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File 134713756639.jpg - (58.41KB , 848x480 , 1266914302101.jpg )
10340 No. 10340 [Edit]
If your waifu is a loli, how do you deal with her growing up?
Obviously you don't have to worry if she is an ageless robot/alien/doll/vampire/zombie/ghost/deity/eldtrich abomination.
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>> No. 10341 [Edit]
Her mum had a similar body to her and she is 18 so I figured she wont develop much more.
>> No. 10348 [Edit]
Do 2D age? I wonder...

I don't even see my waifu as having an age. I wonder how old she is, really
>> No. 10350 [Edit]
Depends on both the character and the anon, I suppose.
For most, I think it's safe to say that they don't see their love as aging, and that they feel the same way about their 2D-spirit.
>> No. 10352 [Edit]
Well, shes actually not a loli.

But I like to think that grows at the same rate as I do. (we were both 17 when I found her).
>> No. 10359 [Edit]
When I mentally picture myself with her, I de-age to her age (9-12 depending on the season).

That being said, they recently released a light novel sequel where she and her friends are all 16 now, and she's gone through some rather difficult spots over the years, but I love her all that much more because of how strong she's become.
>> No. 10360 [Edit]
File 134721210389.png - (25.13KB , 181x302 , CHihiro has a point.png )
Same thing here for me, only she will always be one year younger. We met when I was 18, so she was 17. Now I'm 20 and she's 19.
>> No. 10369 [Edit]
Well, although my waifu is not a loli, I've been thinking about what if my waifu for some reason changed it's outside appearance (or even if she changed her mind or personality) so much I had a hard time recognizing her.
I think that I still would do, i fell in love with her so of course I would stand by her side despite all odds.
However that answer could change depending on who answers it, maybe some other could consider it otherwise however that is their own choice.
>> No. 10373 [Edit]
File 134729521916.jpg - (306.44KB , 541x700 , 24278083.jpg )
My waifu should age, but doesn't really. She's 18 right now-- she should be several years older if you're counting years from when I met her. I just treat time differently when I'm with her. When I reach an age milestone and look radically different, so will she. Until then, though, she'll always be a year or two younger than me. I want her to remain a teenager until we're both ready to be adults.
>> No. 10381 [Edit]
File 134739037398.jpg - (319.81KB , 2943x3039 , MTOPeach.jpg )
I like how she's kind of ageless/eternal. I do think of her as being 22-23, which is a few years older than I currently am.
>> No. 10383 [Edit]
File 134740964037.jpg - (218.70KB , 1280x960 , Azu-OsakaBliss.jpg )
Because Osaka is 15 in Azumanga, and Azumanga came out in 1999, Osaka was "born" in 1984.

She is now 28 and that is a few years older than I!

Personally, my canon for her is always 15-17, as she is in the show, which encompasses 3 years of her high school life.

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