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File 132631059827.jpg - (101.16KB , 1280x720 , [sage]_Daily_Lives_of_High_School_Boys_-_01_[720p].jpg )
8096 No. 8096 [Edit]
Anyone else catch this?

I liked it all, but the last segment was particularly good.
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>> No. 8099 [Edit]
I might had checked it out, if not for the cross-dressing and homosexual undertones, which I am sure this will be full of.
>> No. 8100 [Edit]
I might pick it up if it has that. A show about regular guys sounds like shit, but cute traps on the other hand...
>> No. 8101 [Edit]
File 13263165979.jpg - (73.27KB , 1280x720 , [sage]_Daily_Lives_of_High_School_Boys_-_01_[720p].jpg )
Gintoki is the best part of the show
>> No. 8104 [Edit]
File 132632318510.jpg - (422.81KB , 640x3840 , 1326239863005.jpg )
I can so closely relate to this, that it just scares me.
>> No. 8111 [Edit]
Gintoki, Okita and Yamada.
The first epi was pretty fun so I'll keep watching it
>> No. 8112 [Edit]
File 132634465492.jpg - (70.86KB , 1280x720 , gilgamesh shaving nipples.jpg )
>> No. 8116 [Edit]
That was just painful to watch
>> No. 8117 [Edit]
Since I'm not watching anything else this season (seriously, Natsume is the only thing I'm following) I'll probably give it a try, even though I'm not in the mood for homolust lately (I don't mind homolust most of the time but I had my fill for the time being; also I am watching Natsume).
>> No. 8118 [Edit]

This isn't Kimi to Boku
There's no homolust here... so far.
>> No. 8119 [Edit]
Yeah, there really isn't. They were just fucking with the poor guy in the OP picture. I chose it because it seems most fitting considering where we are, though.
>> No. 8120 [Edit]
The guys in op fucking?
No homolust you say?
>> No. 8124 [Edit]
Its humour came off as too try-hard and desperate for me to find genuinely funny. Don't think I'll keep up with it.
>> No. 8126 [Edit]
>>8117 here.

- The pics in >>8096 and >>8112 really gave me the wrong idea. Like >>8118 said, I expected it to be like Kimi to Boku but it's completely different; it's a 100% comedy anime.

- Which is more than fine with me. Actually, the first ep was pretty decent. It actually got a laugh out of me. What's up with this stupid title call? By that time (which is like 3 seconds in) I was pretty much laughing and then Tadakuni proceeds to run out with toast in his mouth - chiokoku chikoku~~

- The other guys running to school with curry and soba completely killed the joke. It was so stale it made me cringe. Like >>8124 said, trying too hard.

- Honestly, all those 4 cute schoolgrils doing cute schoolgirls things are supposedly part comedy, too, but even after watching like a dozen of then by now (with multiple seasons in some cases) I'm 99% sure I never laughed at any of them.

- But they really should stop refferencing the original Gundam series. I mean come on, it's been over 30 years. Just get over it already.

- I can't listen to Suzumura Kenichi/Sugita Tomokazu without thinking of Sougo/Gin anymore. Same goes for pretty much every regular on Gintama (sans Rie and Kobayashi Yuu). 241 eps is a lot.

- The way they decided to adapt it is interesting. Actually, since it looks like completely direct adaptation of the manga I kinda wonder if there's a point in watching it (I mean really, wouldn't it be easier to read the goddamn manga?). On top of that the production values are hardly spectacular.
What's most surprsing for me is that they didn't go for the 3 min eps formula. Tehnically, that's exactly what's happening either way, except they air them one after another in 23 min block.
It's always interesting to see how various directors/studios deal with adapting 4koma (even if you tell me this is not 4koma I won't believe you). Personally, I think Working!! was a great example of how one should go about doing it. The transtition in it is really smooth. Here they aren't even trying to pretend they worked on it. Oh well.

