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File 13720358066.jpg - (59.29KB , 500x358 , 20110428105021.jpg )
22191 No. 22191 [Edit]
I want to make a food truck, but I want to make it up to look like a gaisensha.

I would sell various Japanese menu items like "Yamato Yakisoba" and "Mikuni Miso in a cup," and the truck would be called 尊皇攘饑 (sonnnou jouki)

The speakers would blast music and would have pre-recorded messages like "Eating is your patriotic duty!"

The food would be served with napkins with Chinese flags printed on them.
>> No. 22193 [Edit]
I would sell candy out of my van to elementary school kids.
>> No. 22195 [Edit]
My dad ran a decent sized a catering truck business from the ground up (was even how he met my mom) and good Haruhi have I heard a lot of horror stories about it...
I would not recommend it to anyone.
>> No. 22202 [Edit]
I wanted to buy a bunch of vending machines. but it seems like so much hassle and all the good spots are taken already.
>> No. 22203 [Edit]
yeah placement is a big issue.
going into a food truck business is gonna result in knocking a lot of heads with competitors and can get violent. Territory battles aren't a joke.
>> No. 22204 [Edit]
>> No. 22205 [Edit]
I want to do lawnmowing for people. It actually pays okay and I'd use the grass to put extremely huge amounts of compost in my garden. Sadly it involves me knowing how to drive and how to start the lawnmower reliably, neither of which I can do.
>> No. 22206 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi, it'd be terrible!

I can imagine >>22202 going about his businesses doing his job, then suddenly a Doritos and a Mountain Dew worker captuer him and then he's forced into eating Dorito paste and given a Mountain Dew enema. Then they force a Xbox controller into his hand to play the newest mainstream PoS game.

Don't lose to them, >>22202!
>> No. 22281 [Edit]
Driving is easy. No, really.
The real hassle is buying and maintaining a reliable car.

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