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15031 No. 15031 [Edit]
I was remembering earlier everything that I have already wanted to be but have never been able to accomplish and I noticed that it was pretty interesting to see somewhat a personality in what my dreams have already been so I became curious. What types of having have you guys in /so/ already wanted to be or tried to do but weren't able to complete or become good at in your life so far? This question may apply for something that you may've thought about as a profession as well as some type of hobby or something you just happen to like.

I've personally already have wanted to be a pianist, a painter, a watch maker, a orchestral conductor, a chess player, a architect, a mathematician, an anstromer, a cargo ship captain and a cartographer.
>> No. 15039 [Edit]
I wanted to be a scientist. I almost succeeded; I did get a Master's degree. I was even in a PhD program for about a month but had to drop out due to not having enough money and not liking it.

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