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File 132668500957.jpg - (73.03KB , 400x400 , aaaf272cd82fc8e4438404a9fd61649f652c6f6e.jpg )
12374 No. 12374 [Edit]
Does anybody know about any online freelance writing jobs that aren't a complete scam? I've been digging around for them the past few days, but they all look fishy as hell. And I need money. Might submit some stuff to print media, but I'm not sure how that would go.
>> No. 12395 [Edit]
I think you can get a job writing college assignments for other people. Most of it is just research and being able to bullshit.
>> No. 12398 [Edit]
I did think of that. There's a problem with that idea, however. I'd like to be able to put this on my resume to show people I've been doing at least something with my time, and a job like that is kind of unethical to say the least.

I've also been looking at fact-checking and proofreading stuff, but it's a little hard to sort the honest opportunities (if there are any) from the crap. One website wanted me to install keystroke and screen-capture software before it even let me consider looking for jobs. I mean Jesus.
>> No. 12434 [Edit]
rephrase it as "research for student/assisting students in their work" or something that isny per se lying but "stretching the truth" like what some do with their resumes. I seriously used participating in internet raids via irc and imageboards in my resume as "colloborating with individuals from European and East Asian cultures via the internet for onliine projectS" or some bullshit (dont have the file with me, so cant phrase it better)
>> No. 12438 [Edit]
That's a great idea. I've also found that after looking at my latest bank statement a few more times, my concerns over ethics have more or less disappeared.

I think I'm going to go ahead and try this out. Now I just have to find a halfway decent essay mill to work for. A lot of these places look all shady as hell (as in I wouldn't trust them to pay me what they owe.)

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