would prove to be painful for the both of us.
>> No. 10714 [Edit]
Some characters, especially in series with a lot of suffering, would benefit from being brought to this world.
>> No. 10716 [Edit]
File 135069729447.jpg - (248.13KB , 1000x768 , 13349443.jpg )
Of course. I was only really talking for the Madotsuki that I love.
>> No. 10717 [Edit]
File 135070183732.jpg - (118.28KB , 768x432 , 0b6218bf4449cad74ac36ec8cd945762.jpg )
If she exitsts, then that means that a Rozen must have also existed. If Rozen existed, his search for Alice must have also existed because he created Suigintou for it. If that search existed, then all the other dolls and the alice game must exist as well. So her existence also demands her sisters'.
Aside from this, if she chooses me to be his medium, or even more, his lover (in the love sense) I would still have some problems at how people would react to a living doll or to our relation. Good thing is that shi can get into the N-field if things started to look ugly.
However her mere existance would give me enough happiness in itself. I just love her too much.
>> No. 10718 [Edit]
File 135071432053.png - (240.98KB , 1280x720 , Kurisu-494.png )
I would love her to be here next to me and part of my life, but I think there wouldn't be major changes. Homework would be easier, but I would need to cook for two.
>> No. 10722 [Edit]
I guess that not much would change, I try to live as if she´s already here. But I´d most likely change my job then, so I can spent more time at with her.
>> No. 10739 [Edit]
File 135112767635.jpg - (95.30KB , 746x1024 , MJUjSh.jpg )
as another has said, i try to live like she is here

but , hypothetically, things would go both ways.

i would be able to cuddle with her and all dat good jazz irl, but i can do that in my dreams and general imagination, but it would be really nice to do it in reality. i would be cleaner, thats a given. and i probably would have to stop so many racist/generally dark jokes. but i would happily deal with that

as a drawback, i would be tempted to beat the shit out of anyone who would do as much as insult her, but she and the judicial system wouldn't like that very much. also, from what i've seen, she's kinda popular. so if i met someone who had her as his/her waifu and he/she recognized her, then i'm not sure how she would take it. No offense to anybody, but i would fight someone over this.

so yeah, life would improve mostly, just with more violence

> implying she doesn't exist in one of the endless universes

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