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File 131706833947.jpg - (85.10KB , 257x378 , 4939137431_941b5c1865.jpg )
10634 No. 10634 [Edit]
Lets say the Wolverine was sliced in half exactly, right down the middle. Which half would heal? Would both halves heal and you'd end up with two Wolverines (each with claws in only one hand)?
Infinite Wolverines?
>> No. 10636 [Edit]
I've wondered about that too. I don't follow comics very much, but didn't the Hulk eat half of him once? Would another wolverine grow in Hulk's tummy?
>> No. 10637 [Edit]
The half with the brain intact, I'd imagine.
>> No. 10638 [Edit]
down the middle vertically, so half a brain on each side
>> No. 10639 [Edit]
if it was his lower half, I would think the part with the brain would branch out and heal.

but vertically down the middle, I dunno, I think if you cut his brain clear in half it would kill him.
>> No. 10640 [Edit]
Its actually not that fatal, it is to be a somewhat common and effective treatment for severe cases of epilepsy
>> No. 10641 [Edit]
Every cell in his body has the healing ability, it really depends on whether or not 1/2 of his body is able to provide enough nutrients to heal itself. I say under laboratory conditions with machines, doctors and time, you could multiply him. But if you just went and straight up cut him in half he would bleed out.
>> No. 10642 [Edit]
when he gets haircuts, does the barber's floor get covered in tiny little wolverines?
>> No. 10643 [Edit]
Hair is not living tissue
>> No. 10644 [Edit]
what if you cut his finger off?
>> No. 10646 [Edit]
Does the human brain have the same mass distribution on each side?
>> No. 10647 [Edit]
then the finger grows back, i think its only the case where he is exactly halved that one could obtain doubles
>> No. 10648 [Edit]
wouldn't you end up with two retards?
Even if one half of the brain rebuilt the other, would it be able to rebuild his memory and information stores on that half?
If it could, that would mean that each half of the brain keeps a backup of the other half information.
and you know, Wolverine never struck me as the sharpest tool in the shed.
>> No. 10649 [Edit]
Guys, guys, guys.

You'd have to reunite the halves for him to heal at all. Same as if his bottom half got cut off (that happened once I think).
>> No. 10653 [Edit]
I'll take three Wolverines.
>> No. 10660 [Edit]
The made sure this question would never be in the comics by giving him indestructible bones.
>> No. 10689 [Edit]
what if you separate the bones from each other at the joins?

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