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File 133087787054.jpg - (172.76KB , 1000x749 , 000013ec_big.jpg )
9139 No. 9139 [Edit]
How do you guys repress memories? I've been trying to forget some things but haven't been able to keep my mind out of it. It's the first time I've found difficulty for this so I was wondering if any of you have any usual methods.
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>> No. 9140 [Edit]
Thread unrelated but upon seeing OP's pic on front page I was sure Shinden would grace us with another insightful analysis. Imagine the disappointment.
>> No. 9141 [Edit]
Find something you like and try to throw yourself as deep as you can into it so you will be distracted and won't have time to think about whatever it is that you don't want to think about.
>> No. 9142 [Edit]
I close my eyes and start repeating some short syllabe like "ai" until it gets out of my mind. Not the most discreet or effective method, but it works.
>> No. 9143 [Edit]
I don't. I try to make peace with it. The more I try not to think about it, the more I think about it. Relying on ignorance is the realm of religious people. People like us should base our reality on facts.
>> No. 9144 [Edit]
File 133090092811.png - (73.35KB , 800x1009 , 2011-01-13-beartato-badmemories.png )
I don't repress my memories, they still come back to haunt me from time to time, but I'm not obsessed enough to think about it 24/7.
>> No. 9145 [Edit]
It used to bother me, but not anymore.
>> No. 9146 [Edit]
I don't repress memories, in fact I live in them most of the time. Though in the past I have many bad memories there are a handful of good ones I latch on to. The present is just so empty beyond some surface pleasure and the future is so horrible I have nothing else to do but live in them. My past was filled with depression, disappointment, and failure too but it's nothing compared to how much worse it feels now.
>> No. 9147 [Edit]
All I have to say is "are you my mummy?"
>> No. 9148 [Edit]
They usually go away on their own. But you'll never know when they might surface again.
>> No. 9149 [Edit]
Just keep telling yourself they never happened.

I did that when I wanted to forget all the bullshit that happened when I was in school. Now all I remember are my entrance exams and Leaving Cert exams.
>> No. 9150 [Edit]
I usually stop thinking, clearing my mind completely, until something else catches my attention and I think about it instead. This has helped me completely forget spoilers I've accidentally read for some things.

Also, telling myself it was just a dream works.
>> No. 9151 [Edit]
File 133094669384.jpg - (91.78KB , 446x622 , 12oo.jpg )
Tell youself that it doesn't matter: whatever happened, shall ever happen, or not, doesn't really matter since you yourself don't really matter at all. Likely, sadly, you'll be right; and you won't need to forget those memories: you could suck them alright and put them in the place they deserve... for a while (everything always comes back, anyway).
>> No. 9162 [Edit]
Are you my mummy?

But really,
These are all true for me, especially
However, this usually puts me on the "possible retard list" for a lot of people, and most of the time I have these memories bubble up, it's either in the middle of the night or on a train...
>> No. 9166 [Edit]
Since the thread ventured in that direction see Shinden's post in /ot/: >>11113

When I read OP's post I didn't think about >>9144 these kind of memories. I'm >>/ot/11161 by the way. I thought he meant some painful stuff, like uh... I don't know, getting molested or something. You know, serious business, not calling the teacher addressing your teacher per 'mom' back in high school (FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKkkkkkkkkkkkKKKKKK).

SIf it's about random silly stuff there's a sscene in Forrest Gump where he say something llike 'if you think it can't get any worse grab a plank and start beating your leg - you'll be surprised to find how much relief you'll feel when you'll stop' (can't find the exact quote, seems people over here are more prone to this than Americans!).