- Now that I read through it I criticized it more than I praised it but I think it was decent. I actually kinda look forward to next week's ep (but that might just be pure cruiosity).
>> No. 8128 [Edit]

Did I miss this, or wasn't it in the first episode?
>> No. 8129 [Edit]
There were eight 5 minute previews airing on NND since about a month ago. The first full episode is about 2/3 preview content, actually. I wouldn't watch them now if you don't want to ruin the next couple of episodes.
>> No. 8176 [Edit]
I thought the second ep might be a disappointment but it was good. If they manage to keep it up for 12 eps I'll be impressed.
Then again it's a specific kind of humor which I guess doesn't appeal to many people. I think it's pretty funny, though (although the title call is still the funniest thing in the whole show).

Love the uh... 'literary girl' (calling her bungaku shoujo would feel even weirder). I hope to see part 3. I actually went back to rewatch the first segment and I'm not the type of person who tends to rewatch stuff.
>> No. 8185 [Edit]
I wasn't too sure after the first episode, but now I'm convinced. This is going to be my favourite anime this season.
>> No. 8208 [Edit]
File 132692981767.jpg - (116.47KB , 724x664 , prettycute.jpg )
>> No. 8209 [Edit]
I hope we get to see the girl in the mirror again, indeed.
>> No. 8210 [Edit]
File 132693292372.jpg - (93.96KB , 1280x720 , [sage]_Daily_Lives_of_High_School_Boys_-_01_[720p].jpg )
Yeah I caught it. I heard it is doing poorly over in Eleven Land. I really enjoy it so that makes me sad.
>> No. 8226 [Edit]
An enjoyable second episode.

That part with the damn stick was... Amusing, to say the least.

I, too, hope we see more of the mirror girl, as well as the literary girl.
>> No. 8232 [Edit]
Very damn entertaining, to say the least. I don't know if it's simply because I don't watch a lot of comedy anime, or if the humor they try to put in most series doesn't do it for me, but I found myself genuinely laughing a shocking amount of the time.

Finished the first episode, moving to the second now.
>> No. 8281 [Edit]
File 132743890649.jpg - (168.83KB , 1050x1053 , 46347547457.jpg )
A really beautiful scene.
>> No. 8283 [Edit]
Alright, I hate to be that guy, but after watching episodes 1 and 3, I cannot possibly understand how this show is supposed to be funny. Yes, I know a sense of humour is something that can vary a lot between people. However, so are most preferences about pacing, characterization, or other literary elements so I don’t think it’s impossible for humour to be discussed and rationalized to an extent. To cut to the chase, I would like for someone to break down episode 3 (any segment will do) for me and explain why they think this show is successful at trying to create humour.

To me, it seems like they’re botching every punch-line. For instance, that whole mole-girl segment. The build-up was good as the character is deeply analyzing what would normally be considered a superficial matter, even going so far as to consider it a symbol of her loneliness. But that fucking punch line… She laughs it over? Seriously!? That’s the best this mangaka could come up with? That’s got to be the first thing that your viewer might expect to happen. Technically, I can only speak for myself but I’m sure many others might have expected a resolution that doesn’t involve the girl getting angry or hurt. But in any case, it’s an incredibly weak punchline because of how predictable it is. What would’ve been much funnier is if before the guy could tell her, the girl tells him that he actually has a big mole hair of his own on the back of his neck, and then she promptly runs off before the guy can react.

It’s the same with the ping pong scene where the guy asks which countries have a moon on their flags. I don’t think it’s a wild assumption to state that most viewers expect at least 2 outcomes before a punchline to a given joke is revealed. To me, successful jokes manage to avoid both of these expectations and reveal a more surprising 3rd outcome. Take for example a guy stepping on a banana peel. Before the result is shown, one would most likely consider two outcomes: the man either falls or does not fall and continues on his way. So for a joke to be successful, the punch-line has to be neither of these two most immediately perceived outcomes and it’s precisely this point that I think this show fails utterly at.

Oh and yes, everything I said is just my opinion on humour. So please do feel free to share your views if they radically differ with mine.

Post edited on 24th Jan 2012, 3:02pm
>> No. 8286 [Edit]
>I hate to be that guy
Don't worry, take it easy!

