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File 134149425667.png - (720.66KB , 850x918 , 121.png )
9644 No. 9644 [Edit]
Any of you view your waifu more platonically than romantically?

Most people who have a waifu seem to view them mostly as 2D girlfriends/partners. At least, there is often some sort of romantic element.

I'm curious to know about anyone who has a different kind of relationship than that and doesn't actually think of their waifu as a romantic partner. Friend, emotional support, sister?

Personally, I've never really felt my waifu to be someone I want to marry or sleep next to etc. because none of that really appeals to me. She's more like a very close friend, someone to enjoy being with for the company.

I should say... I'm not intending to offend anyone here. Just curious.
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>> No. 9645 [Edit]
File 134149580920.jpg - (44.86KB , 300x313 , 1337811297823.jpg )
Not to judge your relationship or anything but
>I've never really felt my waifu to be someone I want to marry
>don't want to marry
>> No. 9646 [Edit]
File 134149669562.png - (2.19MB , 1920x1199 , 1335979917600.png )

I don't take "waifu" literally as "wife", just use it as a term of convenience in order to be understood by others. If only there was a more appropriate word.
>> No. 9647 [Edit]
Yes op
Read his post again and please don't post faces like that
>> No. 9648 [Edit]

Not everyone views marriage as a necessary process in love.
>> No. 9649 [Edit]
There are almost unlimited different ways to have a waifu. Just because word origins from "wife", it doesn't necessary mean anything like "wife" or "girlfriend". There are so many different ways of love; romantic love, lustful love, platonic love, polygamous love etc.

In my opinion only thing what defines waifu is "fictional female companionship". You are very welcome here.
>> No. 9650 [Edit]
Fair enough. To answer your question yes, I have seen threads dedicated to people who have that type of relationship with their waifu.
Okay I did, it seems I didn't miss anything the first time though. Are reaction images frowned upon here?
True, being one of those people myself, I never considered a legally binding contract necessary to prove your love for one another. Nothing wrong with it, but it doesn't mean that not being married devalues a relationship in any way.
>> No. 9651 [Edit]

>The following is prohibited on either the site or IRC channel:
>- /b/ shit. (GETs, Motivational images, reaction images, epic fail, win, greentext, >implying, >mfw, etc.)

I realise that no one actually reads the rules but it should go without saying anyway.
>> No. 9652 [Edit]
>but it doesn't mean that not being married devalues a relationship in any way

I agree, certainly not. To me, outside the romanticism of marriage, it's just a couple signatures on paper. It doesn't validate love any more than what should already be apparent.

And, reaction images are against the rules here. The full list is on the main page, kinda hidden away in the tabs up top.
>> No. 9654 [Edit]
I actually did read them, but I guess I forgot the reaction image and greentext part, sorry, I'll refrain from that in the future.
>> No. 9658 [Edit]
File 134152019396.jpg - (51.58KB , 240x300 , 1323303615887.jpg )
There are times where I caught myself treating Makoto more like a goddess than a romantic partner.
>> No. 9659 [Edit]
My waifu is basically more closer to an anima than anything.

Related: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anima_and_animus
>> No. 9660 [Edit]
File 134153293879.png - (571.27KB , 485x605 , SRIORIPLUSFINAL.png )
A-a-are you me?

I treat my waifu more like a princess though.
>> No. 9662 [Edit]
File 134153827659.png - (159.31KB , 637x474 , dorothy1.png )
Sometimes I feel like I'll never be good enough for someone like Dorothy, so I end up just seeing her as a goddess.
>> No. 9666 [Edit]

Do you play CG?

I also treat Makoto like a princess, and I her prince. Most of the time I treat her like a higher being though, as if I need to worship her. I feel obligated to own every object (figure/game/anything) related to her and I immediately feel bad if I miss the chance. There are those rare times where I treat her like a bro but that's rare.
>> No. 9667 [Edit]
File 13415632854.png - (178.83KB , 325x279 , iorilikestoprepareherselforangejuice.png )
Ah yes I do play CG, I am Iorin from Puchim/@/su as my name implies.

I kinda imagine myself being her prince, bow down to her and kneel in front of her while she is sitting down on her throne, while holding the princess's hand with her eyes closed and gently kissing her hand while the both of us are in glittering happiness. Sounds like a typical cliche of a romantic medieval story, but I really wanted to be her princely knight and defend for her honour. That sort of thing.

Yeah I feel the same when it comes to owning a merchandise of you're waifu. I kinda felt like something is missing if I don't really own any merchandise relating to her, I was quite euphoric when I just bought myself a figurine of her a few months ago, nothing beats the joy of having to wake up to her figure everyday while looking at her gentle wide open smile.
>> No. 9668 [Edit]

Well, isn't that surprising. I'm in the same production group as you. Nice to meet you man.

Yeah. Waking up to a physical smile from your waifu is great. I also do fantasize about those glittery, cheesy, fairy-tale moments as well. Makoto needs to feel like a princess away from work, after all.
>> No. 9669 [Edit]
I like the way you think.
I used to be in Wagnaria
>> No. 9670 [Edit]
Former D/a/nketsu member reporting in, nice to meet you too.

Nice to see a lot of Makotobros in our prod, too bad there's only one Iori fan though, feels lonely.
>> No. 10728 [Edit]
This thread kind of reminds me of this:
You might fap to some random hentai, but never feel any emotional connection. But you consider your waifu to be pure... perhaps too pure to think lewd things about.

Post edited on 23rd Oct 2012, 6:41pm
>> No. 10732 [Edit]
File 135109485388.png - (912.52KB , 1118x1038 , 99f2f805de2ad9c81b871b11f7167a8a.png )
The point was that the word "waifu" directly stems from "wife". It's kind of like saying "I don't want to marry my wife." Now, it's not precisely the same, but you have to admit it's rather a rather amusing piece of irony.

Regarding the OP's question, I love my waifu romantically but love Miyako platonically. She's an absolute sunbeam of joy, and can always put a smile on my face. All the same, there's only one girl who can stir the very depths of my heart, and Miyako is not her.

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