II do pretty much the same thing - digging my fingernails into my hands, bitting my lips etc.
>> No. 9168 [Edit]

Also it's that much harder to talk about repressing memories when you made 3123192 typos in your post and rewrote it 30202 times (which I always do) and ended up not deleting parts of original post and now you're unable to delete/edit it because of the 'incorrect password' thing.
>> No. 10382 [Edit]
>People like us should base our reality on facts.
>Imageboard for people with waifus


Newsflash: /tc/'s collective worldview is entirely based on indulging in comforting fantasies. By and large, we maintain at least a background awareness of the dividing line between our fantasies and the harsh reality, but it's still a far cry from wholeheartedly accepting the world as it is.
>> No. 10383 [Edit]
When I feel shame about the past I engage in self-harm so at least for some time I can forget about it.
>> No. 10384 [Edit]
I do hard drugs or cut myself.
>> No. 10401 [Edit]
if I'm suffering from what someone on this board called 'ruminations' I visualise a stop sign and go do something to take my mind off it.
>> No. 10444 [Edit]
I go out around my city to do shit. Often it takes a multiple day event like a con or something to more clearly erase the memory.
>> No. 10525 [Edit]
I'm not sure how effective this is but there's an old NLP type concept about visualizing the scenes of your memory as if it were a movie.

I've never done it this far but by combining one or two or three memories, I can repress a memory simply by using the other additional memories to give new meaning to a particular memory.

The hardest part is just emotionally choosing to hang on to the same memory with a different emotion. The other obvious part is just be passive aggressive towards a particular object/person but that's obviously unhelpful but that's what most people do. They find a scapegoat and create more drama in their lives.
>> No. 10526 [Edit]
That sounds very interesting.
>> No. 10528 [Edit]

Not really. And I'm not saying this in an "elitist" type of way. There's just some shady cons associated in NLP yet the concept could be stuff you do everyday and don't notice.

If you want to read more about it, I just remembered which word it was associated with:

This is one of the top Google searches but I'll link to this anyway because I used to visit this blog (not sure if it's as quality as it used to be) because of the special formatting:

The Misconception: You rationally analyze all factors before making a choice or determining value.

The Truth: Your first perception lingers in your mind, affecting later perceptions and decisions.

You walk into a clothing store and see what is probably the most bad ass leather jacket you’ve ever seen.

You try it on, look in the mirror and decide you must have it. While wearing this item, you imagine onlookers will clutch their chests and gasp every time you walk into a room or cross a street. You lift the sleeve to check the price – $1,000.

Well, that’s that, you think. You start to head back to the hanger when a salesperson stops you.

“You like it?”

“I love it, but it’s just too much.”

“No, that jacket is on sale right now for $400.”

It’s expensive, and you don’t need it really, but $600 off the price seems like a great deal for a coat which will increase your cool by a factor of 11.

You put it on the card, unaware you’ve been tricked by the oldest retail con in the business.
>> No. 10547 [Edit]
Don't repress it. Talk about it with someone, discuss absolutely every little detail of that memory, show how you feel and make someone understand you. Very serious stuff is better to discuss with psychologist, it's actually easier to cure serious stuff than a common depression with vague causes.
>> No. 10551 [Edit]
What if you can't trust anyone, though?
>> No. 10552 [Edit]
Internets, there must be tons of imageboards and forums for all kinds of problems.
>> No. 10553 [Edit]

The point is it's so embarassing I can't bring myself to tell people no matter what. The embarassment is almost enough to kill me even without that.
No fucking way I could tell someone about it IRL. Even on the net it's no good.

But yesterday I realized something and I'd like to ask others if it's the same for them.

Basically I remember 2019323 embarassing things I did but I don't think I recall any embarassing stuff others did. Do you guys remember any situations when somebody embarassed him/herself?
>> No. 10556 [Edit]

Hi, I'm the guy who brought up anchoring.

Talking on the net doesn't work to my experience. I don't know the particular issue holding it back but speaking from someone who's repressed some anger, in the real world I can meet or greet someone without talking about anything with them but if they're the right person the entire burden I feel lifts up even if it's a memory I didn't realize I was repressing.

In the net, even with someone I trust, it could not alleviate the stress of my repression. The euphoria is just not the same. Stranger or acquaintance.