I find the fun in it is just how bad the punch lines are. Usually in this kind of everyday anime you expect some pretty good jokes, but this one just has that horrible disappointing quality. But that is part of the point, and is pretty close to the kind of humour that you would see in a group of stupid highschool boys.

It's supposed to be silly and bad because it is trying to parody that style of everyday anime, which is why it stars boys instead of girls. Keep in mind, the boys are also pretty clueless and thick, again that is to play up that in everyday anime the girls are impossibly pure and cute.

Or at least that is what I think, I'm sorry you don't enjoy it but I hope you can find something else this season to like!
>> No. 8296 [Edit]
File 132750920462.jpg - (99.96KB , 1280x720 , [sage]_Daily_Lives_of_High_School_Boys_-_03_[720p].jpg )

>Usually in this kind of everyday anime you expect some pretty good jokes, but this one just has that horrible disappointing quality. But that is part of the point

This. It's a perfect example of 'so bad it's good' humor.

>But in any case, it’s an incredibly weak punchline because of how predictable it is

See, this story on train took like 5 minutes - it's one of the longest scenes (if not the longest) yet. Obviously you'd expect some pretty good punchline after watching fucking nothing for 5 minutes. But the thing is there's none. And that's what makes it funny.

Basically I love cheesy horror movies and horrible puns. Everything that's so bad it's good is my kind of thing. And this is exactly what this show is about as far as I'm corncerned.

I'd like to point out that the show gains a lot from having none/only some rather minimalistic BGM.


Caught me off guard because obviously I didn't know she would voice one of the girls and her first line is the trademark scream~~ <3

On top of that the irony of her saying this line... Are all of those references to something (sans the synchronized swimming probably)? Mahjongg, kendo and rock (well I wonder if it's really rock but whatever) is rather obvious (Saki, Bamboo Blade, K-On). Any ideas about the rest?

Don't tell anyone but it's actually true. I'd definitely watch an anime about a synchronized swimming club if the girls were cute enough.
>> No. 8299 [Edit]
Alright, that makes perfect sense. I now see I've been approaching this show with the wrong mindset. And yes, having both Kobayashi and Sugita providing voices is easily one of the show's strongest assets.
>> No. 8305 [Edit]

>And yes, having both Kobayashi and Sugita providing voices is easily one of the show's strongest assets.

I always thought Sugita is super overrated, though. He can't act at all. His laugh is easily the most artificial laugh in the whole industry. It sounds absolutely terrible.

Then again Sugita sounds absolutely terrible period so there you have it. Having a good voice doesn't mean much if you aren't even trying to do anything but read your lines.

Oh, except when you're Norio. If your voice is Norio level good you can literally do whatever, it'll work out either way.
>> No. 8444 [Edit]
File 132863497598.jpg - (82.36KB , 1280x720 , [sage]_Daily_Lives_of_High_School_Boys_-_05_[720p].jpg )
This scene...
It's like my biography.
>> No. 8446 [Edit]
Oh dammit. I just watched episode 5 and realized I never watched episode 4. Hate watching out of order.

Well, anyways, this series is easily the most enjoyable for me this season.
>> No. 8448 [Edit]
Holy fucking shit, this cast. Last ep was all 'fuck yeah Ishida Akira's in da house', now Fukuyama Jun AND Paku Romi. Are you serious?

And Aoi Yuuki man, Ringo's totally not an Aoi Yukki character. I grow to respect her more and more with every single character, she can voice fucking everything.

Also bungaku shoujo's back! I was wondering how many eps it'll take. Love her theme.

I did that voice over thing a lot back in the day, a friend of mine was so good at this I was pretty close to suffocating a number of times. That guy was hilarious.

Last but not least the ED really grew on me. Dat scat (uh, you know, the other scat). BA BA BA BA RI RA RI RA BA

>> No. 8452 [Edit]
File 132874174174.jpg - (60.06KB , 620x380 , 24873574-620x380.jpg )
To think we'd have a contender for most surprising anime of the year this early, I'm very happy.
>> No. 8453 [Edit]
File 132874622699.jpg - (84.74KB , 789x719 , 75485489.jpg )
I love this girl and her skit.
>> No. 8454 [Edit]
The wind is fierce today.