I do remember embarrassing situations about others. I don't think it's a special trait on it's own. Maybe you're just not the type to focus on other people's misfortunes and because you put more value to your own embarrassments, those micro-situations aren't worth remembering.
>> No. 10557 [Edit]
I have a lot of repressed anger inside me that has built up my whole life. I can usually keep calm around anyone but sometimes shit happens that sets me off. So many experiences where life just kicked me in the balls and so much frustration in almost every aspect of my life. Sometimes I just can't take it anymore when I think about how it will just keep happening over and over again forever and I'll never find what I'm looking for. My life is cursed.
>> No. 10561 [Edit]

No, that's perfectly normal. It's the textbook reason why many (all?) people including the previous anon recommend not to repress/forget. Even consciously forgetting without reframing would lead to the same stress overflow even if it's just deja vu and can lead to stress related symptoms like loss of anger management or tumors or something else. I'm no expert though.

In fact sometimes being able to keep calm is the worst thing that can happen. I'm not saying you're going to be a serial killer but almost all great psychopaths/sociopaths have an uncanny sense of being able to keep calm under both repression and when frustration flows onward that they can actually plan better the more frustrated they are if only because they can be both desperately aggressive while still remaining in control.

The idea that something can still set you off (while at the same time you can remain calm when it doesn't) just shows that you are average or more healthy than you think. You're just in a tight chain of life and you don't have any other ideal choice on hand other than to repress. (at least choice as in knowledge of a better method)

Believe me, you don't want a cursed life. Having a cursed life doesn't just mean things blowing out of proportion. It can mean not even being able to remain calm at all. Like a situation that just won't let you breathe or it can be the opposite. You can repress so many things that you can't question your own life. You just live within the rules of your society. You think you're thinking but you're not. When your world view changes, you blame or praise others just to keep your world view intact. It's a scary life and sometimes the reason you're in this ditch is because the people around you did choose to live a cursed life so by following a similar path to them, you're also just spreading the likelihood of more people suffering what you're suffering now.

I don't mean this as a way to guilt trip you into the cliche idea that "there are people suffering worse than you". Each of our lives our different and everyone of our own experiences are just as valid regardless of whether it compares to the pain of a hungry child in the poorest parts of Africa or the stress of a soldier who has to choose between his life or the innocent civilians of the country his politicians tasked him to invade under the falsehood of national society.

All I'm trying to say is that I believe based on your statements that you're leading a blessed life. I don't expect you to agree with me but IMO a person's life is blessed if they can still have the opportunity to think when they are bombarded either by pleasures or by burdens. As long as you can think, you still have the opportunity to be you and to seek the freedom to become more of you. Yeah, it'd be nice if life would just give you a break and doesn't feel like being trapped in a web while your body is bombarded by leeches everytime you get a break but so long as you can still feel like you're being kicked in the balls, you're still blessed with the natural realization that you're alive and so long as you know you're alive, your curse will always have a small percentage of expiring. It's those people who let their cursed life get to them that don't have a chance. Even if opportunities present themselves, they won't choose to change. Believe me, it's scary stuff.

Heck, I can't share any personal details with you but I'm in that spot now. I used to feel like you and I thought that was the cursed life but now I'm in something worse and the worst thing is that nothing's changed. The same things that I used to live with just stuck to me more and I've just grown weaker and older. If I were you, I'd forget about forgetting and just focus on escaping and fighting back. Since this is a NEET board, I'll assume you're a NEET.

Well I used to be a hikikomori. A non-Japanese one. Still living a hikikomori lifestyle but I can't even say I'm one anymore just because I went through events that broke my streak of being indoors. Take it from someone who lives in a crap poor country but not extremely desolated like parts of Africa, being NEET is not enough. Being Hikikomori is not enough. Forgetting is not enough. Remembering is not enough. Repressing is not enough. No one method is ever enough.

The one thing us people who feel we live a cursed life lacks is we rarely encounter a mob full of cursed lives. Our suffering sometimes makes us ignorant (or hopeful) that maybe this is the limit of human apathy, hate, evil, blindness that we'll ever interact with until we meet up with superior numbers, superior selection of diversity, superior levels of darkness and one day we just wake up and realize there's a cursed life between what we thought is the cursed life and this new one is the cursed life. This new present is not just an improved cursed life of our previous cursed life,'s not only way worse than we imagined, it's way different.

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