God it makes me so embarrassed watching those skits, I have no idea why.
>> No. 8475 [Edit]
So, what's it actually about? The whole premise seems boooring to me.
>> No. 8476 [Edit]

It's a comedy about high school boys, I don't know what else you need to know.
>> No. 8477 [Edit]
It's a parody of highschool girls anime.
>> No. 8487 [Edit]

It's a ccomedy show.

That's honestly it, what else can one say about comedy shows?
>> No. 8713 [Edit]
  Okay this is pretty awesome.
>> No. 8924 [Edit]
I've been waiting for the opportunity a while - the new female josei is voiced by Itou Shizuka.

Just stop it man, stop it right there.

And the opportunity presented itself with this episode. Definitely the best episode yet as far as I'm concerned. Especially the bit with Mitsuo'[s bad luck. Fucking brilliant.

Like I said (>>8176), 'I thought the second ep might be a disappointment but it was good. If they manage to keep it up for 12 eps I'll be impressed.' They didn't, though. Somehwere after the third episode the quality dropped a lot. It's not like it turned shit, it just went froma gem status to barely passable.
>> No. 8978 [Edit]
I cracked up when the girl freaked out after Yoshitake got up and left her behind. Serves her right.

Really though, this whole episode was pretty nice.

Well, I respect your opinion, but I must disagree. This whole show, with the exception of one episode, has been the highlight of the last few months for me.

Damn am I glad I picked this show up on a whim. Especially when I've dropped EVERYTHING else I started this season except for KMB, which, quite honestly, I'm not sure why I'm still watching anymore anyways.

Well, to each their own. Hope you find something you enjoy more in the spring season coming up.
>> No. 8989 [Edit]
You guys seem hard to please.
>> No. 8997 [Edit]

>Hope you find something you enjoy more in the spring season coming up.

Hey, don't get me wrong. I like(d seems more like it by now) the show. It's just that it was horribly uneven. Eps 10 and 11 were hilarious. I recall eps 1 and 2 were equally good. But I don't remember jack's shit from the other 7 eps. Seriously, I only recall like 3 or so skits from these eps - like that one where they preteneded to be bad guys to save JunJun some embarassment, or the one where [that guy]'s siter and her friends picked on him because I could relate to that. The rest was pretty damn dull. Take that school fesitival ep where nothing mentionworthy ever happened (aside from Ishida Akira having quite a few lines). This was what the show felt like for quite a while and around 8th ep I was actually starting to wonder why I'm watching this.

>Hope you find something you enjoy more in the spring season coming up.

Sure doesn't look like it when I look at the charts.
>> No. 9076 [Edit]
Well the last episode got a few smiles out of me, good ending.

Despite a few bad episodes it was enjoyable overall, I'm sad to see it go.
>> No. 9078 [Edit]
File 133287396491.jpg - (226.84KB , 1280x720 , [sage]_Daily_Lives_of_High_School_Boys_-_12_[720p].jpg )
I wonder how long we'll have to wait.
I'm gonna miss this show.
>> No. 9084 [Edit]
Yeah, I understand how that goes. Sometimes shows are just hit or miss for the most part. Like with SZS. There are some great scenes, then there are some... "just fucking no" scenes. I didn't get that feeling from this show, but I can certainly see how someone would.

At least you got SOME enjoyment out of it, huh?

Man, I can't wait. Although, I must say, I hope this doesn't go down the path so many shows seem to, in that they have good first seasons and then the quality drops so much that people refuse to acknowledge they exist.
>> No. 9087 [Edit]

>Sometimes shows are just hit or miss for the most part. Like with SZS. There are some great scenes, then there are some... "just fucking no" scenes.

Interesting remark and I definitely see your point. However, SZS was a joy too look at even when it wasn't interesting. The amazing thing about SZS is you could take a screenshot at any given time and use it as your wallpaper. In comparisson DKnN had rather subpar production values.
>> No. 9314 [Edit]
>1,702 Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou vol.1 Limited Edition

Doesn't look like we're gonna see S2 afterall.

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